Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jackie Chan International Action Film Week

Today it was announced that the Jackie Chan International Action Film Week will be a permanent part of the Shanghai International Film Festival from 2015. The event organisers decided to surprise Jackie by inviting Jean-Claude Van Damme to support the event. Jackie and Jean-Claude last met 20 years ago.

The Jackie Chan International Action Film Week will recognize outstanding contributions for action movie filmmakers and actors to showcase extraordinary international action films and to demonstrate innovations in technology, as well as cultivating a new era of Chinese action and to promote the heritage and development of Chinese action films.

Jackie said, "I have always had a dream, to facilitate the creation of an international award for action filmmakers who work behind the scenes, so that the whole world to see the efforts and hardships of action film makers." Jackie, speaking with a lot of emotion, said, "Martial arts actors in order to complete a particular stunt, often risk permanent disability, and sometimes even their lives. They deserve to be recognised and remembered" Jackie continued, "China has one of the greatest resources of martial arts expertise and the world knows that China has made ​​tremendous contributions to martial arts action films. We should have a platform for action movies so that through exchanges with the world action community Chinese action films can continue to flourish."



Viczian Christy said...

It is a wonderful news, congratulations to Jackie , I am very happy for him !!! <3 :)

danny said...

great news... and perfect images.. van damme with jackie chan made my night


wonderful news now my master's dream is going to be true hats of the great martial arts master MR.JAKCIE CHAN.

sue said...

I enjoy both Jackie Chan and VanDamme. Nice to see them together. And it would be great if they did a movie together.

Annet said...

Briliant great, Jacie Chan deserves it :-)

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