Thursday, September 5, 2013

More Photos of Jackie in St Petersburg

Unfortunately news coverage of this event was very poor and there are very few photos available, but here are a few that I found. Jackie sang Guo Jia at the opening. He was accompanied by Zhang Ziyi.



Anonymous said...

He looks soo fantastic great !!! Soo good to see He is happy and feel good !!! Forever happy lucky days to Him !!! I LOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN !!!!!! <3<3<3 O_o

Anonymous said...

I am also very touched seeing how much time Jackie devotes to the happy Beautiful photos, I saved many of them.
!!! Good Great there!!!
I love sooooo much as Jackie looks soo great...I love His smile soo much !!! <3 :) Good super !!!!!!!!!!! <3 :) love love =D :) <3 <3

Anonymous said...

I wish there was more though. It was just starting to get more in depth when it was over. So many great Jackie videos <3...there a lot which I didn't see yet !!! I need a few hours to watch all of them ! Thanks for your great sharing !!!
<3 ^U^ JACKIE !!! >>>Very important event more your photos
great...I love His smile soo much !!! <3 :) =D

Amelie said...

Not many photos but they all are fantastic and I see how the Russians were great prepared for Jackie´s arrival. I agree with other fans, Jackie looks so great.

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