Rotary and the Chicago Cubs team up to strike out polio

When 14-year-old Joshua Kim decided last summer to donate all the allowance he'd saved up to Rotary’s End Polio Now campaign, he never dreamed that almost a year later he would be taking the mound for a ceremonial first pitch at Wrigley Field, the historic baseball park of the Chicago Cubs.

Joshua, now 15 and a freshman at Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, did the honors just before the 25 May game between the Chicago Cubs and the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers during Strike Out Polio: Rotary Day at Wrigley Field.

"I can't believe this is really happening. I've always wanted to do this," said Joshua, whose father, Tony, is a member of the Rotary Club of Chicagoland Korean-Northbrook. His dad was in the stands with more than 600 Chicago-area Rotarians, relatives, friends, and Rotary International staff.

Tony’s involvement in club polio eradication fundraising efforts inspired Joshua to contribute $1,300 to Rotary’s US$200 Million Challenge. Rotary has committed to raising $200 million in response to $355 million in challenge grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Rotary Day at Wrigley Field brought in more than $10,000 for polio eradication. The Chicago Cubs contributed $20 to the campaign for each ticket sold by area Rotary clubs. An End Polio Now message appeared on Wrigley Field's famous marquee, with announcement made inside the ballpark before and during the game.

"Many Chicagoans don’t even remember polio -- let alone realize that it still paralyzes children in other parts of the world -- and that’s why public events like Rotary Day at Wrigley Field are so important,” said Rotary Foundation Trustee Chair Glenn E. Estess Sr.

For Joshua, throwing out the first pitch was almost as exciting as meeting international movie star Jackie Chan, who also was part of the pregame ceremonies.

"It was a great moment for me. It was awesome to meet Jackie Chan. I have always wanted to meet him and shake his hand," he said. "I was given a very special opportunity by Rotary, and I am very thankful."



Photo album of Jackie, Jaden, Will and fans in Dallas

(and to view the photos in large format although right click is disabled)

Will Smith at the Opening of Jackie Chan theatres

So Jackie has invited Will Smith and I assume Jaden (although the article doesn't mention him) to be one of the 150 invited guests at the opening of Jackie Chan International Theater in Beijing. Apart from lots of cool opening specials amongst the many cool gifts being handed to winners every evening is a ride home after the movies in a Bentley. I must admit that the theaters look absolutely stunning!

由成龙(在线看影视作品)投资6000万元建成的内地首家五星级影城——Jackie Chan 耀莱国际影城6月16日将在北京开幕,届时,成龙将携新片《功夫梦》与好莱坞巨星威尔·史密斯全家在影院做首映宣传,同时邀来150余位明星助兴。


  影城昨日开始试营业,试营业期间每日观看最后一场电影的观众将参与“贵族”服务抽奖环节,幸运者将享受由影院提供的豪华宾利轿车“送您回家”服务。影院负责人表示:“只要获奖,哪怕是住在天津,我们也同样安全把您送到家。” 新报北京电 记者 马健龙 王琪鹏 摄影 新报记者 李宝君

Interesting article on the how and why of remaking of 'Karate Kid' - still no real explanation of why they retained the title which has become more and more puzzling as time has gone on. The film is titled 'The Kungfu Kid' for it's Chinese release and the reasoning given for it being called 'The Karate Kid' in that Dre Parker is insulting called 'The Karate Kid' by his bullies feels rather too much like a script change forced on the movie to try and make some kind of motivation for the title. Given the strong opposition to the title by multitudes of fans of the original (as well as martial arts proponents who insist it's not Karate but Kungfu that Dre learns) I am a little surprised that the studio has stuck to it's guns on this. I know there is theoretically no such thing as bad publicity but there is a point at which ill-will towards a movie does affect its returns. While I can in no way claim to vaguely understand the reasoning from the studio's point of view on the title I must wonder if it would not have been better to change the title to 'Kungfu Kid' and avoid some of the opposition that it has generated. I realise that to some extent the debate has given the movie a lot of advance publicity but some (many) of the comments I have read have been so negative I am hard pressed to see how that is good. I wonder if calling it 'Kungfu Kid' wouldn't have been better? It would let the movie stand on it's own merits, avoid the unfavourable comparisons with the original as well as avoiding the debate about karate vs kungfu while letting the story pay homage to the original as intended. But that aside I am looking more and more forward to this movie. It's sounding better and better and I am looking forward to seeing what Jackie has done with the role.

