VIDEO: Jackie At Richard Mille

Short and sweet


Jackie Supports Richard Mille

Both Jackie and Michelle Yeoh turned up in Hong Kong yesterday to support a Richard Mille event.


I'm Finished With Fins Campaign

Wild Aid have launched a new anti-shark fin campaign called "I'm Finished With Fins" and this is Jackie's advert for the campaign.


PHOTOS: Jackie Helps Out with "My Lucky Star"

Some photos of Jackie helping choreograph a fight scene for 'My Lucky Star' starring Wang Lee Hom and Zhang Ziyi.


Join Jackie in Preventing Malaria

From Facebook/jackie

Join Jackie in supporting Malaria No More's Power of One campaign! For every dollar given, one life-saving test and treatment will be sent to Africa. $1 USD given = 1 child saved.

Use the promo code POWER1-NOW this week only and save a life for FREE!


Follow the link, use the promo code given to sign up and donate one life saving malaria test.

The Missing V8 Commercial

I knew that there was one more V8 commercial I hadn't shared with you but just couldn't find it. So now I finally have and you can see it too. Enjoy.


JC Film Gallery Update

Wu Gang posted these photos today of the latest installations at the JC Film Gallery. He also said that they are rushing to complete it before opening.


Jackie News Videos

Some interesting news videos:

Just to let you know, that Jackie has backtracked on working with Zhang Yimou, saying it was a 'slip of the tongue'.

PS2013, Visit to Wuhu, Zhang Yimou:

JC World Park:


Bo Bo Tea Commercial

Very reminiscent of Young Master.


Wang Lee Hom's New Movie: My Lucky Star

Jackie fan's really ought to support this movie when it comes to a theater near you. Not only does it star Wang Lee Hom ("Little Big Soldier" and "CZ12" theme song) but the action choreography is by Wu Gang, assisted by Jackie himself.

And here is a video of Jackie helping out on set (with LINK):


Jackie Visits Zhang Yimou Studio

Jackie paid a visit to Zhang Yimou's Film Company Studio on Friday. Zhang Yimou is about to start filming a movie called "Return" (張藝謀 ) which is an adaption of "The Criminal Lu Yanshi," a novel by Yan Geling. Yan also collaborated with Zhang on the script for "The Flowers of War," a film adaptation of another of her novels, "13 Flowers of Nanjing".


New Forum!

After much consideration I have decided to create a forum on this blog. As I am having trouble getting it onto it's own page. Here it is for the moment. Please join. It's much more fun when lots of people are chatting. According to the FAQ's on Google Groups, you do not need to have a Gmail address or a Google account to join so don't be shy.


VIDEO: Jackie Chan Yizhuang World Park Signing Ceremony

Original source: HERE

For copyright reasons I am unable to upload these videos to Youtube.


Yay for Youtube! 31 minutes of Jackie in Ya'an. Enjoy.


Jackie Chan Yizhuang World Park

Today Jackie signed a mutual cooperation agreement with Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone to construct the 'Jackie Chan World Park' in the former royal hunting grounds in Beijing. The park will consist of 5 different themed areas with a number of pavilions. Jackie will donate at least 4 of his remaining 6 historic houses to the park. Jackie said that because the park is constructed in the middle of a lake the number of houses will depend on the aesthetics of the construction. He added that he will choose his two favourite buildings to be part of the construction. In addition Jackie will donate part of his private collections, saying that the JC Film Gallery in Shanghai will house his collection of movie memorabilia, while the park in Beijing will house his other collections.

The park will focus on promoting culture, education and technology. Jackie intends the park to provide a place of eduction for the people of Beijing and the world, and in particular children. It will promote literature, technology and music and Jackie has already secured agreements from Wakin (Emil Chau) and Wang Lee Hom to come and talk about music.

An artist's impression of the park.

SOURCE: YOUTH.CN and BJNEWS.COMhttp://www.bjnews.com.cn/ent/2013/09/12/283178.html

Video: Jackie Dubbing PS2013 Updated 2nd Video Added

If you can't see the video below here is the direct link and here is the second direct link.


VIDEO: Jackie announces movie with Zhang Yimou UPDATED

If you can't view the video here is the direct link

Jackie to Work With Zhang Yimou

While recording ADR and dubbing for NPS2013 today at Huirou Film Base in Beijing, Jackie allowed the press to be there for the day and gave a short interview.

Despite dubbing without a break from 10 am to 3 pm Jackie still had plenty of energy to answer questions. Reporters were impressed with Jackie's Beijing accent, noting that compared with many other HK actors his Mandarin skills were excellent. Jackie joked that he had been 'drifiting North for a long time'.

Jackie revealed that he had always wanted to be a policeman but could not pass the entrance exam because at the time of applying he could not read. He also failed the entrance examination for the fire service. As a result he turned to the movies, writing scripts to fulfil his dreams. Jackie also spoke about working with Liu Ye (the villain in the film) and how his many years of experience made it possible for him and his team to work with any opponent without injury.

Once again Jackie mentioned his desire to play many different kinds of roles and said that the only thing he will not do is play a villain and that this self imposed limitation had caused him to turn down many roles. Jackie mentioned that his next movie will be a Hollywood production in which he will have no action scenes at all (Skiptracer) but he was really in love with the script. Also revealed today (although this isn't such a big revelation) is that Jackie will once again be singing the theme song of the movie. Jackie did mention that this was going to be a 'special' song.

When asked about cooperating with mainland directors Jackie said that he and Zhang Yimou will be making a film together next year that will be "completely unexpected" - no one will imagine that Jackie would make a movie like this. The film evolved out of a script idea that Jackie had during a conversation with Zhang Yimou that is finally coming to fruition. Jackie also said he had had an invitation to make a movie with Chen Kaige and had the script for two years before having to turn it down because of scheduling conflicts. Jackie finished by saying that in future he will play many different roles.


ADR on PS2013

According to Ding Sheng Jackie has started recording ADR on PS2013. ADR is short for additional dialogue recording.


Jackie in Ya'an

A few more photos of Jackie in Ya'an.