Rotary 'This Close' Campaign

Rotary Launches New Public Service Announcement Campaign Focused on Polio Eradication

Bill Gates leads list of international public figures 'This Close' to ending polio

EVANSTON, Ill., Jan. 31, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- After more than 25 years of hard work, Rotary and its partners are now "This Close" to eradicating polio, and a wide array of public figures and celebrities have signed on to help Rotary spread the word.

Headlined by Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates, this diverse lineup of influential leaders and personalities includes Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, action movie star Jackie Chan, conservationist Jane Goodall, premier violinist Itzhak Perlman, Grammy Award winners A.R. Rahman, Angelique Kidjo and Ziggy Marley, golfing great Jack Nicklaus, and peace advocate Queen Noor of Jordan. In a series of print, broadcast and outdoor public service advertisements each uses a simple hand gesture to show Rotary is "This Close" to wiping out polio worldwide. Nicklaus, Perlman and Tutu are themselves survivors of this crippling disease.

"Polio eradication has benefited immensely from having Rotary's support," Bill Gates said today in his annual letter. "Rotary had the vision to get involved in 1985 and has kept polio eradication as its top priority." The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been a major supporter of the global campaign to wipe out polio.

Other notable figures star in regionalized versions of the "This Close" campaign around the world, such as South Korean ballerina Sue Jin Kang, Nigerian soccer star Nwankwo Kanu, and Indian movie star Amitabh Bachchan. The campaign also has a grassroots component in which local Rotary members recruit participants who are well-known at the community level, thus connecting the campaign at every level: local, national and international.

Broadcast television commercials feature a mix of celebrities and non-celebrities around the world saying, "We are this close to making history. We are this close to changing the world. We are this close to ending polio—all we need is you."

"Most people don't realize that polio still affects children in some parts of the world," said three-time Kentucky Derby winner and "This Close" participant jockey Calvin Borel. "I want to do my part in raising awareness to get the support needed to end this crippling disease once and for all. That's a milestone that everyone should want to be a part of."

Polio eradication has been Rotary's top priority for more than two decades. The international humanitarian service organization is a spearheading partner in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, along with the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and UNICEF.

Rotary club members worldwide have contributed more than $1 billion and countless volunteer hours to the polio eradication effort, and have recently pledged to raise an additional US$200 million to match $355 million in challenge grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. All of the resulting $555 million will be spent in support of eradication activities.

Great progress has been made, and the incidence of polio infection has plunged from about 350,000 cases in 1988 to fewer than 1,000 reported cases in 2010. More than two billion children have been immunized in 122 countries, preventing five million cases of paralysis and 250,000 pediatric deaths.

To learn more about polio eradication, including how to participate in this historic effort, visit www.rotary.org/endpolio today.

Download "This Close" public service announcements: http://rotary.synapticdigital.com

For video and still photos go to: www.thenewsmarket.com/rotaryinternational

SOURCE Rotary International



1911 is Filming in Tianjin

1911 has moved filming to Tianjin and are (were?) filming at Tianjin Experimental School the last few days. Tianjin is known for its old historical buildings and has become a popular place to film historical movies. 1911 is no exception.

Jackie proved again why he is regarded as 'Da Ge' by buying a famous Tianjin dish - Goubuli Baozi (or WIKIPEDIA) for the entire cast and crew.

January 31 hearing, "Nanjing! Nanjing! "," Wind "," Founding of the Republic "," Albert Party "... ... In recent years, many of the game's option, without exception, will be done on location in Tianjin. With the release of these films, including cadres clubs, churches and the city, Zhejiang Road, the historic look of many buildings have gradually been well known to audiences at home and abroad. Now, produced by Tianjin Northern Film Group, Jackie Chan as the general director of the film "Revolution" will also turn their attention to Tianjin. And had several films in different, this time, they will choose the location to the experimental schools and cultural radio and television drama. By the shooting of the machine, "Coastal Times" reporter first came to the studio, with Jackie Chan and his new work, close contact.

