Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Jackie Chan International Theater Official Opening

Jackie's movie theater in Beijing will officially open on 1 June - there is a mysterious hint that there will be 'special' guests at the opening. I wonder who it could be? I am sure probably Jackie but who else?

LOS ANGELES by international superstar Jackie Chan Jackie Chan Yiu Lai Investment International Studios will be held on June 1 grand trial business. By then, the audience will enjoy the largest low-fare brings five-star Studios gluttonous feast, experience magnificent visual effects, sound experience unparalleled shock.

Jackie Chan Yao-Lay International Film City is located in Wukesong Sports Center north of Hua Xi Yue Mall Shopping Mall 5 layer 6 layer, is the largest area of Beijing has the largest screening rooms with the largest number of seats in the five-star Deluxe Studios. Cinema 17 screening rooms are equipped with imported machines and luxury digital screen digital, audio equipment and acoustic environment over a five-star standard comprehensive.

May 29 to 31, Jackie Chan Yiu Lai International Studios will lead the review has just gone through vast tracts of the audience, showing the "Iron Man 2" , "tame dragon master" 3D, "Du Lala Getting Promoted" , " Ip Man 2 " , "Precious Years" , "Road to Revival" six films. Introduction of ultra-low price of 10 yuan while watching the specified movie, and the combined online media, launching the "say Jackie Chan Jackie Chan movie name or upload movie posters" have a chance to win coupons for free viewing of network activity. With viewing the lucky ticket at the May 29 to 31 within three days of limited time, limited to screening random viewing, so that we see a large free this weekend.

May 29-June 15, Jackie Chan Yiu Lai international studios offering bargain 25 per viewing activities (excluding 3D), membership card can enjoy 5 discount, and Jackie Chan Lai Yiu numerous joint international Studios launched online media as well as bulk purchase free points reflect the activities, with first-class equipment, perfect service, best activities for audiences beyond the imagination of the viewing experience.

Learned, Jackie Chan Yao-Lay International Film City on June 1 business day of fiery trial mysterious guests show up a Film City, please movie lovers attention.

 新浪娱乐讯 由国际巨星成龙投资的Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城将于6月1日盛大试营业。届时,观众将以低票价享受最大规模的五星级影城带来的饕餮盛宴,体验美轮美奂的视觉效果,感受无与伦比的震撼音效。

  Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城坐落于五棵松体育馆北侧的华熙乐茂购物中心5层、6层,是目前北京占地面积最大,拥有放映厅最多,具有最大规模座位数的五星级豪华影城。影城17个放映厅均配备进口数字机以及豪华数字银幕,音响设备和声学环境全面超过五星级标准。

  5月29日至31日,Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城将带领观众重温刚刚走过的大片,放映《钢铁侠2》、《驯龙高手》3D、《杜拉拉升职记》、《叶问2》、《岁月神偷》、《复兴之路》六部影片。同时推出10元超低价格观看指定影片,并且联合网络媒体,开展“说出成龙电影名称或上传成龙电影海报”就有机会赢得免费观影券的网络活动。幸运者凭借观影券于5月29日至31日三天内不限时间,不限场次随意观影,让大家在这个周末免费看大片。

  5月29日至6月15日,Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城推出特惠25元观影活动(不包含3D),办理会员卡更可享受5折优惠,同时Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城联合众多网络媒体陆续推出免费点映以及团购等活动,用一流的设备、完美的服务、最优惠的活动带给观众超乎想象的观影体验。

  据悉,Jackie Chan耀莱国际影城6月1日火热试营业当天更有神秘嘉宾现身影城,敬请电影爱好者的关注。



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