Monday, September 16, 2013

Wang Lee Hom's New Movie: My Lucky Star

Jackie fan's really ought to support this movie when it comes to a theater near you. Not only does it star Wang Lee Hom ("Little Big Soldier" and "CZ12" theme song) but the action choreography is by Wu Gang, assisted by Jackie himself.

And here is a video of Jackie helping out on set (with LINK):


Anonymous said...

Yessss...I am sure all the kids got a wonderful experience for their whole lifetime ...!!! Jackie you are great, you are amazing !!! I <3 U !!!

I am sure all the jackie photo more He has soo much resposibility and soo amazing a I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH JACKIE SUPER CHAN !!! <3<3<3 :) yes I wish I could be there with Him !!!!! Jackie you are great....I LOVE IT... I think these are very rare photos !!! Great, love it !!!

Anonymous said...

You are looking great jackie! pandas so very happy with you...You are my favourite actor.Have a good day! it is always same jakie ma fav star is you no boring with ur films u always ma super star may u live long with us and have love it many beautiful healthy to be in films as same....Jackie love you so too very much for making movies and wish u to make more so we can watch more.....i love to watch all your movies!

Anonymous said...

One of my favorite and active personalities. Jakie chan we love u!
where is jackie chan?

Anonymous said... it !!! <3

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