Big Brother to run for a very strong lineup

In general, the crew put together a film will not go to war, because of cost considerations, a few equipment vehicles, plus twelve actors dedicated nanny is sufficient. But this time, Jackie Chan to run for, the specification was high a lot.

Visit the set that day, when the reporter went to the Experimental High School Road in front of the flat when there has long been blocked by a packed, multi-cast vehicles, shuttle buses parked nearby, and many people also have stopped watching, hoping to see Jackie Chan figure. The school gate, a number of security and staff showing that heavy security. Entered the experimental schools, the huge square in front of full crew parked the car, roughly the number, equipment vehicles, nanny, etc. together enough to have dozens of cars as much. "To ensure the best results, this time we pulled directly from Beijing to all the equipment, not just the film crew, even the extras are." Face the press, a responsible person described as a "busy day and night before the location make things right. "such a big battle, so that reporters can not help wondering whether the experimental schools in recent days will be" Revolution "crew" occupation "and" only a drama, is the Sun office, posed for pictures with representatives of various sectors scenes. "questions for journalists, the other gives the answers. It appears that this produced by the Tianjin North Film Group movie, really under the foot work.

After the shooting, playing Jackie Chan Huang Xing, Sun played the Shao-wei Zhao Wenxuan and play groups, and play Tan Renfeng of "the" new three "version of Su," Howard Green are all coming out. Among these, who is also director, actor Jackie Chan has become the number of the post studio's most busy people, a military uniform, he stuck on the short beard, added a bit pride, take apart, take place from time to time with several actors , about opera.

To Tianjin bun ripe

Taken to Tianjin, Tianjin, northern China Film Group, in turn, produced, as the owner they will naturally not absent. Shoot the gap, the reporter in an obscure place to see some of the group's leadership and staff. "Low-key, low-key, not to the stage of publicity it is now." In the absence of fanfare, so that reporters at the scene, they seemed a bit surprised. "We are all involved in the whole film, from the initial script approval, project to the final determination, and the director, the actors chosen, the group very seriously." To reporters, Tianjin Northern Film Group described as a responsible person.

Chat, the other from time to time the phone rings. On the phone, press several times to hear the "buns," the word, fine one asked, the original day for the Jackie Chan Film Group, who specially prepared Tianjin specialty "Goubuli" buns. "Come to Tianjin, and of course have to play host, and let everyone taste the specialty of Tianjin." Yuehua Jian, "buns" to. Suddenly, the room crowded together again to see hot Tianjin specialty busy from morning to noon, the staff were quick to gather together. "Big Brother" Jackie Chan led the way, a Mandarin, a Cantonese dinner quickly greeted everyone, "all to taste, this is the real specialty of Tianjin, eat more, do not waste." To everyone until the distribution is completed, before Jackie Chan sit on the sidelines, he was eating up. So take care of its no wonder everyone in private with "Big Brother" to call him.

滨海新区网1月31日讯 《南京!南京!》、《风声》、《建国大业》、《建党伟业》……最近几年,多部年代戏都无一例外地将天津选做了外景地。随着这些影片的上映,包括干部俱乐部、浙江路教堂等本市众多历史风貌建筑都渐渐被国内外观众所熟知。而如今,由天津北方电影集团出品,成龙担任总导演的影片《辛亥革命》也将目光投向了天津。与此前几部影片不同,这一次,他们将外景地选在了实验中学和文化广播影视剧。借拍摄之机,《滨海时报》记者也第一时间来到片场,与成龙及他的新作近距离接触。









2011 Oscar Nominations are In

So the long awaited Oscar nominations are in and Jackie did not get even an outside look in for Best Supporting Actor. Despite many predictors giving him recognition for his part in 'The Karate Kid' apparently the folks over at the Academy didn't feel the same way. One reviewer said that Sony was backing 'The Social Network' over 'The Karate Kid' for nominations and given how many it got I guess they were right.

