JCCF Charity Dinner and Auction

Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation (JCCF) held a charity dinner in Hong Kong over the weekend raising 16.2 mill HKD. Numerous stars were in attendance with all expenses being paid for by Jackie. Jackie thanked every one for attending on his weibo account saying that this was the best amount raised in years. Other notable guests included Zhao Wenxuan, Li Bingbing, Eric Tsang, Raymond Wong and Lin Peng. The New Seven Little Fortunes were also there to sing.

Jackie arrives with Crystal Liu Yi Fei

Zhao Wenxuan

Albert Yeung

Eric Tsang

Raymond Wong



Jackie auctions special license plates from his collection

Jackie's Olympic torch was also up for auction.



1911 Promotions in Hong Kong - Updated

There was a press conference/premier for '1911' in Hong Kong on 24.09.11. Very little news or photos about it but here is what I have found.





Watch the Full Premier of '1911' in Changchun



LENGTH: 00:01:41

The premiere of the film "Xinhai Revolution" has been held to commemorate the 1911 Revolution.Faces of famous Chinese stars will be seen in the movie for the centennial of the event. China Report has more. The star-studded film "Xinhai Revolution" was premiered Sunday in northeast China's Jilin Province.The movie involves more than 70 Chinese stars to mark the 100th anniversary of the historic event.In 1911, protests and armed uprisings took place across China against the monarchy of the Qing Dynasty.These events eventually led to the overthrow of the country's last emperor. As 1911 was called Xinhai in the Chinese way of numbering years, the revolution is named Xinhai Revolution.The movie features Hong Kong's kung fu star Jackie Chan as Huang Xing, a key figure who led the revolutionary events in 1911.This is the 100th movie that Jackie Chan has starred. Actually, Chan previously intended to star in 'Chinese Zodiac' but after friends told him about '1911' he chose to make '1911' instead, saying that it was an opportunity he would regret if he didn't make this film.


US Trailer for '1911'

Now called '1911 Revolution' in the US release.

There is also a new poster:


Inside Jackie Chan VIP Theater

From Weibo: Jackie Chan Design released these photos of the exclusive VIP section of Jackie Chan Yao Lai Theater


"1911" gets Official Nod of Approval

Senior Chinese leader meets "1911" film crew

BEIJING, Sept. 19 (Xinhua) -- Top political advisor Jia Qinglin on Monday met with crew members working on "1911," a star-studded film dedicated to the centennial anniversary of the 1911 Revolution, an event that marked the end of 2,000 years of imperial rule in China.

Jia praised the filmmakers for presenting the historic event in a profound and artistic manner.

"The film depicts a variety of historical figures, including Sun Yat-sen and Huang Xing. Its crew members strived to unite profoundness, artistic value and entertainment with a serious attitude," said Jia, who is also a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee.

Sun and Huang were both key figures in the 1911 Revolution, leading several revolutionary organizations to overthrow the government of the Qing Dynasty (1616-1911).

Jia said that he hopes political consultative organizations at all levels will assist in the promotion and distribution of the film in order to ensure that the country's cinema audiences fully appreciate and understand the significance of the historical event on which it is based.

The film, directed by Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan, will be released nationwide on Sept. 23.


Cultural Village Hangzhou Financial Agreement Signed

There was a star studded turn out in Beijing yesterday to attend the signing of the financial agreement between Albert Yeung, Emperor Group and Mayor Jun Jiang, Hangzhou for the Yuhang Cultural Village that will be constructed over the next 5 - 6 years. Amongst those attending the event were Jackie Chan; the president of the Beijing Film Academy, Zhang Huijun; director Feng Xiaogang; director Dante Lam; Jonathon Lee; Emil Chau; Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu.

The center will incorporate video production and post production facilities, facilities to host events, and a training college and university for film, radio and television. it will be constructed alongside the wetland development and preservation area of Xixi as part of the economic development of the area.

This afternoon, Mayor Jun Jiang Yuhang District, Hangzhou, Hong Kong's Emperor Group chairman Albert Yeung and signed an investment agreement, the total investment will be more than 6 billion yuan of the King's film and television projects have been formally settled in Yuhang Cultural Village, plans to use 5-6 years are completed.

Yuhang District, and the Emperor Group joined forces, want to build a high-level film and television professionals to develop, with high-end video production capabilities, host celebration events, with high reception capability of complex cultural and creative industries, and timely development of China's film and television copyright market.

