Sunday, May 9, 2010

AOG3 delayed again!

Ok so according to this Jackie would like to apply to film some scenes for AOG3 on the Expo site before it's demolished but because of some issues with some aspects of filming not being in place yet filming has been delayed yet again until September of this year.

Shanghai World Expo as the ambassador, Jackie Chan addition to participating in the opening ceremony of the Expo, but also plans for World Expo venues income his new film "12 Lunar New Year," the shot. Yesterday came to Shanghai to record "congregated in large variety of Chinese Expo", the Jackie Chan told reporters that he traveled to Shanghai last few days looking around the scene, because the films "85% will start in Shanghai."

In order to find shooting scenes video, this time around Chan traveled to Shanghai, claiming to be "the place to go even more than you the people of Shanghai", Shanghai will use the standard words of the "Shanghai is incredible," "Now the Environmental Protection strong sense, I see a lot of buildings next to the Shanghai have been planted with trees, unfortunately too few of these trees, those buildings set off in thick trees in the scene, I had to go abroad to do a series of. " As the Environmental Protection Ambassador, Jackie Chan said he attaches great importance to environmental protection when shooting, "the first condition is taken to maintain a clean site, no spam, these are not specifically asked me to my staff was." GI Kids "have the filming site for the protection of well, also boasts never seen such a clean crew. " Sometimes, even if their garbage is not thrown, and Jackie Chan will take the initiative to sweep clean, and that civilization through the media calls the driver to drive, "Please do not throw cigarette butts into the street, water bottle, I see this scene, really Renghui want these things to his car. "

In addition to Songjiang, Fengxian and other places, the Jackie Chan was also aimed at the Expo venue, "We spent so much money made in the Museum, the Expo will be demolished after the end of words too wasteful, so I would like to apply through the filming of several museum." However, despite their image as the Expo, Ambassador, Jackie Chan still has no chance to enter the Expo site visit, "Look can not, I went to where the audience will be surrounded by closed when I go. I received daily to call friends, some want to tickets, some think I take him to visit the World Expo site, but I promise a no, but afraid to go on as long as the promise of a ticket --- in fact, I did not, my ambassador is 1:00 privileges not. "

As the scenes, special effects team and various other factors not yet in place, Jackie Chan preparation of 6-year-old "12 Lunar New Year" from the original start time was delayed until February of this year was in September. This is his 100th film, is "the last of large-scale action movie." Jackie Chan plays Jack, the story to find the Yuanmingyuan 12 zodiac animals in the separated first clue, "20 million investment in" GI Kids "shows that I can shoot a small budget films, and" 12 Zodiac "investment could reach 200 million, Afterwards, I will try all the different types of films. I'm an actor, rather than an action actor, then I want to play soldier, is also preparing a movie theme Overlord of Western Chu. "

[Link] "Chinese Great Variety" star was invited to see the three places Expo

May 28, the first "large variety of Chinese celebrations Expo" will be broadcast on TV in the east, when Jackie Chan will be in the program as "Chinese Auditorium Expo," complete the opening ceremony. Reporter was informed that the files shared by the Eastern Star Joint TVB variety show produced in the Mainland and Hong Kong will be broadcast simultaneously by the CAO who, together with the crown and Eric Tsang, the invitation to star in Taiwan, to Shanghai to see the World Expo. Tsang introduced the, each program will be invited to showcase their stars than our talent, "such as magic to singers, the actors to sing."









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