Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why Jackie is Wearing Glasses

Jackie has worn a pair of glasses throughout the CPPCC sessions prompting many people to ask 'why?'. A reporter posed the question to Jackie at the launch of Chen Sisi's album yesterday. He replied that he was wearing glasses in order to establish a civilian image, and after the end of the CPPCC sessions he will take the glasses off. LINK TO VIDEO IN CHINESE

Jackie in his 'civilian' glasses.


Anonymous said...

Anybody can wear glasses as Jackie too...I think it's no problem...but I don't like dark wide spectacle frames...much better the thin light colored. But he looks great with his glasses !!! <3

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen your blog in a while any new news about police story 2013

SuperChanBlog said...

There is an excellent search feature on the blog and all the posts are tagged :)

All the latest is on the blog.

Laurel Oplatka said...

Congratulation to Jackie for being part of this CPPCC Session and find this all very interesting. Thanks very much for posting these fine photos ! :-)

Anonymous said...

I prefer jackie with no glasses on.

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