Friday, May 14, 2010

Jackie Visits Expo Briefly


Last night, the Expo Hall Enterprise Park in Puxi, the emergence of Jackie makes visitors a scream, Chan quickly plug the ears. Post reporter Liu Zhe line graph

When the noise gradually dispersed during the day between sunset, when the obscurity of the night slowly enveloped the time of the Expo Site, a different kind of beauty is about to begin.

Less than 10 points last night, Ambassador Jackie Chan Expo with almost 10 creative team here especially Interview Expo Puxi Area, hurriedly visited the Space Museum to their homes, oil Hall, National Grid Center, Coca-Cola Museum and the Museum of Japanese industry after the , Jackie Chan laments, "Expo's night effect extremely shocked." If the World Expo to be here after the shooting, which also is a commemoration of the Shanghai World Expo.

Yesterday, something more to say Jackie was also envisaged that the next must come Puxi Expo Area savor.

Shumenshulu visit Puxi Park

Jackie Chan has not yet appeared, many hardcore fans heard this come on, which even a blond-haired fans. Around 9:30 last night, three German boy excitedly ran to the Space Center in front of their homes in the months. "We love Jackie Chan!" Voice hardly ever, they have been knocked out of an exhibition hall full of seal "Expo passport", and look forward to it expressed the hope that Chan will autograph the passport.

Last night, less than 10, the Expo Ambassador Chan has finally appeared, although the first visit to Expo Puxi Area, but as ambassador, he has Shumenshulu ground and looked around. "This visit World Expo site at night, deliberately chose the most want to see is all the appearance of bright exhibition hall, did not think was very exciting."

Amazed amazed at the way Jackie Chan is the first leg last night, the Space Museum to their homes, under the leadership of the director, Chan started a space journey, space walk into the display area when he unconsciously slow down and feel the body on the scene of the spaceship journey, the moon and other space travel trip. When you see the lunar rover model, Chan Xiao Hehe said, "In the future people may be able to go to space to watch see." For this way of life, Chan is also looking forward to endless.

The upside to the oil museum before the family room, Jackie Chan has suddenly come to the spirits, hand touched the corner of the table. Instructors tried to give him the side of the item description the significance of this development and said that in this space are all things that can not avoid the oil. Later, Jackie Chan has been a full picture of the image space to attract, arc-shaped wall was covered with photographs, exhibition center and a gradient of the cone device, gorgeous setting to get him amazed.

Into the national grid will be plunged into the dark hall space, only the current of light flashed from the eyes. Science fiction scene with colors so to get him stopped. Of course, the exhibition hall in the main event, "Box" can not be missed, although the lateness of the hour, but Jackie Chan is still into the "Box" in the feeling of a "spinning." In addition, Coca-Cola Museum rosy appearance can not help but let Jackie Chan shines in his work under the guidance of playing a "special Shuang Xi ice", open the bottle a shake, liquid carbon dioxide and frozen reaction occurred between the physical, automatic ice Jackie Chan flew to drink after a delicious frozen drink. Experience the life of a small pavilion Puxi the wisdom, Chan amazed.

Finally, Jackie Chan visited with great interest the Japanese corporate pavilions, watched a film about integration of traditional Japanese culture and Japanese popular culture, film, full of praise.

Have time to visit the Expo redistribution

Hurried tour of the Expo, Chan is enough, he smiled and said, if they have ample
ime to visit, be sure to visit the development of targeted plans. "Pudong Area of the National Museum all wonderful, practice area in Puxi is the city's original exposition, which are not to be missed." Chan said savor Expo Expo can deepen insights and understanding, then I can introduce more people to the Expo.

昨晚,世博园浦西园区企业馆,成龙的出现引得游客一片尖叫,成龙急忙堵上了耳朵。早报记者 刘行喆 图





  成龙还未现身,不少铁杆粉丝就闻声而来,其中甚至还有金发碧眼的外国影迷。昨晚9点30分左右,3位来自德国的男孩就兴冲冲地跑到太空家园馆门前蹲点。“我们非常喜欢Jackie Chan !”话音未落,他们又拿出了一本已经敲满展馆印章的“世博护照”,并满心期待地表示希望成龙能够在护照上签名留念。










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