For years, Sony Pictures considered—and then decided against—updating "The Karate Kid," its beloved 1984 family film about a browbeaten kid (Ralph Macchio) with a single mom and the enigmatic martial arts coach (Noriyuki "Pat" Morita) who teaches the boy how to believe in himself, catch a fly with chopsticks and kick some bully butt along the way.

Sony had pretty much beaten the franchise into submission, with the third sequel, 1994's "The Next Karate Kid" featuring 19-year-old Hilary Swank, marking the series' commercial and critical tap-out (a domestic gross of just $8.9 million, a Rotten Tomatoes score of a mere 6% positive).

Even though almost every studio was rebooting long-dormant franchises with mixed results — " Superman Returns," "AVP: Alien vs. Predator," "Star Trek," among the disinterred titles — Sony didn't want to make another "Karate Kid" movie just because the title was lying fallow. "This is a valuable property," says Doug Belgrad, president of Sony's Columbia Pictures, recalling his thinking at the time. "We better have the right idea, or it's not worth doing."

So even when Overbrook Entertainment, the production company for Sony's biggest star, Will Smith, pitched Sony on a "Karate Kid" remake featuring Smith's 11-year-old, martial-arts-obsessed son (and his costar in "The Pursuit of Happyness"), Jaden, in the Macchio role, the studio demurred. Finally, just as Beijing was about to host 2008's Summer Olympics, Overbrook altered its pitch: What if the new version were set in China?

With more than 1.3 billion residents, China is both the world's most populous nation and one of Hollywood's biggest challenges, with borders to entry almost as tall as the Great Wall. China can be one of the biggest-grossing countries outside of the United States for certain films, even though DVD piracy is rampant and there aren't a lot of theaters; "Avatar" grossed the local currency equivalent of $195 million, the most of any nation beyond American borders.

Paramount's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and Sony's "2012" (in which Chinese ark builders help save the planet) were also huge hits in the country, and business is booming for Chinese movies too, such as John Woo's historical epic "Red Cliff." Total Chinese box-office returns surged more than 40% to more than $900 million in 2009.

If Sony made "Karate Kid" with a Chinese partner, it could be a part of that Asian gold rush, but the deal would come with some foreseeable obstacles, including possible government censorship.

Belgrad didn't think long before giving his answer. "That was enough to say yes," says Belgrad, who had long been fascinated by the country and had developed a "Sinbad" movie that would be set there. "It's a fascinating place."

The "Karate Kid" decision not only launched the biggest modern movie co-production between an American studio and China, but also opened up the film to government-mandated creative controls that ultimately yielded two slightly different movies, as Chinese censors asked that several scenes, including sequences of bullying and a kiss between two young characters, be trimmed. The geographic move also launched an internal debate about changing the film's name to "The Kung Fu Kid," as karate is a Japanese fighting style.

Although the production, which puts action star Jackie Chan in the Morita role and opens in domestic theaters on June 11 (arriving in China several weeks later), was granted vital access to an array of spectacular Chinese locations — the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Wudang Mountain — the filmmakers also had to negotiate sometimes byzantine permitting rules and parley with residents who weren't used to having a movie crew descend on their streets.

Try to film a movie in Brentwood, and the locals will grudgingly get out of the way. Do the same outside of Beijing and the rules are different. "The people run the country," says James Lassiter, who is Overbrook's president and serves as a "Karate Kid" producer. "So if people didn't want you shooting in their neighborhood, there's no authority that can tell them they have to. That's why it's called the People's Republic of China."

The filmmakers, who hired a number of Chinese crew members, say the production inconveniences were minor and the creative conversations with partner China Film Group Corp. easily resolved. As part of Sony's deal with China Film, the government-run movie company invested about $5 million in the film's approximate $40-million budget, retaining "Karate Kid's" distribution rights in China and some ancillary rights in a few Asian territories.

The film's director, Harald Zwart ("Agent Cody Banks," "The Pink Panther 2"), says that he never felt there was government pressure to steer the movie in a certain political direction, even though "Karate Kid" depicted working-class communities around Beijing as a little bit ramshackle.

"There was never any question of don't show this and don't show that," Zwart says, adding that the creative conversations with China Film were "very cooperative" with a lot of "back and forth." Zwart personally made the edits for the Chinese version, clipping the chaste smooch between Smith's Dre Parker and his girlfriend, Mei Ying (Wenwen Han). "I am not going to be an expert on what works in China," Zwart says. "But I think the Chinese version is a beautiful movie."

For all the growth in China's movie business, the country only allows 20 non-Chinese movies into the country's theaters every year, and the government dictates the distribution terms, which return only about 13% of a film's ticket sales to its makers (the revenue share is closer to a 50-50 split in North American theaters).

To get around those draconian limits, some studios have tried making local-language productions, movies in Cantonese and Mandarin, rather than simply relying on exporting their movies from the United States. Disney has launched a Chinese "High School Musical," while 20th Century Fox made the successful Chinese romantic comedy "Hot Summer Days." Neither project will likely travel outside of Asia, as their modest budgets don't require them to be global releases.

At the same time, China is reaching out to American producers, and China Film's Han San Ping has traveled to Hollywood to develop business.

"On every front, China is trying to globalize and internationalize itself," says China expert Orville Schell, who has written extensively about the region, including the book "Virtual Tibet: Searching for Shangri-La From the Himalayas to Hollywood." He says U.S. movie studios, like global pop culture consumers, increasingly are drawn to the region. "It's a go-to spot that has a lot of cachet," Schell says.

The "Karate Kid" deal follows a different model, where an American studio and a Chinese, government-run movie arm collaborate on a production. "The access was key," Belgrad says. "We had an unprecedented amount of production value by shooting there."

While the financial and location benefits can be material, so too can questions of interference. The American makers of 2006's "The Painted Veil," which filmed all over China, said their Chinese production and finance partners asked that several of the film's sequences about the Chinese Revolution and the country's cholera victims be redacted.

By setting "The Karate Kid" in modern-day China, the filmmakers were able to magnify the original film's fish-out-of-water plot (in the first film, Macchio plays a New Jersey teen who relocates with his single mother to Los Angeles). In the new story, Smith's Dre and his mother ( Taraji P. Henson) leave Detroit for Beijing when she changes jobs. Soon after arriving, Dre is confronted by a band of local bullies led by a thug named Cheng (Zhenwei Wang).

Lassister says that while China Film was worried about the film's depiction of bullying, they were able to reach a common ground. "We talked about the necessity of the fighting, and the level of the violence," he says. "I understand their point of view. But we portray both good and bad Chinese; it's not that they are all bad."

Determined to fight back, Dre enlists Mr. Han (Chan), a mysterious maintenance man who teaches Dre the Chinese martial art of kung fu. (There's really no karate in the film, and Sony wrestled with changing the title to "Kung Fu Kid," but the original film's producer, Jerry Weintraub, nixed the idea.) In following the trajectory of the first film, Dre in the new "Karate Kid" spends more and more time with Mr. Han, who ultimately becomes the boy's surrogate father. Jaden Smith trained for four months before production commenced to perfect his fighting, studying under Wu Gang, Chan's stunt coordinator.

"It's great, and it's fun — but it's very hard work," Smith told The Times earlier this year.

Sony privately says "The Karate Kid" is among the studio's highest-testing movies ever, and it looks ready to open strongly opposite another movie filled with a lot of fighting, 20th Century Fox's "The A-Team," both here and abroad.

Equally important, the production has shown Sony and Overbrook that filming in China can be a rewarding experience, even factoring in some of the obstacles. But don't look for an American studio to propose making a film about the Dalai Lama or 1989's Tiananmen Square protests in China — the country may love light, entertaining fare such as "The Karate Kid," but it is far less interested in examining the more complicated aspects of its own history. "If you're going to get into something political," Schell says, "China is not your destination of choice."

But Overbrook and Sony are ready to go back. Says Lassiter: "It was a fantastic experience. And it helps with our overall objective to become a global film production company."



Here an assortment of videos from Youtube relating to 'The Karate Kid'

I can't embed these few as embedding is disabled:

The Karate Kid - Jackie Chan - Interview

The Karate Kid - Will Smith Interview

The Karate Kid - Jaden Smith Interview




'Karate Kid' Dallas screening, with Will and Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, attracts crowd

How jazzed were the nearly 900 kids crowding the red carpet at a Karate Kid advance screening Thursday? Well, take their excitement about meeting the film's stars, 11-year-old Jaden Smith and action idol Jackie Chan, then imagine loading it into an Independence Day aircraft and shooting it into space. Now that's excitement.

Jaden's dad, superstar Will Smith, turned up to shake hands, sign autographs and exclaim to the crowd that it's a fantastic film, opening June 11.

The young crowd, invited to the Cinemark 17 at Webb Chapel from a variety of schools and organizations, had been primed to party during pre-event festivities with pizza, snow cones and soda.

Some had their faces painted to look like tigers and lions. Others wore temporary tattoos or Chinese calligraphy in honor of the film's being set in China. Nearly all were clutching posters and photos of Jaden, his legs outstretched in a kung fu kick of about 180 degrees.

Jaden followed his dad in addressing the adoring crowd, saying: "Thank you guys for coming out and supporting our movie!"

Will Smith acknowledged and thanked Chan, too, who stood beaming beside Jaden, wearing a denim jacket and pants from his signature line, with Chinese characters signifying love and charity.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was the first celebrity to walk the carpet, with his 6-year-old daughter, Alexis, clinging to his leg.

Cuban said he has always loved the "wax on, wax off" scene in the original 1984 movie with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita. Jaden and Chan step into those roles, as the bullied kid and the mentor who not only teaches him kung fu, but also how to control himself and show respect to others.

Cuban said he was excited about sharing the updated movie with his daughter. She takes gymnastics, and he hopes this will inspire an interest in martial arts as well.

Former Dallas Stars goaltender Marty Turco followed with his daughters, Hailey, 8, and Katelyn, 6, and two of their friends. Turco said the movie meant a lot to him growing up as he watched Macchio's character press on through his pain.

"That final scene where he gets up on one leg to fight – that's still the most memorable scene to me," Turco said. "I look forward to seeing what effect this has on a new generation."

Local martial arts students showed off their moves, performed the lion dance and beat drums. Then, as Jaden and Chan arrived to shake hands, sign autographs and answer a few quick questions on the red carpet, thunderclouds gathered.

It was like the scene from Mary Poppins when a sudden downpour puts an end to the children's jolly holiday in Bert's chalk drawings. Except for this crowd, as they raced indoors to watch The Karate Kid, the next adventure was just beginning.WATCH video on the red-carpet scene at The Karate Kid screening. dallasnews.com/video



Interesting (pre)Review:

Chan kicks old habits with 'Karate Kid'

By Devin Heller - Times Correspondent

His legendary stunts have graced the silver screen from Hong Kong to Hollywood for more than four decades, but Jackie Chan made it clear on Wednesday in Chicago that he plans to break away from his typical stunt heavy status-quo.

He stars as stoic sensei Mr. Han in his latest film "Karate Kid," scheduled for release June 11.

"I want to be a true actor. I want to show the audience that I'm the actor not the action star," Chan said.

Chan darted up and down the street at the AMC River East Theater slapping hundreds of hands alongside the barricaded area of 322 E Illinois St. during the Chicago premiere of "Karate Kid." Turning and throwing his hands toward the sky, Chan was showered with shouts from the packs of children clad in "Karate Kid" t-shirts. As Chan made his way to the red carpet, he left his mark on his fans' promotional garb in bold block letters. By the time Chan had made his rounds, the recognizable etching of JACKIE CHAN was plastered across every chest adjacent to the red carpet.

As fans cheered, Chan outlined his plans to break away from the comedic clichés and over-the-top action that have defined his American movie career with his role in "Karate Kid."

"I'm a totally different Jackie Chan not like in "Rush Hour," "Shanghai Noon" and "The Tuxedo." I want to show I can do everything. I want to be an Asian Robert De Niro."

Chan described his character, Mr. Han, as being a flawed "old man" in contrast to his counterpart from the 1984 original Mr. Miyagi. Alongside Jayden Smith as American transplant in China Dre Parker, Chan chose to present a new generation of moviegoers with his personal interpretation of what a kung-fu master should be. Being that Miyagi is such a classic American character; Chan said he was honored to be given the opportunity to come into his own as Mr. Han.

"It was a lot of pressure. I forget Miyagi and just be Jackie Chan -- it's much easier," Chan said.

Chan cited Will Smith as playing a pivotal role in allowing him to flourish as a dramatic actor.

"I really thank Will Smith for giving me a chance to act. For a long time I want to show the audience I'm not a comedian. I'm not an action star. I'm a true actor. For a long time nobody wanted me to act these kind of roles, but Smith said ‘Jackie, do it!'"



Slideshow with lots of pics of Jackie and everyone in Dallas HERE


And I turned the page and found these after thinking the previous one was the last one to be found ha ha ha - well enjoy - Jackie at the Chicago Cubs Game.

Getting some practice in.

And this is how you do the crane kick?



Please just one more?







Nice slideshow of an assortment of images from The Karate Kid showing in Chicago SOURCE: http://www.chicagonow.com/


Jackie Chan in the recorded song "Blue Sky" Oh, very emotional.

Look very bad, very tired, just off the plane on to the studio, really dedicated.

Big Brother feel to laugh like a child

To face a number of the media, Big Brother's answer was sincere, the media group's visit went very well.

In front of the media laughing so happy to have a few! ! !

The honor of being the Asian Games record and a series of songs to work behind the scenes personnel, in addition to harvest a lot of precious photos, more of a rare heart felt moved, the blue sky is the works of Jackie Chan and Sun Nan, who is paid to do absolutely zero The public welfare undertakings, are also active in place with the most unusual is that Jackie Chan in Shanghai, when I recorded that night and recorded the same night also went to Yushu complete disaster making a donation to see his tired eyes, every spectator who are very distressed, I am a big man nearly two played a motherly love of pity, which was the first time in my life. I do not exaggerate, the mind is a lifetime memorable shock. I will blog in a series of songs for the show you recorded the Asian Games Behind the Scenes with the situation, and the first-hand information and share pictures.



Watch Jackie on Good Morning Texas

Isn't technology just wonderful!

Watch Jackie and Jaden on Good Morning Texas!


The news is finally trickled onto the web in a flood. There is just too much post here so again here are an assortment of links for you to follow. I have already extracted the best of the best to actually post so these links are all the 'other' stuff. Still worth a look in my opinion.







Jackie Chan Picture 5488347

PHOTO: Jackie at the Cubs Game

Found another really nice photo of Jackie throwing the first ball at the Cubs Game


VIDEOS: The Karate Kid (and Jackie) in Chicago

So various little videos of Jackie in Chicago have been hitting the web. Here are the first few I have found for you to enjoy.

I am not sure if the advertising on this next clip shows up on the embedded version. If it does I apologise but I wanted to show it to you anyway.

This one is more of the same but goes for 10 minutes but no adverts LOL!

Hollywoodchicago.com had this short interview with Jackie:

“I really thank Will Smith for giving me a chance to act in this film. For a long time, I’ve wanted to show audiences that I’m not a comedian and I’m not an action star. I’m a true actor. An actor can do everything – just like Robert De Niro. I want to be an Asian Robert De Niro,” Jackie Chan exclusively told HollywoodChicago.com on Wednesday’s red-carpet premiere for the film outside Chicago’s AMC River East movie theater.

Chan says Will Smith has finally brought that out in him: “For a long time, no one has wanted me acting in this kind of role. But Will Smith said: ‘Jackie, do it. Jackie Chan without action? Yes!’”

To read the rest of the interview please follow the link to the site.

And two photos of Jackie pitching at the Cubs game:

SOURCE: ChinaNews.com


PHOTOS: Red Carpet Miami

Jackie, Will and Jaden Smith made an appearance at a special showing of 'The Karate Kid' at the Regal South Beach Monday (May 24) in Miami.

These are the photos of Jackie from Monday - to view the others please follow the link

SOURCE: http://gossiponthis.com

Jackie Visits Beijing Film Academy 2007

A little bit of history here - Jackie was honoured as a Visiting Professor at the Beijing Film Academy in 2007.

You can read about it HERE and HERE <- nice photos of Jackie's expressions while speaking on this second one.

Video - On the Red Carpet in Miami

Wow it looks like Jackie was HOT!


Jackie Chan International Theater Official Opening

Jackie's movie theater in Beijing will officially open on 1 June - there is a mysterious hint that there will be 'special' guests at the opening. I wonder who it could be? I am sure probably Jackie but who else?

LOS ANGELES by international superstar Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Yiu Lai Investment International Studios will be held on June 1 grand trial business. By then, the audience will enjoy the largest low-fare brings five-star Studios gluttonous feast, experience magnificent visual effects, sound experience unparalleled shock.

Jackie Chan Yao-Lay International Film City is located in Wukesong Sports Center north of Hua Xi Yue Mall Shopping Mall 5 layer 6 layer, is the largest area of Beijing has the largest screening rooms with the largest number of seats in the five-star Deluxe Studios. Cinema 17 screening rooms are equipped with imported machines and luxury digital screen digital, audio equipment and acoustic environment over a five-star standard comprehensive.

