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Some more photos of the interior of the JC Film Gallery.


La and Zy Love and Peace Mascots Information

Some more information.

Mr. Chan at the dawn of the 60th birthday, launched a "peace love charity season." Joint seven Chronicles together to promote "peace and fraternity, on your side." Charity season is a cross-border, covering all ages, demand for multi-level attention to demonstration projects and innovative drive to copy a large public platform, will join a number of NGO, around the "friendly snacks", "Education and Development" and "Safety "Three of the seven themes of public sector project activities.

In order to allow more public participation in public service, while delivering "peace and fraternity, on your side," the public philosophy, Jackie sent his beloved pandas La and Zy as peace envoy in the "peaceful fraternity code upload" love to pass activities, help He witnessed peace and friendship around the world gather.

The "peaceful brotherhood code upload", Panda La and Zy will be passed on six lines, including five domestic routes and one overseas routes, through which the public can participate in a group photo with LaZy concurrent microblogging way. March 20-22, Jackie Chan has personally LaZy brought to Ethiopia, and then be passed to the FAO office in Ethiopia FAO headquarters in Rome. Eventually, the name of the panda siblings will be six lines of "peaceful and friendly" gathering in Beijing, officially launched the "peace love charity season."

Here, we invite you to join the ranks of passing, simply tell us your contact details , we will contact your city on a stand, and ask them to send you a panda, you and your friends are captured and LaZy of photo, write your wish on public service Sina Weibo @ peace and brotherhood can participate in the charity season!

You will also have the opportunity to receive the Jackie Chan Design produced commemorative key chain or a small towel!

Come and enroll now!

E-mail: info@blive.org.cn
Sina Weibo: @ peace love charity Season
Tel 010 -64640107, 13261829458




在此,我们诚邀您加入传递的队伍,只需将您的联系方式告诉我们,我们将联络您所在城市的上一站,请他们将熊猫寄给您,您和朋友们拍下和LaZy的合照,在新浪微博上写下您的公益心愿,并@和平友爱公益季 就可以参与了!

您还将有机会获赠由Jackie Chan Design出品的钥匙链或纪念版小毛巾!


邮 箱:info@blive.org.cn
电 话:010-64640107, 13261829458


Ya'an International Tea Culture Tourism Festival

Today, 26 April, Jackie was in Ya'an supporting the Mengding International Tea Culture Tourism Festival. Mengding is the center of the tea growing area in Ya'an Province. Jackie presented the farmers of Ya'an with an autographed portrait of himself by artist Yuan Kikung. The festival was inaugurated in 2004.


Peace and Love Charity Season

You can follow the Peace and Love Charity Season with La and Zy on Weibo. The mascot pandas based on La and Zy are traveling all over China as well having visited Rome as part of the lead up to Jackie's Love, Peace and Friendship Charity Concert on April 6th in Beijing.


Ningxia Wine Charity Auction

Jackie took part in a charity auction to raise funds for impoverished farmers organised by Ningxia Wine as part of their ongoing community involvement with the development and promotion of Goji berry products. JCCF donated 1 million yuan to the project and Jackie donated two items to the auction - an autographed album of photos from CZ12 and one of his special limited edition jackets. The album was sold for 1.1 million yuan and the jacket raised 3.85 million yuan. The auction was held in Chongqing on the evening of 26th March 2014.


An Exciting New Job for La and Zy!

Jackie's pandas La and Zy are getting an exciting new job as Peace And Love Ambassadors. They will visit several different places where the public will get an opportunity to interact with them and talk about what peace and love means to them.

Jackie Chan and his friends will also call for public involvement, in which La and Zy, two panda mascots will be passed in selected cities and universities. Public can interact with La and Zy along six routes (five in China and one abroad) to speak out everyone’s vision of “Peace and Love”. “Peace and Love” campaign will begin when La and Zy arrive in Beijing.


Ending Hunger

Jackie speaks at a press conference in Addis Ababa yesterday.


International Kungfu superstar and renowned Hollywood film actor Jackie Chan along with the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other partners set to fight against and end hunger in the world.

Jackie Chan and nine members of his team including the Blive Global Initiative arrived Thursday in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa for official visit to the East African country.