You can see the full list HERE


The Year of the Rabbit is almost upon us (Feb 3rd) and to celebrate the new year I would like to share this wallpaper/poster with you:

and repost this small video I made just for fun:


Shaolin Tops Box Office

Shaolin is at the top of the box office at the end of it's opening week earning 105 million yuan. It is also number one in Singapore and Taiwan.

China's passion for bombastic blockbusters continues to be insatiable with the latest epic to roll off the production line, director Benny Chan's star-studded Shaolin, dominating the domestic box office over the past week.

Chan's film - which cost US$29 million (21 million euros) to make and has gathered together the likes of Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse and Fan Bingbing - took 105 million yuan (11.6 million euros) in its first week of release in China, to leave its rivals in its wake.

Shaolin sees Lau playing a 1920s warlord who seeks help at the legendary Shaolin Temple after being betrayed by his off-sider (Tse).

Second place in China for the week ending January 23 went to the animated Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf 3 - Moon Castle: The Space Adventure, which collected 54.1 million yuan (six million euros).

Shaolin also topped the charts in Singapore with US$785,000 (448,000 euros), and in Taiwan with NT$6.5 million (163,000 euros), and was set for release in Hong Kong on Thursday.

Reports from film industry press this week have suggested that Jiang Wen's western Let The Bullets Fly had surpassed the 673 million yuan (76 million euros) collected by Aftershock to become China's all-time local box office champ, but there were no official figures released to confirm the fact.

What could be confirmed, however, was that the film was still on top of the box office in Hong Kong, where it has now topped US$1 million (730,000 euros) after two weeks of release, after picking up US$321,148 (234,298 euros) over the past week.

In Japan, meanwhile, the Oscar favorite The Social Network picked up a further US$2 million (1.5 million euros) to be ranked number one - and the film has now collected more than US$6 million (4.4 million euros) in two weeks of release.

And in South Korea it was director Kang Woo-suck's feel-good baseball flick Glove at number one, with takings of just over US$3 million (2.2 million euros).


Plenty More Pics of Jackie and Willow

Slideshow with several photos of Jackie towards the middle HERE


Jackie Helps Willow with New MV

Willow Smith has recorded a new song '21st Century Girl' with a new MV to go with it. Jackie turned up to help out.


PHOTO: Jackie Meets Hu Jintao and Obama

Behind the scenes photos of the State Dinner for Hu Jintao on 19.01.11 have been released and well worth a look. You can find the slideshow HERE. But I just HAD to post this one of Jackie meeting Hu Jintao and Obama


Shaolin Inspired Wallpapers

Some of the photos of Jackie from Shaolin inspired me to make a few Shaolin themed wallpapers for you.


Jackie's Philosophy on Life

Jackie's philosophy in one:

改不了容貌可展现笑容,左右不了天气可选择心情,不能控制他人可掌握自己,不能预知明天可把握今天,不能事事顺心但可事事尽力! 摘自《先处理心情后处理事情》一书

You can't change the environment but you can change yourself, you can't change reality but you can change your mindset, you can't change your appearance/face but you can smile, you can't change the weather but you can change your mood, you can't control others but you can control yourself, you can't know what will happen tomorrow but you can seize today, you can't have everything go according to your heart's wishes but you can do your best in everything!

- From the book 'Xian Chuli Xinqing Hou Chuli Shiqing'


Video: Jackie's Arrival At State Dinner for Hu Jintao


Jackie Attends State Dinner for Hu Jintao

Because of the many different articles on this event I am going to pick the best quotes referring to Jackie from them for you.

In response to this photo from Yuan Nong (General Manager for Jackie in China and Chairperson of JCCF Beijing) on Sina's Weibo Jackie noted:

I feel very proud to be Chinese


The best-dressed man at the dinner, hands down, was martial arts movie mogul Jackie Chan, in a buttonless, open black jacket and high-collared white shirt with no tie. He carried a large camera to take groupie pix, and said he'd spent to morning hoping to hear some news about the American and Chinese film industries.


Joking to reporters, actor Jackie Chan said, "it was a long walk".
Pointing to his camera, he said "want to take photos".


And let's hope his photos make an appearance in a diary entry very soon.

