Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Celebs Create Totes for Charity

Hollywood Stars Design Custom Tote Bags for Charitable Cause

Hollywood stars love getting involved in a great cause and when Coach came up with the idea of the "Star Totes" everyone wanted to get involved. In honor of Coach opening 15 stores around China with the flagship store in Shanghai, Hollywood stars were given a chance of a lifetime -- take a blank canvas and turn it into anything you want! Kristen Stewart took her blank canvas and turned it into a face with her signature, Cameron Diaz made hers into a shopping bag, and Ryan Gosling turned his into a work of art.

Twilight made Kristen Stewart a household name and her dating life made her a tabloid darling; now she can add handbag designer to her never-ending list of credits. The dark haired beauty teamed up with Coach to design her own tote to help promote the opening of the Shanghai, China flagship store.

Along with famed Asian stars, Coach invited a slew of Hollywood celebrities including James Franco, Eva Longoria, Cameron Diaz, Ryan Gosling, Jennifer Aniston, and many others. Each star was given a blank tote and was asked to create their own handbag. All of these bags are up for auction on the Coach China website and will go to the highest bidder. (Note that the prices are in Yuan.)

The female stars really brought their creative power to the table, while the men -- well, let's just say we don't see Coach picking up a line of Fred Flintstone handbags like Treat Williams designed. Proceeds from the sale of these Coach handbags will go to the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation which offers scholarships to the youth in Hong Kong.

The Coach "Star Tote" auction began on April 21st and will run through May 13th. Thanks to Henry, our amazing translator, we found out that this auction is open to everyone, not just those living in China. The only snafu is that in order to place a bid, you must dial 400-88-99663 which is a phone number in Mandarin, China. The totes are roughly going for around $500 a piece, which is not bad considering the Coach Julia Canvas goes for $300. Happy Bidding!
SOURCE: http://news.popstar.com/Article/1845



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