BTS on Dragon Blade and other news

Some behind-the-scenes photos of Dragon Blade.

An 'ariel' view of the set

another view of the set

it takes a lot of effort to move all the equipment across the sand

there is only one place for all the trash and don't forget to squish your water bottle!

more equipment and trying to keep the dust and sun out

making an artificial dust storm

an ice chest full of frozen treats for hot cast and crew provided by Jackie

it's a long bus ride every day

the 'dining room'

Thanks to @JohnCusack for letting us know that Jackie is a "completely awesome human -huge heart full of mischief and the hardest worker I've ever met -!" And that he has two fight scenes with Jackie.

Thanks to @CenturyMartialArts for the information that Benny "The Jet" Urquidez is the stunt choreographer for Dragon Blade. In case you were wondering how John Cusack managed the fight scenes with Jackie - he is a black belt, having studied under Benny for many years.


Karate Kid 2 Update

So it looks like Karate Kid 2 won't be hitting the big screens soon. Director Breck Eisner has left the project due to a scheduling conflict and two new script writers (screenwriting team Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer) have been hired to write (rewrite?) the script. The only good news is that Jackie and Jayden Smith are still signed up.


Filming in Dunhuang

Filming on Dragon Blade has moved to a location in the desert somewhere that is a long daily bus ride outside Dunhuang, China.

The sun beats down!

Riding practice.

In the middle of nowhere


Mr Nice Guy and Tour Guide

Just to prove Jackie (in case you didn't know it) is the original "Mr Nice Guy" he spent two days giving Transformers director Michael Bay a guided tour of Hong Kong last year.

Bay's time there was made even better due to having Jackie Chan as his own personal tour guide.

"Hong Kong is a beautiful city," he said. "I came here right after I directed The Rock. I didn't know Jackie Chan, I had just seen his movies. But I called him up and he showed me around the city for two days. Great looking city. It's hard to shoot here, but we did it."


Sing Lung Sings

Since the sad demise of JackieChanMusic.com there has been no comprehensive resource for Jackie's music on the internet. Finally I have decided to take the plunge and rectify that situation. Although the site is still in development there is already plenty of information available.

Please visit SING LUNG SINGS

VIDEO: Jackie Chan International Action Film Week

A few news clips of the announcement of the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week.


Jackie Chan International Action Film Week

Today it was announced that the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week will be a permanent part of the Shanghai International Film Festival from 2015. The event organisers decided to surprise Jackie by inviting Jean-Claude Van Damme to support the event. Jackie and Jean-Claude last met 20 years ago.

The Jackie Chan International Action Film Week will recognize outstanding contributions for action movie filmmakers and actors to showcase extraordinary international action films and to demonstrate innovations in technology, as well as cultivating a new era of Chinese action and to promote the heritage and development of Chinese action films.

Jackie said, "I have always had a dream, to facilitate the creation of an international award for action filmmakers who work behind the scenes, so that the whole world to see the efforts and hardships of action film makers." Jackie, speaking with a lot of emotion, said, "Martial arts actors in order to complete a particular stunt, often risk permanent disability, and sometimes even their lives. They deserve to be recognised and remembered" Jackie continued, "China has one of the greatest resources of martial arts expertise and the world knows that China has made ​​tremendous contributions to martial arts action films. We should have a platform for action movies so that through exchanges with the world action community Chinese action films can continue to flourish."


Dragon Blade Press Conference Video

Video of the press conference at the JC Film Gallery for Dragon Blade:


The Green Monster Supports Dragon Blade

After seeing the inventive watermelon signs at the press conference the Green Monster said "I'm green!" and found some body paint. A few strokes later and we have ....

You have to give him 10/10 for effort!

Dragon Blade Conference Photos

The press conference was attended by Jackie Chan, Wang Ruoxin, Lin Peng, Daniel Lee, John Cusack, Adrian Brody (via video), and the producers of Dragon Blade. Jackie spoke about the many languages on set, filming in the costumes (very hot), the size of the crew (more than 500) and various other small details about filming so far.

Jackie also said “I’m really excited to be in a movie with two of the most respected actors working today. It gives me confidence that the decade we spent researching and developing the script has produced something of world class standard.”

The two leading ladies introduced themselves and their roles - they are rivals in the movie. John Cusack spoke about how he grew up watching Jackie Chan movies and how much of an honour it is for him to be making a movie with Jackie. Daniel Lee revealed that he introduced Jackie to Adrian Brody which is how that co-operation came about.

Adrian Brody said, via video that it is a dream to finally work with Jackie. Aside from his appreciation for Jackie's many talents, Jackie is a beacon of generosity, and an inspiration to him. Dragon Blade is a tale of mythical proportions - of good prevailing over evil - and an opportunity for him to explore a character whose ambition challenges his honor. Adrian finished by saying how much he was looking forward to return to work in China.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Daniel Lee

Jackie Chan, John Cusack

Jackie Chan

Wang Ruoxin, Lin Peng, Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, Wang Ruoxin

Daniel Lee, Wang Ruoxin, Lin Peng, John Cusack, Jackie Chan

John Cusack, Wang Ruoxin, Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Daniel Lee, 

Daniel Lee, Wang Ruoxin, John Cusack, Lin Peng, Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Lin Peng, Wang Ruoxin, Daniel Lee

Adrian Brody


Dragon Blade News

Jackie Chan-starring period clash between Roman and Chinese civilizations is one of biggest budget Chinese movies of all time.

Patrick Frater
Asia Bureau Chief

SHANGHAI – John Cusack and Adrien Brody have joined the cast of “Dragon Blade,” a period action movie that is one of the most expensive ever in China.

Cusack will play Lucius, a Roman general who leads a legion of soldiers into China. Brody plays power-hungry Tiberius, who has killed Roman Consul Crassus and chases after Lucius with 100,000 troops.

The previously announced Jackie Chan stars as commander of the protectorate of the western regions, who teams up with Lucius to protect China’s borders and sovereignty.

Producers confirmed the production budget as $65 million, making it one the three most costly Chinese films of all time.

The film is backed by Sparkle Roll Cultural Media, Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, Shanghai Film Group and new film investment group Beijing Cultural Assets Chinese Film & Television Fund. World sales are handled by Hong Kong-based Golden Network.

Under the direction of Daniel Lee, the film has already been in production at the Hengdian World Studios. That has now wrapped and the shoot will now relocate to parts of the Gobi Desert.

The film has been substantially pre-sold within Asia. Distributors on board include Long Shong (for Taiwan), Joy N Contents (South Korea), Encore (Singapore), Mono Film (Thailand), Prima Cinema (Indonesia), GSC Movies (Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia.)

On completion of “Dragon Blade,” Chan will next shoot English-language actioner “Skiptrace” before taking the lead role in “Chinese Zodiac II,” a sequel to the Chan-directed and starring comedy action hit of December 2012.


Some BTS photos of Jackie

A few behind the scenes photos of Jackie working on Dragon Blade.


First Character Posters for Dragon Blade

Dragon Blade held a press conference today at the JC Film Gallery in Shanghai. The participation of John Cusack and Adrian Brody (who participated via a pre-recorded video message) was formally announced and three character posters were released.


SIFF (John Woo, Lazy)

Where ever Jackie is La and Zy are not far behind! Jackie was snapped with John Woo, La & Zy and Sòng Huìqiáo

There is also a short video of the Dragon Blade team walking the red carpet: