Thursday, March 14, 2013

Stallone Tweets About Exp 3

Please note that every thing is still 'MAYBE'!


Tirry said...

I think the presence of Jackie Chan is already acquired. If Jackie Chan is not Exp3, many will be disappointed.

SuperChanBlog said...

Many fans on other networks feel that the movies are too violent for Jackie. And no nothing is certain yet. Jackie was very clear in the interviews in Singapore about waiting to see the script first which Stallone is still busy writing.

Anonymous said...

I think Jackie should make only his own movies..maybe with less stunts...but I am sure we are all want HIM....and HIS OWN STYLE...HIS OWN MOVIES. Nobody can do what he can...comedy or action...he is great !!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jackie knows what he wants, and he has good judgement about the roles he plays. I doubt he'd do something like Exp 3 if he didn't approve of the script. He's always amazing what ever he does!
Besides, everyone knows there's only one Jackie!

Anonymous said...

I think Stallone should play in Jackie's movie..and not Jackie in Stallone's movie...^^

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