Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Deng Wei, "Chinese" photo exhibition

Tsinghua University, famous photographer, Deng Wei, "Chinese" photo exhibition, from May 1, 2010 -10 31 public participation in the Shanghai World Expo Hall organized. The exhibition is organized by the China Federation of Literature, Shanghai Office of Spiritual Civilization Construction Commission contractors. The exhibition features, Ai Qing, esthetician Guangqian, artist watching the mountains, cultural figures and scholars Qian portrait of the older generation, and the architect IM Pei, physicist Chen Ning Yang, Song Yushui national model, athlete Yao Ming, actor Jackie Chan, calligrapher Ouyang, astronaut Yang Liwei, scientists Yuan Longping, Zhong Nanshan, medical experts and other portraits.

Deng 70s from the 20th century began shooting feature of Chinese culture celebrities, created a new era set a precedent for China's celebrity portrait photography. 1990-1997 completed the world famous Universal feature film, hailed as "the world's pioneering history of photography", in the shadow of 30 years from his mother to walk the world is heart never ceased to care for their countrymen and shooting.

"Chinese people" by Deng unique perspective, recorded 30 years of China's reform and opening up, the industry representative character of the spirit. Deng as a social conscience and sense of historical responsibility of intellectuals, by virtue of sincerity in art, photography precious historical value, with celebrity portraits. He did all this time has been recognized as a milestone in the history of photography can not be copied. Today, we once again see the portrait of a work, not only to be struck by the classic art of moments, we were passed to the research literature and history of precipitation.

Deng talked about his feelings about the creation of these years, said: "To complete a study on the practice of professional disciplines, especially in portrait photography can reveal the inner character of perception, more people moved to work, is not easy. need to exhaust the efforts of his life, perhaps we can do. My portrait photography teacher learning and practice to appreciate from a grateful return to the society with more than 30 years, life has proved difficult to complete a goal and difficulties, but I am still happy In this road, and to share between mirror bit. "

The display at the EXPO, the world made in understanding the scientific and technological achievements of China, but also can experience the creation of these spiritual and material civilization of contemporary Chinese style, he captures the wonderful look of rich glittering moment, mining and reveal the inner world of characters. He works together with ideological, cultural, academic strength, and share them with Chinese and foreign audience moved and inspired. He opened the world to understand China's unique art of the door.

The same name album "Chinese" public offering during the Expo.

Deng Resume

Deng, photographer, professor at Tsinghua University, the Royal Photographic Society Honorary Senior Fellow.

Born in Beijing in 1959. 1982, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy. In 1980 -1985 the completion of China's first celebrity shoot portrait pictures. Universal film in 1990 -1,997 world famous theme.

China has won photography awards, the Hong Kong Film Awards, Greece "Sophie" Award.

Published major works include: "record figure of Chinese Culture", "Deng in the eyes of the world famous", "Deng Diary", "Deng Weiwen Collection", "eight", "Deng see the world," "Wind from China "," 50 face "," Selected Works of Deng photography "," to study painting in mind, "" instant style "," donation of works of Art Museum of China Deng, "" Aegean Sun "," chasing the sun light and shadow, "" Peking Man "," Chinese people. "

In China, the United States, Britain, the United Nations exhibitions. Several works by Chinese and foreign National Gallery, museums, libraries collection.


邓伟从20世纪70年代开始拍摄中国文化名人专题,开创了新时期中国名人肖像摄影的先河。 1990-1997年环球拍摄完成了世界名人专题,被誉为“世界摄影史上的创举”,在从影的30年中他行走世界却心系祖国,从未间断过对同胞的关注与拍摄。












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