May 29 to 31, Jackie Chan Yiu Lai International Studios will lead the review has just gone through vast tracts of the audience, showing the "Iron Man 2" , "tame dragon master" 3D, "Du Lala Getting Promoted" , " Ip Man 2 " , "Precious Years" , "Road to Revival" six films. Introduction of ultra-low price of 10 yuan while watching the specified movie, and the combined online media, launching the "say Jackie Chan Jackie Chan movie name or upload movie posters" have a chance to win coupons for free viewing of network activity. With viewing the lucky ticket at the May 29 to 31 within three days of limited time, limited to screening random viewing, so that we see a large free this weekend.

May 29-June 15, Jackie Chan Yiu Lai international studios offering bargain 25 per viewing activities (excluding 3D), membership card can enjoy 5 discount, and Jackie Chan Lai Yiu numerous joint international Studios launched online media as well as bulk purchase free points reflect the activities, with first-class equipment, perfect service, best activities for audiences beyond the imagination of the viewing experience.

Learned, Jackie Chan Yao-Lay International Film City on June 1 business day of fiery trial mysterious guests show up a Film City, please movie lovers attention.

 新浪娱乐讯 由国际巨星成龙投资的Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城将于6月1日盛大试营业。届时,观众将以低票价享受最大规模的五星级影城带来的饕餮盛宴,体验美轮美奂的视觉效果,感受无与伦比的震撼音效。

  Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城坐落于五棵松体育馆北侧的华熙乐茂购物中心5层、6层,是目前北京占地面积最大,拥有放映厅最多,具有最大规模座位数的五星级豪华影城。影城17个放映厅均配备进口数字机以及豪华数字银幕,音响设备和声学环境全面超过五星级标准。

  5月29日至31日,Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城将带领观众重温刚刚走过的大片,放映《钢铁侠2》、《驯龙高手》3D、《杜拉拉升职记》、《叶问2》、《岁月神偷》、《复兴之路》六部影片。同时推出10元超低价格观看指定影片,并且联合网络媒体,开展“说出成龙电影名称或上传成龙电影海报”就有机会赢得免费观影券的网络活动。幸运者凭借观影券于5月29日至31日三天内不限时间,不限场次随意观影,让大家在这个周末免费看大片。

  5月29日至6月15日,Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城推出特惠25元观影活动(不包含3D),办理会员卡更可享受5折优惠,同时Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城联合众多网络媒体陆续推出免费点映以及团购等活动,用一流的设备、完美的服务、最优惠的活动带给观众超乎想象的观影体验。

  据悉,Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城6月1日火热试营业当天更有神秘嘉宾现身影城,敬请电影爱好者的关注。


Jackie and Jaden on Despierta Part 1 & 2

VIDEO link HERE Sadly USA viewers only but I am hoping that it will get to Youtube soon.


Jackie to throw first ball at Chicago Cubs Game

Jackie is scheduled to throw the first ball in the Chicago Cubs / Dodgers game at Wrigley Field in Chicago today (25.05.10)

Local attractions: Jackie Chan, starring in the upcoming movie "The Karate Kid," will throw out the first pitch at the Dodgers/Cubs game Tuesday night at Wrigley Field.


JC Auto Network Report on Yushu

Wow I just seem to be finding an overwhelming flood of interesting links. This is a page of information and links about Yushu and the earthquake. Again I am giving the link to the translated page HERE is the untranslated page for those who would prefer it but the Chinese pages can be challenging to navigate.

3 Rivers Conservation area in Yushu

Beijing Hyundai Donates Computers in Guizhou

I reported on this briefly previously but now while exploring all the links on the JC Auto Network pages I found THIS extensive coverage of the donations of computer equipment to Dragon's Heart Schools in Guizhou. Again there is far too much information to even attempt to reproduce it. Please follow the link (translated) and browse from there.

JC Auto Network helps Deliver Water

I finally got the time to check out the JC Auto Network Site for news on their support of Jackie's outreach to drought victims in Guizhou and Yunnan

There are just simply too many pages of photos and reports to even begin to copy them here so below are just a very selected images. Please follow all the links below to see all the news on JC Auto Network. These people deserve every recognition for giving of their time so generously to drive so far in remote areas to help deliver the water.

