Wednesday, May 19, 2010

More 'Blue Sky' Launch News

Jackie's brief outline of his movements in the next few weeks got me all excited. He mentioned CHICAGO - does that mean Oprah? With Will Smith et al just having been on to promote The Karate Kid the possibility does indeed exist especially as the Smith's are the "First Family" of Hollywood. You can truly say you have ARRIVED when you get on Oprah - YAY JACKIE!!!!

Yesterday afternoon, the 16th Asian Games Organizing Committee held the Asian Games in Guangzhou, Zhongshan University, the song "Blue Sky" release ceremony, when Jackie Chan, Sun Nan sang on stage with the children singing the song, the Tu Yu torrential downpours. Everyone together in the rain over and over this song, and the scene moving.

We willing to do "drowned rat"

Yesterday's event started deliberately 30 minutes early, did not expect heavy rain came just in time. The original plan, led by the Jackie Chan and Sun Nan representatives of students and pupils read the "Declaration of the blue sky" and flying dozens of caged dove symbolizes peace activities had to be suspended. Currently playing music in the big rain in the ring, the "New Seven Little Fortunes," the five members was wearing a white angel with 10 kindergarten children Maozhaotaiyu installed in the stage, followed by Jackie Chan and Sun Nan are the rain on stage. Song over and over, children face makeup are all based out, but they are still happily hopped on the stage. Jackie Chan and Sun Nan were soaked hair attached to the forehead, but did not forget to greet the children exit "to be careful."

Thanks to Ken Sun Nan "accommodate"

Asian Games song "Blue Sky" by Jackie Chan's company should be invited by the Guangzhou Asian Games Organizing Committee, specifically tailored Jackie Chan and Sun Nan songs. Chan said modestly, Sun Nan started to ask him, song is also the first recorded by the Sun Nan, Sun Nan and then he listened to the demo to recording. "I do not Dare recorded with him, particularly soprano part. Fortunately, Sun Nan initiative to try to please me, taught me how to down a few notes sing. Of course, if a shooting, I would accommodate him, ha ha!" Learned that the "blue sky" will to symphonic version and pop version of two different styles to present. Sun Nan and Jackie Chan in addition to recording choral version, will each launch a solo version. Songs by the China Symphony Orchestra, the whole song without losing the gentle atmosphere both grand and beautiful.

Too busy to have "not people"

From the Olympics to the World Expo, to the forthcoming Asian Games, Chan said he, "too busy to look like a human." Asked his recent schedule, he sighed to a few out of 78 places: "I fly twice within five days Yushu, two Yunnan, Guizhou still today in Guangzhou, Hong Kong tomorrow, and then the U.S. , Chicago, ... ... is publicity about cooperation, chat script, shoot MV ... ... Last night was also a meeting open until midnight. I really involuntarily, although busy has been very upset, but time does not go to another not, may To sleep in a coffin before they can break it. "

Chan said the shops now face is too wide, in addition to acting, singing, doing public service these things, he had car nets, clothing, food, and many other line when. "Some things I might do, can do ... ..." Facing the press on "what you had to do it because there are too many people rely on you only have food to eat", the Jackie Chan some slight hesitation, then a rather mixed feelings said: "I am not a movie to do something," Zodiac "got to start shooting this year, will be officially launched in 2012."

(Reprinted with permission Please specify the source, "Yangcheng Evening News")

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There is video of the event HERE on SINA.COM

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