Monday, January 3, 2011

Lin Peng represents JCCF in Thailand

As promised Lin Peng undertook a charity trip to Koh Samui, Thailand on New Year's day as an ambassador for Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Beijing. She handed over donations, scholarships for deserving students and bags, T-shirts and other gifts.

New Year's Day 2010, "Dragon Lady" Lin Peng mission as Ambassador Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation Beijing to Koh Samui, Thailand, presented donations, millions of baht, as the local 192 poor excellent students of the student prizes and gifts, with these Students spend the New Year.

"Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation" trip to Thailand except public warm reception by the islanders Samui, Thailand's deputy prime minister posts - Tesu class a special trip to welcome the Jackie Chan Charitable delegation, together with Lin Peng Su from 29 Plum Island's 192 school gifted poor students scholarships distributed.

In addition, Lin Pengtai country charity trip also brought Jackie Chan, well-prepared students for the local school bags, T shirts and other New Year's gift. The simplicity of local islanders and the children are sent to the full blessings of benefit to Lin Peng, "Jackie had a child lived in Thailand for some time, particularly his feelings here, so I was entrusted with a big brother love the idea of coming here to support charitable causes, particularly pleased to see these children, hope that the future they can try to help them! "






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