Jackie and CZ12 win at Okinawa Film Festival

CZ12 was entered into the Okinawa Film Festival which closed yesterday 30 March 2013. The theme of the festival was [Laugh and Peace]. The Laugh Grand Prix prize went to CZ12 beating 9 other entrents.

Jackie was unable to collect his prize in person, but did send a message saying that it was "great news, very encouraging to me and wonderful gift before my birthday".

Staff who collected the prize on his behalf expressed joy and hoped that Jackie would have an opportunity to visit Japan and meet fans with the movie.


Adverts for China / Jackie in Janadriyah

Jackie was appointed Ambassador for China and Guest of Honour for the Janadriyah Festival to be held from the 4th of April 2013.


Cast Your Vote For Jackie

Vote For Jackie for Time Magazine Top 100:

The 2013 TIME 100 Poll Cast your vote for the leaders, artists, innovators, icons and heroes that you think are the most influential people in the world. Official voting ends on Friday, April 12th. The final TIME 100 list is selected by our editors and will be revealed on Thursday, April 18th.


Video: Jackie in Kuantung

A longer (10mins) video of Jackie in Kuantung, Malaysia.


Jackie Visits SUTD in Singapore

Jackie paid a visit to the Singapore University of Technology and Design today.

Jackie Chan visited the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on Tuesday much to the delight of students there.

He dropped by the interim campus at Dover Road to view the university and have a look at the four traditional Chinese architectural structures he donated to the university in 2009.

The structures, which are from his personal collection, consist of a pavilion, an opera stage and two houses. They are from the Ching and Ming dynasty, and are made from ancient wood.

The structures will be eventually housed at the permanent SUTD campus in Changi. The first phase of the Changi campus will be ready by 2015.


Jackie Attends Fundraising for School

Jackie attended a fundraising event for the construction of a new independent Chinese school in Kuantung Malaysia on 23 March. Jackie auctioned off 2 special Dragon watches and a painting by artist Hao Zheng.

Jackie flew in for the event on his plane.

Jackie opens the event with Prime Minister Najib Razak

(From left to right) Jackie Chan, Fang Tianxing, and Prime Minister Najib Razak

Singing "A Hero Never Dies"

Singing "Guo Jia"


KUANTAN: With the presence of Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan, an astounding RM3mil was raised from the auction of two Richard Mille watches and a painting during SM Chong Hwa’s fund-raising dinner and concert.

Each of the items went for RM1mil, putting the total collections at RM13.5mil.

Other large contributions came from president of the Associated Chinese Chambers of Commerce Tan Sri William Cheng, Hua Lian Group chairman Tan Sri Ta Kin Yan and the school’s board chairman Tan Sri Pheng Yin Huah.

Between them, they donated a total of RM1.5mil for two of Chan’s encore songs.

Chan received a thunderous welcome from the 10,000-strong crowd when he arrived at the event held at Stadium Darul Makmur last night.

Clad in a stylish black and white shirt, Chan effortlessly charmed the crowd with his humble demeanour and bright smile, as the crowd waved their hands wildly and gathered around the stage to be close to him.

After the auction, he thrilled the crowd with a rendition of Mandarin song titled Guo Jia (Nation) and also sang Zhen Xin Ying Xiong (True Heroes) as an encore, before the successful concert-cum-dinner ended about midnight.

Across the road, at the final stop of the Jelajah Janji Ditepati event, there was a stunning display of fireworks, timed coincidentally to also celebrate the funds raised from the auction and was greeted with wild applause from the crowd in the stadium.

Pheng earlier said he hoped the event would raise at least RM10mil to go towards the total RM30mil funds needed for the school’s construction.

Cheng and Pheng donated RM500,000 each for Chan to perform the first encore, while Ta forked out RM500,000 for the second song.

Also present were Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Datuk Chai Xi and MCA leaders Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen and Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong.


Jackie gets Huading Nominations

Jackie has got a double nomination for the annual Huading Awards. He has been nominated for Best Director and Best Actor for CZ12. The awards are the result of a massive online survey and once the nominations are in, the final results are awarded by a panel of judges.

Last year Jackie was awarded with "Most Outstanding Achievement in Asia"


Jackie due in Malaysia tomorrow

Jackie is on his way to Malaysia tomorrow to participate in a fundraising event for the construction of an independent Chinese school in Kuantun.

KUANTAN: Action superstar Jackie Chan will join Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in a fund-raising programme at the Stadium Darul Makmur tomorrow.

Chan is expected to auction off three watches and a painting at the event to raise funds for SM Chung Hwa here.

He is also slotted to perform on stage.

A host of performances, including those by local artistes and Taiwan singers, have been lined up.

Some 20,000 people are expected to attend the event. Entrance tickets as well as those for the 1,000 tables have been snapped up since last week.

The organiser hopes to raise RM10mil for the construction of the school. To date, some RM6.5mil has been collected from various quarters, including MCA, private firms and individuals.


Jackie Chan To Attend Janadriyah Festival - Updated

The 28th Janadriyah Festival will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia from 3 - 15 April. The festival showcases the cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. Each year a different nation is invited to attend as a guest to showcase their cultural heritage. This year the guest nation is China and Jackie has been asked to be the Cultural Ambassador and Guest Of Honour for China at the festival. The guest of honour opens the festival at a special opening ceremony.

