Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dragon's Heart Theme Song

Touched by the kindness of Jackie during the recording process for 'Blue Sky' Sun Nan created a special gift for Jackie by composing a song with Li Jie - 'Dragon's Heart' The song was recorded by the New Seven Little Fortunes and will be used as the theme song for the Dragon's Heart Foundation.
Seven Little Fortunes sings the new "Dragon Heart"

(Reporter Zhu Yaqing) last night and Jackie Chan's Kung Fu Combination Seven Little Fortunes in Beijing, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation to record the theme song of "Dragon heart." The song composed by the music and served as production of Li Jie, Sun Nan gave Jackie Chan is also a special gift.

Sun Nan and Jackie Chan together before Asian Games record for the public good song "Blue Sky." Throughout the process of cooperation the two, shows appreciation of Jackie Chan's vocals in praise of the Sun Nan, Sun Nan were touched by the kindness of Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan invited Li Jie for the creation of the "Dragon Heart", Sun Nan, I recorded a demo. Chan expressed the song on the road in the public hot pure heart, as Chan Charitable Foundation's theme song.

Recording process, Li Jie encourage new members of Seven Little Fortunes not scruple tune on a small defect, "to find out effort on the line to the sense of children." For the performance of the new Seven Little Fortunes, Li Jie greatly appreciated: "Kung Fu is not only good song to sing well."






Jackie also commented on the song on T.SINA.COM.CN/JACKIECHAN

Sun Nan and Li Jie specialized writing a song for me "Dragon Heart". Sun Nan sang the sample personally to me, this song really sounds good, catchy. Hey, the disciples to sing it. Little Fortunes have to record today, and they are really lucky, Li Jie them personally monitor, the top country music, but people who yo, small blessing to refuel it. There are so many investors are expecting you to help you, be sure to properly thank you



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