Saturday, January 1, 2011

1911 wins Literary Award

The Fourth Annual Chinese Writers Prize for Literature (2010) announced the winners recently and Wang Xingdong and Chan Po Kwong won the prize for the film category for the script for '1911' (Xinhai Revolution). The Award Ceremony will be held in Beijing early in 2011.

Wang Xingdong was also responsible for the script for 'Founding of a Republic'.

Magazine by the Chinese writer and Ordos Municipal People's Government jointly set up the fourth (2010), "Chinese Writers Prize for Literature in Ordos," announced in Beijing recently.

The award specifically named by the "Chinese writer," literature, documentary, film and television work Xunkan issued. Film Literature Script "Revolution" (Wang Xingdong, Chan Po Kwong), the novel "The Waste Land Chronicle" (Zhang Wei) won the awards, prizes, each with 12 million; novella "center Po" (Xiao Jianguo), medium-length reportage "West Wind Lie - the rise of Ordos "(Haojing Tang, Wang Jinyong), novel" Jimmy River "(GUAN Ren Shan), novella" ants on a blade "(square), novella" this side of the reed "(total Wenjun ), long reportage "Wangjialing of telling" (Zhao Yu, etc.), novella "song all the way" (Breen) won an Outstanding Award, prize of 5 million; short documentary literature "uxin Prairie Notes" (Li Hongmei ) and TV Literature Script "Made in China" (Sun Bo, Zeng Wen) were new literary prizes, and 1 million. Awards ceremony will be held in Beijing in early 2011.





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