Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Jackie's Visit to Anhui.

Jackie sent this message to Wang Ping Jiu to publish on Weibo. Wang Ping Jiu is a song-writer / musician who works extensively with Jackie.

The past two days I have been to Wuhu (in Anhui). In 59 years I have never seen my brothers. Wow, I had only just arrived and there were already 50 people there. Originally my clan name was 'Fang', with this name, so many people. There was constantly some one calling me 'ye ye' (colloquial 'grandpa') or 'tai ye' (formal 'grandfather'). My seniority in the clan jumped a few levels. Today I saw the family home and the Fang Ancestral Hall. Every one gathered together for tea and I listened to every one talk about the past. I constantly had to endure the tears in my eyes, until they overflowed. Happy to share this with you.

成龙大哥发来的短信: 我這兩天到了安徽蕪湖,見到我59年來從未見過的兄弟。嘩!還有沒到的已經是快五十人了!原來我房氏家族這麼多人。不斷有人叫我"爺爺""太爺爺",我的輩分N級跳。今天又去看了祖地、祖屋和房氏祠堂。跟大家茶聚聽他們說從前,我一直忍著眼淚,最後還是流下淚了!幸福与你分享!



Anonymous said...

Happy Jackie !!! <3 Happy Family !!! <3 Happy me !!! <3:)
happy cying with Him !!! <3 LOVE YOU JACKIE !!! <3<3<3
Thanks for your sharing !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Wish I can see Him happy together with His Family !!!! <3 ^____^

Amelie said...

I am very thankful for this short article. So Jackie saw his brothers and openly writes about it. A very precious news, again a big thank.

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