Monday, June 16, 2014

Dragon Blade Conference Photos

The press conference was attended by Jackie Chan, Wang Ruoxin, Lin Peng, Daniel Lee, John Cusack, Adrian Brody (via video), and the producers of Dragon Blade. Jackie spoke about the many languages on set, filming in the costumes (very hot), the size of the crew (more than 500) and various other small details about filming so far.

Jackie also said “I’m really excited to be in a movie with two of the most respected actors working today. It gives me confidence that the decade we spent researching and developing the script has produced something of world class standard.”

The two leading ladies introduced themselves and their roles - they are rivals in the movie. John Cusack spoke about how he grew up watching Jackie Chan movies and how much of an honour it is for him to be making a movie with Jackie. Daniel Lee revealed that he introduced Jackie to Adrian Brody which is how that co-operation came about.

Adrian Brody said, via video that it is a dream to finally work with Jackie. Aside from his appreciation for Jackie's many talents, Jackie is a beacon of generosity, and an inspiration to him. Dragon Blade is a tale of mythical proportions - of good prevailing over evil - and an opportunity for him to explore a character whose ambition challenges his honor. Adrian finished by saying how much he was looking forward to return to work in China.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Daniel Lee

Jackie Chan, John Cusack

Jackie Chan

Wang Ruoxin, Lin Peng, Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, Wang Ruoxin

Daniel Lee, Wang Ruoxin, Lin Peng, John Cusack, Jackie Chan

John Cusack, Wang Ruoxin, Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Daniel Lee, 

Daniel Lee, Wang Ruoxin, John Cusack, Lin Peng, Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Lin Peng, Wang Ruoxin, Daniel Lee

Adrian Brody



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