Tuesday, May 25, 2010

JC Auto Network helps Deliver Water

I finally got the time to check out the JC Auto Network Site for news on their support of Jackie's outreach to drought victims in Guizhou and Yunnan

There are just simply too many pages of photos and reports to even begin to copy them here so below are just a very selected images. Please follow all the links below to see all the news on JC Auto Network. These people deserve every recognition for giving of their time so generously to drive so far in remote areas to help deliver the water.

Remote villages in mountainous regions are hard to reach.

The team arrives in Yongi

Some of the water donated.

Difficult road conditions

Some happy recipients of the fresh water

Amazing glimpse into another world


HERE is the JC Auto Network Volunteers page which has all the links and information about all the trips delivering water. This is the untranslated PAGE HERE

Some lovely photos of Jackie delivering water HERE and HERE

I think this is my favourite:

Jackie donating items to the school children in Guizhou

Another happy face.

The trip to Indian River, Guizhou is HERE

Even the toll booths in China look fascinating to an outsiders eyes.
Much prettier than any we have here.


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