Friday, March 28, 2014

La and Zy Love and Peace Mascots Information

Some more information.

Mr. Chan at the dawn of the 60th birthday, launched a "peace love charity season." Joint seven Chronicles together to promote "peace and fraternity, on your side." Charity season is a cross-border, covering all ages, demand for multi-level attention to demonstration projects and innovative drive to copy a large public platform, will join a number of NGO, around the "friendly snacks", "Education and Development" and "Safety "Three of the seven themes of public sector project activities.

In order to allow more public participation in public service, while delivering "peace and fraternity, on your side," the public philosophy, Jackie sent his beloved pandas La and Zy as peace envoy in the "peaceful fraternity code upload" love to pass activities, help He witnessed peace and friendship around the world gather.

The "peaceful brotherhood code upload", Panda La and Zy will be passed on six lines, including five domestic routes and one overseas routes, through which the public can participate in a group photo with LaZy concurrent microblogging way. March 20-22, Jackie Chan has personally LaZy brought to Ethiopia, and then be passed to the FAO office in Ethiopia FAO headquarters in Rome. Eventually, the name of the panda siblings will be six lines of "peaceful and friendly" gathering in Beijing, officially launched the "peace love charity season."

Here, we invite you to join the ranks of passing, simply tell us your contact details , we will contact your city on a stand, and ask them to send you a panda, you and your friends are captured and LaZy of photo, write your wish on public service Sina Weibo @ peace and brotherhood can participate in the charity season!

You will also have the opportunity to receive the Jackie Chan Design produced commemorative key chain or a small towel!

Come and enroll now!

Sina Weibo: @ peace love charity Season
Tel 010 -64640107, 13261829458




在此,我们诚邀您加入传递的队伍,只需将您的联系方式告诉我们,我们将联络您所在城市的上一站,请他们将熊猫寄给您,您和朋友们拍下和LaZy的合照,在新浪微博上写下您的公益心愿,并@和平友爱公益季 就可以参与了!

您还将有机会获赠由Jackie Chan Design出品的钥匙链或纪念版小毛巾!


邮 箱
电 话:010-64640107, 13261829458



Viczian Christy said...

Peace and love all around the world !!! Jackie you are amazing !!! I LOVE YOU !!!! <33333333333333 :)

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