Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Seven Little Fortunes Receive Award for Jackie

On Sunday night Jackie "tweeted" the following msg on weibo:

谢谢 首届明星公民慈善盛典,感谢主办方和评审授予我“2010年度明星公民慈善杰出人物奖”,我很荣幸。过去这一年我得到了全世界各地授予的很多奖项,但在我看来我的付出还远远不够,感谢大家的肯定和鼓励,你们就是我的加油站,我会一直做下去。此外我许愿我们的祖国还有全世界都国泰民安。

which translates as:

Thank you, citizens of the First Star charity celebration, I thank the organizers and assessors awarded "2010 Civic Star Award for philanthropic elite, " I am honored. This past year I have been granted many awards around the world, but in my opinion not enough to pay me, thank you for the recognition and encouragement, you are my gas station, I will always do so. In addition, I also wish our country peace and prosperity the world.


but it has taken until today for the news reports to come out quite possibly because Jackie did not actually attend the award ceremony himself. The New Seven Little Fortunes were on hand to sing 'State' and 'Sifu' and accept Jackie's awards on his behalf. Jackie received two awards.

Recently, the "Chinese Patriotic Award" and the "2010 Star Citizen" awards ceremony was held in Beijing, respectively, under the tutelage of the international superstar Jackie Chan's "Kung Fu Combination Asia Seven Little Fortunes invited to attend the two grand ceremony, on behalf of Jackie Chan received the Master "China's most influential Typical patriotic" and "2010 civic charity elite Star" awards, respectively, sang the song "State" and "Master."



Recently, the "Chinese Patriotic Award" and the "2010 Star Citizen" awards ceremony were held in Beijing under the tutelage of international superstar Jackie Chan's "Kung Fu Combination in Asia were invited to attend the Seven Little Fortunes, two celebration, on behalf of Jackie Chan received the Master "China's most influential Typical patriotic" and "2010 Outstanding Figures in the annual celebrity charity Citizens" awards and were singing the song "State" and "Master."

From little things patriotic act

Project 16 is a Chinese Patriotic Association 15th anniversary celebrations, held in the day "Chinese Patriotic Huabiao" awards ceremony, Jackie Chan awarded the "China most influential Typical patriotic." Seven Little Fortunes, a new site broke the news: "Master often go around the world, but no matter what activities will be present dressed in Chinese clothing, normally also teaches us not merely chanting patriotic slogans, but should be reflected in the little things."

Seven Little Fortunes in the new team, every one of them grasp the different "skills", captain of the childhood learning of Chinese drama, Tu Sheng Cheng, Yi Yang, Xiang He also brought up learning the traditional martial arts of China, Yang is fluent in several ethnic minority political dance "quintessence of Chinese tradition to tradition, so that as Chinese people are proud of us." Cheung said the sea captain.

Charity line to Master

In the evening, they arrived at the new Seven Little Fortunes "2010 Star Citizen" awards ceremony, when the red carpet a few people still live media Funny backhand, and then the sea captain Andrew explained: "We must take down the site back to the grand occasion master, he saw so many caring people to join the charity's team, there are so concerned about the public welfare of multimedia must be very happy. "

Hit in the performance of a fever, "Wu" "Master", the little fu master who came to power on behalf of recipients of the "star of the 2010 Civil charitable elite." Although in 2010 the new Seven Little Fortunes have to go deep into the Yushu earthquake relief supplies, water transportation arrived arid Southwest, visits the Sichuan earthquake reconstruction Wudu kindergarten, but still modest, said to the master in the charitable or Jackie Chan study and in line "just like the song sung in the same Jackie Chan both in terms of life or work are our models, particularly in the charitable contributions made on and charity, has always been our benchmark is that we move forward and learn from. "










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