It is reported that the total investment reached 60 billion yuan. Large investments have been supported by many insiders and blitz.

Project signing ceremony held today can be described as star-studded: International superstar Jackie Chan, president of the Beijing Film Academy Zhang Huijun, the famous director Feng Xiaogang, director Dante Lam Award, the famous actress Zhao, musician Jonathan Lee, a famous singer Emil Chau, Film Awards Emperor Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung Awards, both the idol and the strength of the double charm of the actor Daniel Wu and so on.

When a celebrity appears on the scene of the brightest on the red carpet, the media could not hold all the reporters, and have raised his camera at them. This movie star celebrity lineup of luxury instant murder a lot of camera film.

Large projects may appeal was evident!

Reporters learned from the signing ceremony, King's Village film culture is expected to exceed total construction area of ​​600,000 square meters, the location to be selected in the "creative Xixi," the focus on developing Area - Xixi Technology Island.

The island is China's only urban wetlands, ecology, humanities, science and technology, arts complex, integration of office, research, education, tourism, housing and other multi-cultural city, adjacent to Hangzhou Xixi National Wetland Park West.

Geographical and cultural environment, a good place for such a superior being is actively developing the market for Hong Kong's Emperor Group phase, Group Chairman, said Albert Yeung repeatedly brought praise and good to pour effort into creating this project.

It is understood, King's Village film culture projects since 2010, started making preparations for the end of 2010 Yuhang - Hong Kong investment activities associated with the Yuhang district government reached a consensus. Today, the project has finally been finalized agreement the contracting parties.

King's Village film culture projects include King's Film School, film and television production center, conference performing arts center, and can provide 2200-room resort and so on.

King's College to be playing a video to film and television, radio, theater, musical talent as the main direction of full-time specialist training colleges and universities, both part of the focus of the professional graduate education, non-academic education and continuing education, vocational training and short training functions, will be invited to Jackie Chan, Jiang Wen, Andy Lau, Zhang Yimou, Derek Yee, Benny Chan, Peter Kam, Wong Jing, Stanley Tong, Gordon Chan, Jeffrey Lau, Jim Chim, Chan Hing Ka, Chung King-fai and so long as the famous Chinese film chair.

Film and television production will have to be made into China's largest and most technologically advanced professional video post-production base, to complete post-production film and television projects, and provide remote sub-project for overseas service.

After completion of the project, King will draw their own film and television entertainment in the domestic and even international influence, invited international and domestic cultural celebrities, renowned director, the actress to join, creating quality film and television, film and television industry to form the script writing, script writing, filming, production and distribution, a complete industrial chain, to create feature film and television center.

Party's 17 th clear that the national economy to promote cultural industries as pillar industries. Hangzhou to build with the "national cultural and creative center" by the local strategy to upgrade the deployment strategy for the country, quite innovative offensive momentum Yuhang District, the cultural and creative industries as economic restructuring, to create "culture of DC," the powerful engine, introduction of large projects and large enterprises, enhance the overall atmosphere of cultural and creative industries.

















From Weibo:

Jackie Chan stars in Emperor's movie resort
Tianjin Ri Bao
Aug 07, 2011

Emperor Group, the Hong Kong-based conglomerate, plans to open the Emperor Movie Cultural Resort in Hangzhou within five to six years.

The 5 billion yuan facility aims to train senior movie professionals and provide high-end movie production services. Tourists will also be able to experience the movie-making process when visiting.

Emperor Entertainment may also develop the resort into a conference centre capable of holding large-scale celebratory events.

The whole project involves Emperor Film-TV College, a movie theme park, movie-making centre, a 2,000-person capacity exhibition hall and resort hotel. The group also hopes to boost the development of a China film and TV programme copyright market.

"Emperor made a significant decision," said group chairman Albert Yeung Sau-shing. "We have been doing business here for more than 20 years. Hangzhou is the best place to invest in terms of cultural business."

Yeung says the reason why he is so confident is that Hollywood action star Jackie Chan participated in the project and will lead his own group to help develop the new resort.

"China culture should not only impact on Asia but also the rest of world including movie, cartoon and singing. We are here to support," Chan said.

It is planned that the resort will release 30 movies and 5,000 hours TV programmes every year, together with more than 3,000 students and 500,000 tourists once operational, according to Zhu Jinkun, a member of the Party committee in Hangzhou municipal government.


"1911' Promotions in Changchun

Jackie arrives in Changchun

At the Premier:

At the Movie Studio Theme Park: