Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Assorted Photos

An assortment of recent 'finds'.


Anonymous said...

OMG super amazing pics....I love it soo much...actually I can only see Him everywhere..soo missing Him...!!!
Thanx for sharing !!!
SUPER LOOOOOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN !!!!!O__o <3 !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Precious JACKIE... You're always in my heart!!!!!!! Keep up your fabulous work!!!! I sent your way lots of blessings !!!!!! I loooooove you very soo much !!!!!!!!!

Amelie said...

All hotos are wonderful! My fav is the one with the sundown.

Anonymous said...

Even though I'm missing that killer smile of yours !!!!!!!I am Jackie I love your amazing work !!!!! You're the best!!!!! May the Lord continue blessing you abundantly !!!!!!! Always in my heart !!!!!

You are an amazing talented man who seems to have a great heart. So glad to have a good luck with your work. Sending blessings for many photo more successful projects for you.I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH....

SuperChanBlog said...


Good Luck with your fan page.

Some hints:

* Always acknowledge your source for content. Under copyright law you are allowed to share certain things as news but you must acknowledge the source otherwise you are infringing copyright.

* Keep it interesting.

* Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Thank you admin, for aware me about this. Love your working on this awesome website. (Anu Singh, India)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I want to know something, if any one requesting for a autograph to Jackie via fan mail(letter), it was really replied from him or his office, with his sign? (Sorry my English is not good)
Thank you.

SuperChanBlog said...


Yes it is Jackie's signature, that is why it takes so long.

Anonymous said...

Oh thanks so much I'm really happy to know about this. Actually I will create a nice card and a sketch of Jackie, but I'm in doubt, Jackie will reply or not. But now my doubt is clear. Thanks so much, you are great and very helpful. Now I really excited to send my letter to Jackie. :)

SuperChanBlog said...

If you send a request to the office for a signature make sure that you include an envelope with your address on it and an international reply coupon for the stamps. You buy an international reply coupon at the post office.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Super Chan Blog :) you are really helpful, and now this is my favorite website for Jackie Chan news and photos. I love your work it's great. (Anu Singh, India) ♥

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