For a good brief summation of the evenings events and guests:

President Obama and Chinese President Hu Jintao toasted U.S. and Chinese collaboration and mutual interests on Wednesday night at a festive state dinner for 225 guests at the White House.

Their toasts marked the high point of an evening notable for its strict adherence to the protocol and symbolism valued in Chinese culture, but which, at the same time, managed to fulfill the Chinese delegation's request for a thoroughly American dinner party.

Guests dined on a meal of pear salad, lobster, ribeye steak and apple pie for dessert, all of which were complimented by American wines.

In his remarks, Obama noted that despite "differences of culture and perspective," America shares with China "a reverence for family," and a "belief that, with education and hard work and with sacrifice, the future is what we make it." Obama also shared the news of a new agreement under which Washington's National Zoo "will continue to dazzle children and visitors with [China's] beloved giant pandas."

Speaking after Obama, Hu alluded more directly to bilateral discussions that have taken place over the past two days, noting through a translator that the U.S. and China had reached an "important agreement" earlier in the day to "increase contacts at the top … levels, strengthen strategic mutual trust … and step up communication and coordination on international and regional issues."

In a reference to some of the more contentious issues addressed during his visit, Hu said that both nations agreed that "we should respect each other’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and the development interests," and "properly handle differences and frictions."

The guest list represented a broad array of distinguished Chinese Americans, as well as statesmen, lawmakers, business leaders, and key members of Obama's administration.

In addition to former Presidents Carter and Clinton, former Secretaries of State Henry Kissinger and George Shultz were in attendance, as was actor Jackie Chan, cellist Yo Yo Ma, and designer Vera Wang. Also on the guest list was legendary performer Barbra Streisand; Vogue editor Anna Wintour; philanthropist Wendi Murdoch, the wife of News Corp. Chairman Rupert Murdoch; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.). Members of Obama's administration in attendance at the dinner included Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, and newly appointed White House Chief of Staff William Daley.

Notably absent were Republican House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), all of whom declined to attend.

First Lady Michelle Obama's choice of a red, one-shouldered gown was viewed by many as an homage to the symbolism of the color red in Chinese culture, as well as a nod to the late British designer Alexander McQueen, whose label designed it.

After dinner, a reception featuring American jazz music kept guests up well past 9 p.m., grooving to the sounds of Herbie Hancock, Chris Botti, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Dianne Reeves, players from the Thelonius Monk Institute of Jazz, and a special performance from world-renowned classical pianist Lang Lang.




NEWS.163.COM Includes some photos at the end of the slideshow of the dinner itself.


Video: Jackie Recording Ping An Beijing


First Review of Shaolin

Fresh 'Shaolin Temple' goes for drama over kung fu

HONG KONG (AP) — It's the kung fu classic that launched the career of a then little-known 17-year-old Chinese martial arts champion called Jet Li.

Nearly three decades later, "The Shaolin Temple" has received a blockbuster update, with the backing of the famous center of fighting monks of the title and the setting of the 1982 release. Veteran Hong Kong action director Benny Chan has written a new story and cast some of the biggest names in Chinese cinema — Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse and Fan Bingbing.

It is the latest screen portrayal of the 1,500-year-old Shaolin Temple in central China, whose kung fu monks have been featured in many TV series and movies. But the 2011 version is only the second to be authorized by temple officials.

Benny Chan, who directed Jackie Chan in some of his recent Hong Kong action thrillers including "Who Am I?," ''New Police Story" and "Rob-B-Hood," is unabashed about being a crowd-pleaser.

"I am a commercial director. I am not an art-house director. I don't know how to create very artistic shots. I don't know how to shoot slowly," the Hong Kong filmmaker told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

But fans who are expecting an action-packed extravaganza must think twice. Unlike the 1982 original, which featured trademark Shaolin-style moves, Chan's focus is drama — not kung fu. And Chan says he asked choreographer Corey Yuen to imbue the flashy action sequences the film does have with what he calls the spirit of "Zen fighting" — a composed style that stresses personal development over violence.

