Friday, May 7, 2010

Jackie to Make Little Big Soldier TV Series.

Following "The Myth", Jackie Chan has a movie, "Little Big Soldier" will be adapted into a TV series. Reporter noted, "Little Big Soldier" by Wang Hai, a Shanghai film company bought the TV adaptation of cultural rights, the company boss Zhang said there is still a drama script last modified, for the second half of filming, Jackie Chan plays the male lead candidates , then the preferred Wangbao Jiang.

For worried remake of "Little Big Soldier" effect, Zhang said do not worry, "Jackie Chan's original idea is very good, the movie does not want to do, he done a great great generals, he demanded to return to their village, the villagers free military service; while farmers lovely characterization, not only the essence of the film, television will be the most attractive place. "

Zhang said that they wanted to film Jackie Chan "Little Big Soldier" TV series, the very readily sell the television rights, and to all copyright income donated public funds, "Not only that, Jackie Chan is also interested in his personal past adapted into a TV movie works. " Jackie Chan in "Little Big Soldier" in the license agreement and not too many requirements, in addition to make reservations as far as possible the original spirit of hope, not a commercial element too many things, as the TV series version of "Little Big Soldier" produced by the Jackie Chan is not forgot to cultivate the "New Seven Little Fortunes" I hope they have the opportunity to participating in the TV version.

As to whether I will continue to star in Jackie Chan, the producers said they are actively fighting for, "We certainly hope that Big Brother can be involved, but his next movie and the public welfare is also very busy." In fact, the producers preferred candidate is Wang Baoqiang starring, in addition to the image is suitable, he could have the opportunity to play displaying a Shaolin Kung Fu. However, the press call yesterday, Miss Dong Wang Baoqiang broker, she said he has not heard of it.







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