Thursday, July 11, 2013

Old and Interesting.

Some old but interesting photos of Jackie.

The two are stills from 'Cub Tiger from Kwan Tung' (1973)

Sammo Hung and Jackie on set.

On set 'Armour of God'

On set 'Young Master'


Anonymous said...

I think I saw this old movie..I have on DVD.
He is so serious...and wondering.... !!! Just always worry about Him !!!
Wish He feel good and sadness !!!
I LOVE ^U^ JACKIE !!!! <3 >>>

Anonymous said...

Nice collection of photos. Thanks webmaster..
Love you Jackie from Anu Singh, India

Amelie said...

So precious photos! A big thank, people sometimes say that Jackie changed but when I look close now his face looks alike just his hair is shorter. Great pics.

Indrajit Va said...

I nee more old photos like young mster of jc. Its cute.

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