"The Shaolin Temple" is a revenge story — Li plays a young boy adopted and trained by Shaolin monks who tries to avenge his father's death. For the 135-minute update, simply called "Shaolin," Benny Chan crafted an ambitious story arch. Set in China's warlord era shortly after the downfall of imperial rule in the early 20th century, Lau plays a local military ruler paranoid about being betrayed by an ally. He devised an assassination plot, only to be double-crossed by his second-in-command (Tse). Lau's character then seeks refuge in the Shaolin Temple and becomes a monk who repents his terrorizing ways of the past.

"Everyone knows the first movie mainly features the Shaolin-style of kung fu, especially given its star, Jet Li, was a five-time national champion at the time. That's a big selling point. But I won't use a martial arts champion as a selling point. Andy Lau is an actor," Chan said. The veteran Hong Kong leading man is widely respected for his talent as much as his heartthrob looks.

"Do I need to turn Andy Lau into Jet Li? I don't see the need. I don't want to," he said, adding that Lau, a devout Buddhist himself, gave suggestions on how to develop his character.

There is kung fu in the movie — Lau is seen practicing a set of Shaolin-style punches with a group of monks — although Chan says his focus was the philosophy behind the fighting.

"I don't think very flashy and very powerful moves are a display of Zen fighting ... As I understand the spirit of Zen fighting is that you have to understand your ability first, how powerfully you can strike a fist. And then how to break through your limitations. And you will become happier as you practice more," the director said, pointing to a scene where Lau's warlord character blissfully practices his moves side-by-side with a young monk on a cold night.

"I tried to portray a state of mind," he said.

The interplay between the warlord and Jackie Chan's character is another highlight. Benny Chan said he purposely paired them — Lau's calculating, Machiavellian military man and Jackie Chan's role of a happy-go-lucky monk who runs the Shaolin kitchen.

Despite the meditative story, "Shaolin" also has the trappings of any major commercial production. A massive explosion scene took a month to shoot and, naturally, couldn't be set at the real temple. Instead, they splurged 20 million Chinese yuan ($3 million) on a full-sized replica that included a 9.9-meter- (32-feet-) tall Buddha statue.

Benny Chan said the final scene was a painstaking process and a huge technical achievement. He did not use special effects and could only complete a few shots a day.

"It was very memorable. It was very taxing and very dangerous," he said.

"Shaolin" is being released in China and the Philippines on Wednesday; in Australia on Thursday; in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia on Friday; and in Vietnam on Feb. 18.

Copyright © 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

Yes? No? Maybe? WOW!

What an honour if true ... let's wait and see. Would LOVE to read Jackie's diary about this if it is.

Jackie Chan to attend State Dinner

While the White House won't officially release the guest list for Wednesday night's State Dinner with China until shortly before the event, names of attendees are slowly leaking out. Yeas & Nays received confirmation from his publicist that actor and martial artist Jackie Chan will be in attendance. Rep. Judy Chu, the first Chinese-American elected to Congress, along with Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Commerce Secretary Gary Locke will be on hand. And Oakland Mayor Jean Quan and San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee will be attending together, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. Vera Wang, who attended the last State Dinner with China in 1997, seems like an obvious choice for Michelle Obama's dress designer and to snag an invitation, but her people wouldn't say a word Tuesday night. "We're not disclosing anything at this time," Wang's publicist said.


The New York Times also has Jackie down as attending:

Officials refused Tuesday to discuss either the menu or the guest list. Some tidbits, though, did trickle out: the actor Jackie Chan will attend,

In addition to coincide with the State Visit of Hu Jintao China is running a series of adverts in Times Square in New York promoting China. Amongst the many recognisable faces in the advert is Jackie. See if you can spot him.


Jaycee Hands Out Warm Coats For Jackie - UPDATED

Jaycee handed out 400 warm coats to the elderly in Hong Kong today on Jackie's behalf.



