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Launch Ceremony for 'Blue Sky' Asian Games Theme Song

Today the theme song for the Asian Games 'Blue Sky' was launched in Guangzhou at the Zhongshan University. Jackie and Sun Nan sang the full orchestra version of the song. Other versions include solo versions and a version with the New Seven Little Fortunes. Jackie said that singing the song was a challenge to him (and in other news mentioned that it has taken several attempts to get the song right) but that he really wanted to work with Sun Nan. Jackie and Sun Nan recorded their parts of the song separately so as not to influence each other however though they had to lower the pitch of the song to accommodate Jackie's lower range.

It was raining heavily during the ceremony but that did not deter either the artistes or the audience. Jackie and Sun Nan led the audience (mainly university students) in the 'Blue Sky' pledge to work for peace and then sang the song. Jackie then led a group of children singing the nursery version of the song. One part of the song is sung by 2 children and Jackie and Sun Nan shielded them from the rain with their hands. Unfortunately there are as yet no photos available. I will of course post as soon as they become available.

There are a few behind the scenes photos of Jackie and Lucky Seven on Twitter HERE and HERE.

163.com has a special Asian Games site HERE

and you can listen to the song HERE

If this link doesn't work try THIS <- thank you for finding this for me :) u know who you are!

Asian Games song "Blue Sky" Jackie Chan Sun Nan went to the site starting momentum

Da Yang hearing on May 18 reported the Third Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, songs and music offer completion of the first work, "Blue Sky" 18 Yongfang Sun Yat-sen Hall in the afternoon held a grand launching ceremony. Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, Deputy Secretary-General Xu Ruisheng, Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee Minister of celebrations and cultural activities, leadership, etc. He Jiqing guests attended the launching ceremony, the "Blue Sky" the lead singer Jackie Chan, Sun Nan were also at the rally site for the new song, cause hundreds of-site college students in hot pursuit.

This is the first in October last year, had completed the song's lyrics and songs created by the Asian Games, has Jackie Chan in person during the period with a sample to the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee sought the views of, and after China and the ROK's were up to four months of the arranger and carefully orchestrated, the final version of the symphony and Ding Ning Wang Gang popular version.

It is understood that six versions of the song will be released to meet the all round view of public appreciation and hearing. On a track so carefully to build and packaging of all major sports events and also is a first.

It is worth mentioning that in April due in Shanghai in preparation for shooting the song and recorded the song when the earthquake Yushu in Qinghai Province, the so-called "Great Love", "blue sky" This is the first line calls for peace, calling people harmony between people and build a beautiful homeland song was given a greater mission, not only the lead singer officer Chan, Nan Sun in the recording is completed quickly rushed to the disaster relief work involved in this first Asian Games song "Blue Sky" may raise a massive "Action Blue Sky", a famous painter in Guangdong 100 and 100 foreign students to paint the blue sky as the theme for a charity fund-raising Yushu affected areas, so the Asian Games song "Blue Sky" the launching ceremony on Jackie Chan, Sun Nan, the new Seven Little Fortunes and Guangzhou military region not only the blue sky nursery Boys Choir singing "Blue Sky" in English Experimental School in Guangzhou, China and the US album will be a large "blue sky" gift Jackie Chan, Sun Nan and Asian Games Organizing Committee Deputy Secretary-General Xu Ruisheng, and requested Xu Ruisheng on behalf of the OCA referred to the permanent collection.

亚运歌曲《蓝天》首发 成龙孙楠亲临现场造势

大洋网讯 5月18日报道 第三届广州2010亚运会歌曲和音乐邀约活动完成的第一部作品《蓝天》于18日下午在中山大学永芳堂举行了盛大的首发仪式。广州亚组委副秘书长许瑞生、广州亚组委庆典和文化活动部部长何继青等领导嘉宾出席了首发仪式,《蓝天》的主唱成龙、孙楠也亲临现场为新歌造势,引发现场数百位大学生的热烈追捧。





Asian Games song "Blue Sky" launching ceremony held at Zhongshan University in Guangzhou

Zhongguang Wang Guangzhou, May 18 (Xinhuanet Dengze Yu He Weiqi), according to Voice of China "CNR news" 15:20 reported today (18) afternoon, the 16th Asian Games Organizing Committee held at Zhongshan University in Guangzhou the Asian Games song "Blue Sky" release ceremony, officially released to the public at the third Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games, activities, songs and music offer the first complete works of "blue sky." Activities, together with Jackie Chan and Sun Nan from Guangzhou "Blue Sky Kindergarten" Asian children sang in unison the song "Blue Sky."

Today (18) at 3 pm, the 16th Asian Games Organizing Committee held the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Zhongshan University, the song "Blue Sky" release ceremony. In the afternoon, had the weather is sunny, but after the start in this event, the sky Buzuo Mei played under heavy rain, but the audience of spectators, including Jackie Chan and Sun Nan are still very dedicated to performing on stage finished the song. Site full of warm tenderness there peaceful atmosphere. In the process shown singing on "blue sky" peace, the pursuit of the spirit of the Asian Games. In the ceremony, the "Blue Sky" singer Jackie Chan and Sun Nan sang the course of two in the special care these children, giving them hands to block the rain. Guangzhou Asian Games not only promote the harmonious transfer, passionate ideas, then Deputy Secretary-General Xu Ruisheng Asian Games Organizing Committee announced that the Asian Games song "Blue Sky" official starter.

