Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Jackie News Videos

Some interesting news videos:

Just to let you know, that Jackie has backtracked on working with Zhang Yimou, saying it was a 'slip of the tongue'.

PS2013, Visit to Wuhu, Zhang Yimou:

JC World Park:


Anonymous said...

I don't understand Him, I must be a clairvoyant again...and I see He must always explain Himself to the reporters...what he did, why he did , what he will do, why he will do..??? Ones should say the reporters it's so great that He do soo much good thing ...and He never regrets working hard and spending a lot of His money for this !!!!
And really good to see that He is happy !!! I LOVE YOU JACKIE CHAN FOREVER !!!! <33333333

Amelie/Dagmar said...

I also do not understand but the pictures are enough to me. I am happy to see jackie´s new videos to know how good he looks, what me makes, what places he visits and it´s great to see him having a good mood. Thanks for the great videos!

Anonymous said...

Jackie chan..wishing you good health and be happy always..
He doesnt look jackie chan where did you hide your foutain of youth?sir jackie, have you ever went to go against your parents decisions, have there been any decisions in your life that needed to go against what they wanted, and you ended up, disobeying them?

Anonymous said...

Congratulation to Jackie for being part of this Him i must working always and find this all very interesting. Love you much for posting these fine photos ! :) =D PHOTO MOOOOOOORE AND MOOOOOOOOORE !!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH....

Anonymous said...

I am sure all the jackie photo more He has soo much resposibility and soo amazing a I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH JACKIE SUPER CHAN !!! <3<3<3 :) yes I wish I could be there with Him !!!!! Jackie you are great....I LOVE IT...

Anonymous said...

I was very sad when I read in jACKIE CHAN that my favorite superstar is dead. Now I am so happy that it is a hoax. Jackie Chan is alive and well. Love you Jackie.
You are so nice man. I like you soooo much! I want to meet you in person just to give you a big hug.
I am big fan of your movies also my kids love your cartoon you are so funny in your movies you alway make happy one day i wish to JACKIE CHAN you that could be a honour.
That is a shame because there is so many videos of JC in chinese and not many translations. That means people like me who even use the english as a second or a third language can't understand anything. I understand nothing in chinese.:) =D
So many great Jackie videos <3...there a lot which I didn't see yet !!! I need a few hours to watch all of them ! Thanks for your great sharing !!!<3 ^U^ JACKIE !!! >>>Very important event more your photos great that soo many young people got the chance to make their dreams come true and show they talent !!! <Jackie looks soo great...I love His smile soo much !!! <3 :) I love His smile soo much !!! <3 :) =D

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