Remote villages in mountainous regions are hard to reach.

The team arrives in Yongi

Some of the water donated.

Difficult road conditions

Some happy recipients of the fresh water

Amazing glimpse into another world


HERE is the JC Auto Network Volunteers page which has all the links and information about all the trips delivering water. This is the untranslated PAGE HERE

Some lovely photos of Jackie delivering water HERE and HERE

I think this is my favourite:

Jackie donating items to the school children in Guizhou

Another happy face.

The trip to Indian River, Guizhou is HERE

Even the toll booths in China look fascinating to an outsiders eyes.
Much prettier than any we have here.

Keeping An Eye Out for Student's Eye Health

Zhongguang Wang Urumqi, May 25 (Xinhuanet Dong Hung) on June 6 is the first 15 days of "Love Eyes, Eyes of Love" program on the occasion of the advent of People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region will carry out the youth eye health, as Poor students love activities. 15 poor students will receive laser eye surgery free of charge. Meanwhile, the hospital will also offer students entering college entrance an examination this year. 200 students will receive surgery for myopia at a cost of 500 yuan per student - a total of 100,000 yuan relief.

Visual health concern for young people has become the consensus of all mankind. The World Health Organization survey of myopia is now threatening the health of young people the first visual element. Data shows that the high incidence of myopia among the teenagers, and with the qualifications to improve the trend of increasing year by year. Preventing myopia among students is a difficult task. To protect young people's vision and to prevent juvenile myopia must get the attention of the whole society, so that the community, schools, families, and individuals work together.

Hospital ophthalmology experts, concerned about the health of young people, especially the poor eye health of young people have a duty and obligation. And to ensure the success of laser surgery there are four factors: good equipment selection, good experts, advanced surgical methods and good standards as in the top hospitals. The caring activities for young people Xinjiang, June 1 -15 days, by telephone, Internet and other application methods, the hospital will be based on the actual situation, for the 15 family poverty and deserving students to implement laser surgery.

It is understood that in 2005 People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Shanghai Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Hospital established a collaborative relationship, the hospital has sent Keratopathy, cataract, ocular fundus disease experts to guide Xinjiang. At present, the People's Hospital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region every year to send experts to Hotan, Aksu and other places for the local people to receive eye treatment. It is supported by Lifeline Express, ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital and also the Jackie Chan Charity Eye Center, the World Eye Organization, Xinjiang, and the Dr. Lee Shau Kee Eye Centre.




据了解,2005年开始新疆维吾尔自治区人民医院眼科与上海眼耳鼻喉医院建立了协作关系,该院先后派出角膜病、白内障、眼底病专家来新疆指导。目前,自治区人民医院每年都派专家前往和田、阿克苏等地为当地群众进行“复明医疗”活动。并先后承担“健康快车”、“奥比斯飞行医院”等项目,承担 “成龙”慈善复明康复中心、世界眼科组织新疆李兆基博士眼科中心的工作。


Jackie to Attend London Premier of "The Karate Kid"

Oh and they are looking for a 'Karate Kid' in the UK as well. So if you meet the requirements get those entries in. And if you don't and you are in the UK - Jackie is going to be at the PREMIER!!

To celebrate the July 28 release of The Karate Kid, starring Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan, Sony Pictures UK today announced the launch of a nationwide search for the UK Karate Kid. Sony Pictures UK is running the search in association with the English Karate Federation and Shine who both share the ethos of The Karate Kid and encourage talent in young people.

Competitors take part by visiting www.facebook.com/KarateKidUK and uploading a 60-90 second video clip of themselves performing a karate routine and 300 words explaining why they should be the UK Karate Kid. The entry phase of the competition is open now and runs until Sunday, June 20. The second phase of the competition will start on Thursday, June 24 when a shortlist of 10 competitors will be up for public vote via the Facebook page. The 3 finalists will be announced on Thursday, July 8 with the UK Karate Kid being announced the week of the UK Film Premiere.

Entrants have a chance to win a cash prize for their karate club, youth/sports organization or school plus the chance to win tickets to the star-studded UK Film Premiere of The Karate Kid on Thursday, July 15, attended by Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan.



Two new clips from the movie have just been released. The one is the extended version of "That's Nasty" and the other is an example of Jackie training Jaden in "Your Focus needs Focus".



The Karate Kid screening at Regal South Beach on May 24, 2010 in Miami, Florida