Asian Games song "Blue Sky" by Jackie Chan, Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee for the company to be invited, specifically tailor-made for the Jackie Chan and Sun Nan, to create songs. When the "Blue Sky" into the creation stage arranged to meet the stringent requirements of the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, invited domestic and foreign producers in the arrangement of the five famous people, on the "blue sky" had a re-creation process. Today, live performances by two singers double choral symphony-style version of "Blue Sky" by the China Symphony Orchestra, recorded in April in Shanghai completed. Hui-song melody only shown the characteristics of the atmosphere without losing the gentle beauty of the style.

In the field for the first time we have just heard the song. First half of the songs slow, deep, and in recounting memories and imagination of good wishes, half of the high number of songs. Chan told reporters before the event, singing the song of the soprano part, and he is a big challenge, he is heart and truth to sing "Blue Sky" and sought to break through. Sun Nan are led by the two perfect match before making the final recording of the song a smooth completion.

It is understood that "blue sky" there are many versions, as we heard today is the symphony's version, as well as popular version, there are double chorus version, solo version and the new version of Seven Little Fortunes.


  中广网广州5月18日消息(记者邓泽宇 何伟奇)据中国之声《央广新闻》15时20分报道,今天(18日)下午,第16届亚运会组委会在广州中山大学举办了亚运歌曲《蓝天》的发布仪式,正式向公众发布了在第三届广州2010亚运歌曲和音乐邀约活动中完成的第一部作品《蓝天》。活动上,成龙和孙楠一起与来自广州“蓝天幼儿园”的小朋友齐声演唱了亚运歌曲《蓝天》。

  今天(18日)下午3时,第16届亚运会组委会在广州中山大学举办了亚运歌曲《蓝天》的发布仪式。在今天下午本来天气是阳光明媚的,但是就在这个活动开始之后,天空不作美下起了大雨,但是全场的观众包括成龙和孙楠依然非常敬业的在舞台上表演完了这首歌曲。现场充满了暖暖的温情,还有和平的气氛。在唱歌的过程中表现出了对《蓝天》和平、亚运精神的追求。在仪式上《蓝天》的演唱者成龙和孙楠两人在唱歌的过程中特别照顾这群小朋友,给他们用手挡挡雨。既传递广州亚运会宣扬的和谐、激情理念,随后亚组委副秘书长许瑞生宣布亚运歌曲《蓝天 》正式首发。




  热搜词:巴拉克 无缘 世界杯泰国局势房地产调控 乐Phone手机世界博物馆日



NetEase reported entertainment May 18 at 3 pm today, the Asian Games in Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing the song "Blue Sky" release ceremony, Deputy Secretary-General Xu Ruisheng Asian Games Organizing Committee officially announced the 2010 Asian Games songs first work, "Blue Sky" starts, and authorized NetEase exclusive Asian Games starting.

Asian world exclusive debut of NetEase

2010 Asian Games as a partner, NetEase, Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee was authorized by the Asian Games, the world exclusive debut of the 2010 Asian Games, the first song "Blue Sky." NetEase users can provide broad connectivity, access to both enjoy the song has a beautiful atmosphere of "blue sky."

"Blue Sky" setting body for making Jackie Chan Sun Nan

Asian Games song "Blue Sky" by Jackie Chan the company should be invited by the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, dedicated to Jackie Chan and Sun Nan tailor-made to create the songs, and this is Jackie Chan's desire for many years. October 2009 "Blue Sky" has completed word, song creation. It is reported that, in order to meet the stringent requirements of the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, invited domestic and foreign producers in the arrangement of the five famous people, on the "blue sky" had a re-creation process.

Chan said that singing the song of the treble part, he is a big challenge, he is heart and truth to sing "Blue Sky" and sought to break through. He and Sun Nan is also the perfect match, that makes this song the smooth completion of the final recording, show in public.

It is reported that "blue sky" of popular songs recorded version has also been completed and will then be gradually introduced two versions were double chorus and solo works for the audience choice. Multi-version and multi-Style Asian Games songs introduced to meet the needs of the audience at different levels to achieve better publicity purposes Asian Games in Guangzhou. This is also the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee in China Singing with a variety of major events in a first.

At the launch, Chan and Sun Nan led the students to read out on behalf of the common "blue sky Declaration," expressing young people's pursuit of world peace, one family's wish, not only pass the Guangzhou Asian Games to promote harmony, passion, philosophy, and also represents the all the people of Guangzhou and the Chinese people's hearts and the good wishes of the Guangzhou Asian Games. Later, Jackie Chan, Sun Nan with a group of nursery children sang the Asian Games song "Blue Sky."

网易娱乐5月18日报道 今天下午3点,广州亚组委举办亚运歌曲《蓝天》的发布仪式,亚组委副秘书长许瑞生正式宣布2010亚运歌曲首部作品《蓝天》首发,并授权网易亚运独家首发。










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