The actor and his delegation were warmly received by Mitiku Kassa, Ethiopian State Minister of Agriculture, and also Modibo Traore, FAO Sub-regional Coordinator for Eastern Africa and Representative in Ethiopia, to the African Union (AU) and Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

"FAO has been working closely with the Ethiopian government to reduce hunger and achieve food security in the country, whereby FAO provides technical assistance in agriculture and rural development, helping poor and food secure people achieve food security and self-reliance, with remarkable achievements," said a press release distributed in connection with Jackie Chan's official visit.

At the conclusion of his three-day visit to Ethiopia, Jackie Chan later Saturday was speaking at a press conference in Addis Ababa, where he emphasized on the need to join efforts to fight against and end hunger across the world.

He underlined that there should be combined and harmonized effort to completely defeat hunger in the globe that people cherish better life.

Over the past three decades, Jackie Chan has been actively engaged in charity work while working on film making. He has helped numerous disadvantaged groups around the world who suffered disease, hunger, poverty, natural disasters and consequences of war.

During the press conference, Jackie Chan underscored that ending hunger, peace and love are his dreams he pursues to realize across the globe.

Jackie Chan said he would do more activities in the coming times to realize his dream of ending hunger and also in peace and love across the world, including among others organizing charity concert, peace and love concert.

Speaking on the occasion, Modibo Traore, FAO Sub-regional Coordinator for Eastern Africa, appreciated Jackie Chan's philanthropic activities besides his success in the film industry. "Besides his tremendous success as a movie actor, Jackie Chan is also a big philanthropist that has been involved in charity work for more than 30 years," he said.


Jackie Visits Farmers and Students in Ethiopia

Farmers and students came to Hanja Chefa primary school on Friday 21 March 2014 to meet Jackie Chan where Jackie talked to farmers about improvement of the crops. The water bottle shows the quality of the water locally.

Hanja Chefa primary school was established in 2003 with initially 340 students (24% girls). Since the start of the school feeding programs, the number of school children has increased to 1,334 (51% girls). Attendance reached 95 percent in 2012 and has drop-out rates of 7% for girls and 9% for boys. These rates are lower than the national standards of 14.6% for girls and 13% for boys.

The project provides an array of complimentary support to small-scale farmers and cooperative unions. Food-security interventions are boosting access to some basic financial services, including bank loans, which were previously unavailable to agricultural cooperative unions and their members. Increased access to those services is, in turn, helping the farmers build a more food-secure future for themselves and their families.

Photo credit: ©FAO/Petterik Wiggers. Copright ©FAO.


New Advert for Ningxia Wine

A new version of the Ningxia wine advert in an 'interview' style.


Jackie Meets Officials and Children in Ethiopia

On his arrival in Ethiopia yesterday Jackie met with various officials and some children in the FAO compound in Addis Ababa. He had some gifts for them and lots of smiles.



Jackie in Ethiopia

Jackie is visiting Ethiopia for 2 days at the invitation of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. The FAO runs the Purchase from Africans for Africa (PAA), a program that buys cereals and vegetables from local small-scale farmers to supply food to school feeding programs. FAO purchases food from 2,000 farmers which is redistributed to 8,000 students in seven primary schools. Jackie will meet some of the 1,334 students at Hanja Chefa Primary School, near Hawassa tomorrow.

Photo credit: ©FAO/Petterik Wiggers. Copright ©FAO.

20 March 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Renowned Hollywood film actor Jackie Chan speaking with staff and officials at the office of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization following his arrival in Ethiopia where he will visit FAO projects over the next two days.


More Photos from Today

A few more photos from the Peace and Love Concert Launch Ceremony today in Beijing.


Official Launch for the Love and Peace Concert

Today a press conference was held in Beijing to officially launch the Love and Peace Concert which Jackie is hosting on the 6th April 2014. The concert will be held at the Workers Stadium in Beijing and has a number of well known and popular artists that have been invited to take part. The concert is part of Jackie's 60th birthday celebrations.


10th Anniversary of CCTV Music Channel

Jackie recorded a MV with Sun Nan and other musicians for the 10th Anniversary of the CCTV music channel.