Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jackie at 2010 World Chinese Yan Festival

Jackie will light the flame and sing 'Guo Jia' (Nation) at the opening ceremony for the 2010 World Chinese Yan Festival. The Yan Emperor is regarded by many as the origin of the Chinese Nation (Yan Emperor - Wikipedia). He was was succeeded by the more well known Huangdi (Yellow Emperor). Suzhou is his birthplace which is where the festival will be held. Representatives from all over the world will attend the ceremony to be held on June 8th 2010. The world largest statue of Yandi will also be unveiled at the ceremony.

Suzhou is also a very beautiful city known as the 'Venice of China' for it's network of canals. HERE are some images of Suzhou from the official website.

May 20, 2009 from the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, more than 30 countries and regions, representatives of overseas Chinese in Hubei Suizhou jointly paid respects to the Chinese nation began Zuyan Di Shen Nong. The picture shows the statue of Emperor Yan and guests visited the photo.

2009年5月20日,来自美国、加拿大、香港、澳门、台湾等30多个国家和地区的华侨华人代表,在湖北随州市共同拜谒了中华民族的始祖炎帝神农。图为来宾参观炎帝神农雕像并合影。 中新社发 张畅 摄

China news agency, Wuhan, May 18 (Reporter Yi Qiping) - 18 Hubei Provincial Government held a press conference announced by the Hubei provincial government sponsored the 2010 World Chinese Yan Hometown Roots Festival will be June 8, held in Suizhou .

Deputy Governor of Hubei Province, said Tian Chengzhong, Roots Festival is an important carrier of Chinese at home and abroad rally. Identify ancestral roots is the traditional Chinese virtues. The Roots Festival theme of "China the same root, Wo Hop world." Include Roots Festival Opening Ceremony GY ceremony on paid respects to the beginning Zuyan Di Shen Nong, Yan famous cultural forum of cultural tourism products Shennong Promotion, Suizhou China trade talks, the World Association of Hubei native place of Emperor Yan Bai Zu line, Temple of Emperor Yan and other cultural Much of the content.

And roots festival first held last year compared to this year's Roots festival more ambitious scale, a higher level, highlights are more: more than 20,000 overseas Chinese in all walks of life at home and abroad were invited to participate in, cultural scholars Yu, Xiong Zhao political writers will be vertical On the Yan Emperor Shen Nong culture, international superstar Jackie Chan will light the flame and the song "country", the ceremony will serve as the main actor Bao Guoan enshrined officer, singer Yang Hongji Roots Festival will be singing the theme song, "Yan Da Ge", scholars will also be easy to transit Comments connection on live TV.

According to reports, June 8 (Lunar New Year on April 26), the world's highest statue of Emperor Yan in the opening day of prayer shrine. The statue is located 113 meters above sea level mountain seventh column 9, with distant sea Shennong hall. Statue to Chinese-American week of Wang Qiao Hua Gang Museum, with large amount of money from the United States purchased the portrait of Emperor Yan (Qing dynasty painter Cheng-Yan works, the possession of the Imperial Palace in Beijing, after eight-stealing) as the blueprint for its construction funds raised abroad.

Hubei Suizhou is the birthplace of Emperor Yan. Folk legend, the Chinese on April 26 as the birthday anniversary of Emperor Yan. Suizhou are held each year in this time of grand celebration, cherish the memory of Chinese ancestor.

中新社武汉5月18日电 (记者 艾启平)湖北省政府18日召开新闻发布会宣布,由湖北省政府主办的2010年世界华人炎帝故里寻根节将于6月8日在随州市举行。







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