Assorted Photos

An assortment of recent 'finds'.


Jackie About Happy Camp!

Jackie posted these photos on Weibo on Monday with the following message about the Happy Camp dinner.

Yesterday I was pleased to take 26 Dragon's Heart teachers and students, about 80 people altogether, for dinner. Then lined them up to sign for them, giving each one a school bag. Watching them, I am very happy to say thank you. I said to them "Do not thank me, thank all the Dragon's Heart volunteers, teachers, staff. Study hard in the future to first repay their parents at home, and so have the ability to do something for the country later". I was worried that having so many people in the restaurant would disturb the other guests. I really did not think they would like all these kids but when I came out of the restaurant, there were a lot of friends who gave me a thumbs up. I commend all the donations of Dragon's Heart people, the most important thing is to see my kids happy and have even more fun!


SOURCE: WEIBO/jackiechan

Happy Camp Ends - Updated

Dragon's Heart Happy Camp ended this last weekend and Jackie took the volunteers out to dinner. During the ten days children from all over China visited museums, played games, sang songs, and experienced "summer camp". Jackie generously signed a variety of items and took photos with the volunteers.


Spiritual Kungfu Lobby Cards

In days gone by cinemas would print and put up photos of upcoming attractions in the lobby, much like todays movie posters, but different in that they were actual photographs that were printed. Often they were also handed out as advertising material. This is a set of lobby cards from Spiritual Kung Fu.


Jackie Magazine Covers

I was sorting through my photos and realised that I have a number of pictures of magazine covers featuring Jackie. So here is my collection.