New Seven Little Fortunes Receive Award for Jackie

On Sunday night Jackie "tweeted" the following msg on weibo:

谢谢 首届明星公民慈善盛典,感谢主办方和评审授予我“2010年度明星公民慈善杰出人物奖”,我很荣幸。过去这一年我得到了全世界各地授予的很多奖项,但在我看来我的付出还远远不够,感谢大家的肯定和鼓励,你们就是我的加油站,我会一直做下去。此外我许愿我们的祖国还有全世界都国泰民安。

which translates as:

Thank you, citizens of the First Star charity celebration, I thank the organizers and assessors awarded "2010 Civic Star Award for philanthropic elite, " I am honored. This past year I have been granted many awards around the world, but in my opinion not enough to pay me, thank you for the recognition and encouragement, you are my gas station, I will always do so. In addition, I also wish our country peace and prosperity the world.


but it has taken until today for the news reports to come out quite possibly because Jackie did not actually attend the award ceremony himself. The New Seven Little Fortunes were on hand to sing 'State' and 'Sifu' and accept Jackie's awards on his behalf. Jackie received two awards.

Recently, the "Chinese Patriotic Award" and the "2010 Star Citizen" awards ceremony was held in Beijing, respectively, under the tutelage of the international superstar Jackie Chan's "Kung Fu Combination Asia Seven Little Fortunes invited to attend the two grand ceremony, on behalf of Jackie Chan received the Master "China's most influential Typical patriotic" and "2010 civic charity elite Star" awards, respectively, sang the song "State" and "Master."



Recently, the "Chinese Patriotic Award" and the "2010 Star Citizen" awards ceremony were held in Beijing under the tutelage of international superstar Jackie Chan's "Kung Fu Combination in Asia were invited to attend the Seven Little Fortunes, two celebration, on behalf of Jackie Chan received the Master "China's most influential Typical patriotic" and "2010 Outstanding Figures in the annual celebrity charity Citizens" awards and were singing the song "State" and "Master."

From little things patriotic act

Project 16 is a Chinese Patriotic Association 15th anniversary celebrations, held in the day "Chinese Patriotic Huabiao" awards ceremony, Jackie Chan awarded the "China most influential Typical patriotic." Seven Little Fortunes, a new site broke the news: "Master often go around the world, but no matter what activities will be present dressed in Chinese clothing, normally also teaches us not merely chanting patriotic slogans, but should be reflected in the little things."

Seven Little Fortunes in the new team, every one of them grasp the different "skills", captain of the childhood learning of Chinese drama, Tu Sheng Cheng, Yi Yang, Xiang He also brought up learning the traditional martial arts of China, Yang is fluent in several ethnic minority political dance "quintessence of Chinese tradition to tradition, so that as Chinese people are proud of us." Cheung said the sea captain.

Charity line to Master

In the evening, they arrived at the new Seven Little Fortunes "2010 Star Citizen" awards ceremony, when the red carpet a few people still live media Funny backhand, and then the sea captain Andrew explained: "We must take down the site back to the grand occasion master, he saw so many caring people to join the charity's team, there are so concerned about the public welfare of multimedia must be very happy. "

Hit in the performance of a fever, "Wu" "Master", the little fu master who came to power on behalf of recipients of the "star of the 2010 Civil charitable elite." Although in 2010 the new Seven Little Fortunes have to go deep into the Yushu earthquake relief supplies, water transportation arrived arid Southwest, visits the Sichuan earthquake reconstruction Wudu kindergarten, but still modest, said to the master in the charitable or Jackie Chan study and in line "just like the song sung in the same Jackie Chan both in terms of life or work are our models, particularly in the charitable contributions made on and charity, has always been our benchmark is that we move forward and learn from. "









Video: Another Clip of Jackie Recording "Ping An Beijing'

Another longer clip of Jackie recording Ping An Beijing with what seems to be the full song although not of course the final version with the full orchestration.

Dragon's Heart Campus Security Training Launches

Over 100 school principals and representatives gathered in Beijing today to attend a week long training seminar for campus safety and security organised by The Ministry for Teacher Education and Dragon's Heart Charity Foundation Beijing. With security incidents being the greatest risk to children on campuses the training program was launched to help schools in remote areas gain the knowledge needed to institute proper safety and security programs.