The Minister of Culture, Jackie, the Saudi Ambassador to China and other guests took part in a special press conference and launch ceremony at the Capitol Museum in Beijing yesterday.

JEDDAH: Chinese action superstar Jackie Chan has been invited to attend the 28th Janadriyah National Festival of Heritage and Culture as a cultural ambassador. China will be the guest of honor this year at the festival, where it will showcase the essence of Chinese culture, economic achievements, and scientific innovations. The event will start on April 4.

“We are honored to be this year’s guest of honor and we have sent an invitation to Jackie Chan to attend as he is the cultural ambassador. We have a role to showcase our traditions and cultures at the event,” said Li Chengwen, Chinese ambassador in Riyadh. “We are still waiting for a confirmation from his side to attend and as soon as we know for sure, we will spread the word to make people come and join us at the festival,” he added.

Every year, the popular Saudi heritage festival invites a different country to attend as a guest to showcase its cultural tradition and heritage alongside the Saudi heritage. The Janadriyah festival showcased its events at the Chinese Capital Museum in Beijing, wherein Chan received a certificate appointing him as an honorary chairman of his country’s pavilion at the festival. A press conference was held last Monday and was attended by officials from the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Beijing municipality and organizing committees, in addition to the Saudi Ambassador to China, Yahya Al-Zaid, and representatives of agencies that will participate in the festival.

Deputy Director General of the Bureau for External Cultural Relations at the Chinese Ministry of Culture, Zhang Aiping, and Al-Zaid were pleased about the participation of China in Janadriyah as a guest of honor.

Aiping and Al-Zaid later exchanged flags that read in Chinese and Arabic, “China is a country shining beauty,” which is the slogan adopted by China for the festival.

The event will be an opportunity to highlight the robustness of the relations between Saudi Arabia and China in the political, economic and cultural areas, according to Chengwen.

“The Saudi public and Arabs will have a good opportunity to gain insights into the rich Chinese culture through the special stand at the Janadriyah festival,” he added.


Jackie Chan Han Meilin Calligraphy

Jackie posted this picture of a calligraphy drawing on weibo recently and asked readers to guess what it was. Yesterday he posted the answer to the question. It is his name '成龙' in a calligraphic style given to him by Han Meilin, a very famous Chinese artist, during the CPPCC sessions. They sat next to each other in several of the sessions.

This is the full version signed by Han Meilin:


Jackie Chan Wallpapers

In the absence of other news I spent some time creating some new wallpapers. HD format - just right click and save.

Rules for use and sharing:

Please use them freely but if you share them on your social network or blog please give credit to the source (good netiquette!). Thanks.

Stallone Tweets About Exp 3

Please note that every thing is still 'MAYBE'!


"Homeland" Lyrics

"Homeland" Lyrics. Translation to follow.


我的国土 我的声音回荡

我的国土 我的名字一样

寸土不让 大好河山
守土卫国 守土为家
身作河山 心愿一起痴狂
好儿女 生当去征疆场

寸土不让 肝胆荣光
天下兴亡 匹夫怎能相忘
大同世界 心做和平肩膀
八千里路云和月 天地忠良


《 guó tǔ》

wǒ zhàn zài zhè kuài tǔ dì shàng
tiān yá hǎi jiǎo lián zháo sì miàn bā fāng
dān xīn zhào hàn qīng bù zhǐ yī gè rén zài xiǎng
wǒ de guó tǔ wǒ de shēng yīn huí dàng

wǒ yòng xiě ròu zhú qǐ de qiáng
zài dà fēng làng yě bù tíng zhǐ zhàn gǎng
jīng zhōng bào guó bù zhǐ kè zài jī fū zhī shàng
wǒ de guó tǔ wǒ de míng zì yī yáng

cùn tǔ bù ràng dà hǎo hé shān
shǒu tǔ wèi guó shǒu tǔ wèi jiā
shēn zuo hé shān xīn yuàn yī qǐ chī kuáng
hǎo ér nǚ shēng dāng qù zhēng jiāng cháng

cùn tǔ bù ràng gān dǎn róng guāng
tiān xià xīng wáng pǐ fū zěn néng xiāng wàng
dà tóng shì jiè xīn zuo hé píng jiān bǎng
bā qiān lǐ lù yún hé yuè tiān dì zhōng liáng


Why Jackie is Wearing Glasses

Jackie has worn a pair of glasses throughout the CPPCC sessions prompting many people to ask 'why?'. A reporter posed the question to Jackie at the launch of Chen Sisi's album yesterday. He replied that he was wearing glasses in order to establish a civilian image, and after the end of the CPPCC sessions he will take the glasses off. LINK TO VIDEO IN CHINESE

Jackie in his 'civilian' glasses.

Jackie Attends Chen Sisi Album Launch

Yesterday Jackie also attended the launch of Chen Sisi's new album:


Jackie Officially Releases "Homeland"

Yesterday 8.03.13 Jackie officially released his new song "Homeland". During the release he described the song as having "inspiring and positive energy" and that he preferred singing songs like this.


Jackie Chan - "Homeland"

Last Set of Photos from the CPPCC

This is the last set of photos of Jackie from the CPPCC sessions.

Jackie thanks a server for refilling the water.