The program is offered free of charge and 15 000 work books and information folders for teachers will be distributed as well. Regular training programs like the one this week will be held in the future.

To further enhance the management of campus security, improve campus security management level, at 9:00 on January 16, by the Ministry of Education Foundation for teacher development in China hosted the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Beijing launched the "Dragon Heart" campus safety training in public Beijing Physical Education Institute of the Arts official opening. Secretary-General Yang Chunmao Teacher Development Foundation of China, Deputy Secretary-General JI Ke different, Beijing Party and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, the Secretary-General, party secretary of Beijing Institute of Education Maxian Ping, president of Li Fang, Chinese Society of Education School Safety Committee Chairman Cheng by instrument, the former Ministry of Education, Zhang, deputy director of policy and regulations as well as from Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and Gansu provinces and cities of more than thirty primary and secondary schools, kindergarten staff responsible for security more than 100 people attended opening ceremony.

"Dragon Heart" campus public safety training is a national public service activities, activities that local communities, rural areas, poor school organization for campus safety training free of charge, the main purpose is to allow teachers to remote areas, a comprehensive understanding of the current security situation, learn about security policy, laws, regulations, and master ways to carry out safety work, methods to enhance campus safety education and management, and enhance safety awareness and general safety precautions teachers ability to build peace and harmony on campus.

The opening ceremony, the Secretary-General Yang Chunmao Development Foundation of Chinese teachers in Beijing between the party Secretary-General of the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, the training for this public purpose, form and meaning of a speech to the teachers were presented on behalf of campus safety and campus security with a book working appliances, Beijing Institute of Physical Arts Education Leadership welcoming remarks, Beijing Institute of Education Dean Martial Art Sports Art Interpretation of the construction and implementation of training programs. Jackie Chan's disciple and love the new Seven Little Fortunes Long family welfare activities for this artist created a campus security Decent public video.

The 5-day public training, mainly to the Ministry of Education "Student Injury Treatment", "nursery school safety management approach" and other regulations and documents related to campus safety based on the provisions and invited the Director of Policy and Regulations Department, Ministry of Education King Big Spring, the Chinese Society of primary and secondary education by Miriam Safety Commission Chairman Cheng, the former Department of Education Policy and Regulation Department Deputy Director Zhang, the Chinese People's Public Security University Professor Wang Dawei and other well-known experts in the relevant laws and regulations to resolve campus safety, campus security guard, campus safety responsibilities incident handling system and a special report, etc. and to organize inter-school exchanges and visits museums prevention, training, rich in content and forms.

It is reported that China Foundation for teacher development will be regularly open the "Dragon Heart" campus public safety training through the training so that more students can learn to use safe methods of science, master campus security management, real security for the students to build campus a strong line of defense!







January 16, from Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, more than 30 provinces, municipalities, 120 school principals, kindergarten principals gathered in Beijing Physical Education Institute of the Arts to attend a week campus security management training.

The Ministry of Education Foundation for teacher development in China hosted the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, Beijing launched the "Dragon Heart" campus public safety training is a national public service activities, local communities, rural areas, for weak schools campus for free safety training, aimed at teacher learning in remote areas to work safety policies, laws, regulations, and master the way to carry out safety work, methods to enhance the level of education and management of campus security, and enhance safety awareness and security capabilities, for the healthy growth of primary and secondary students to create a safe and harmonious campus environment.

According to reports, this training mainly in the Ministry of Education, "Student Injury Treatment", "nursery school safety management approach" and other laws, regulations and documents related to campus safety based on the provisions, invited the Chinese Society of Education School Safety Committee Chairman Zheng by instrument, the former Ministry of Education Policy and Regulation Department Deputy Director Zhang, Director of Policy and Regulation Department, Ministry of Education Wang Daquan, the Chinese People's Public Security University Professor Wang Dawei and other well-known experts in relevant laws and regulations to resolve school safety, school security guard, a responsibility system for campus safety and accident treatment and so give a talk, during inter-school exchanges and visits organized disaster Museum.

Recent years, stepped on campus such as campus security incidents occur frequently, information, security incidents has become the biggest killer of young people. A harmonious and warm, secure and orderly campus, not just halls of the dissemination of knowledge, but also student life and healthy growth should be paradise.

Beijing Party and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, the Secretary-General hopes that the training activities to help school principals learn to use a scientific approach to security, campus security management control, the real campus for the students build a strong security defense! She said the foundation will be donated to schools in remote areas with 15,000 sets of school books and 15,000 sets of security, "the work of campus security plans for special folders" for teacher training and school exercises.

From a secondary school principal of Inner Mongolia, said the school always feel safe usual tasks heavy loss as to how many head there is no perfect system and theory, just make up the training this lesson.








Beautiful Beijing

With Jackie spending so much in time in Beijing these days I thought I would share this wonderful website of photos and videos of Beijing that I found. Its the next best thing to being there..... http://www.kinabaloo.com/beijing.html


Butsekik is a novelty song by Filipino singer Yoyoy Villame. The lyrics are complete nonsense words intended to sound somewhat like Chinese but in fact contain not one single real Chinese word.

The editing on this clip must have taken absolutely ages and is very well done.

Shaolin 'Small' Monks Behind the Scenes

Looking cute!

"the new Shaolin Temple" is very interesting filming process, but frankly the most memorable for their cooperation with small monks, "The best part is cooperation with these young monk, I think before the Seven Little Fortunes days of practice together, I think my childhood. we eat together, I will do something for them to eat, they are so lively and lovely, happy day to see them filming. "

Jackie is filming innocence big time, monks were taught martial arts to small, so also loved the little monk. "I play a lot of games and this group of novices are taken together, the studio will be bored with them when training exercises, they listen to me very carefully, I dare say the future of this group of novices in the future must be limitless, "Jackie Chan is so praised his" favorite pupil. " Jackie Chan fixing a time when monks who have small tears. It is reported that film "Shaolin Temple" will be held Jan. 19 release in the country.




VIdeo: Jackie Records "Peaceful Beijing"


Recording Peaceful Beijing


Last night, recording the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, public image song "Peaceful Beijing" in Beijing. Once again the famous film star Jackie Chan, "endorsement" Police, featuring the songs sung in the Chinese capital Choir and police officers to participate in chorus and band music.

It is reported that, "Peaceful Beijing" by the famous words of the famous composer Shu Ping Nan long time together with the creation, and after the Beijing police blog, microblogging, podcasting with the same name, will be in the Feb. 18 Lunar New Year Festival on the city by the public security system into a Long sing.

According to reports, "Peaceful Beijing" will serve as the public image of Beijing Public Security Bureau, songs, and was made into the image of the Metropolitan Police as a promotional Music Video.

● Recording site

Jackie Chan to be "speech" police

Successfully many times in the movie image of the police interpretation of Jackie Chan, this has the "Peaceful Beijing" Community singing songs, he admitted that he was excited, but also still a bit nervous.

Staff said that Jackie Chan entered the studio to begin recording at 18.30. By 20:10 his part of his solo recording was completed, Jackie Chan came to police choir recording studio. Looking at police officers dressed in police uniforms choir members, Jackie Chan, gave a military salute.

"I also wear the uniform." Duet with police officers, Chan made the request. Police officers wearing police uniforms chorus Jackie Chan joked, "Peaceful Beijing" gave themselves a round "Dream Police" opportunities.

Jackie Chan finished recording "Peaceful Beijing" public songs, wearing a borrowed uniform, and round the back to the police dream

 本报讯(记者 姬玮)昨晚,北京市公安局公益形象歌曲《平安北京》在京录制。著名影星成龙再次“代言”警察,在歌曲中担纲演唱,中国首都警官合唱团及警官乐队共同参与和声及配乐。








  成龙在录制完《平安北京》公益歌曲后,穿上借来的警服,又圆了回警察梦 摄/记者 黑克