The End.

Hi Everyone,

After doing this since 2009 the day has arrived when I'm stopping the blog. The beginning of the end came last year when Google stopped support of PICASA making the uploading and sharing of fullsize photos impossible. You may have noticed that I slowed the number posts over the last year significantly - this is the reason why.

Now today I received this notification in my inbox from Google:

Search Console
Increase in “404” pages on http://superchanblog.blogspot.com/

To: Webmaster of http://superchanblog.blogspot.com/,

Googlebot identified a significant increase in the number of URLs on http://superchanblog.blogspot.com/ that return a 404 (not found) error. This can be a sign of an outage or misconfiguration, which would be a bad user experience. This will result in Google dropping those URLs from the search results. If these URLs don't exist at all, no action is necessary.

Recommended Actions:

Identify the URLs with errors
Open the Crawl Errors report in your Search Console account to review the list of sample URLs.
Check Crawl Errors
Fix the issue
If these URLs are meant to exist, review the server configuration to make sure that it returns 200 OK (you may need help from your server administrator or hoster for this). If these URLs are invalid or not meant to exist, review the source of the URLs. Fix any links to these URLs from within your website and consider contacting external sites linking to them. Consider redirecting the invalid URLs to the appropriate page on your site, if recognizable. URLs that return 404 Not Found do not affect the rest of your website's visibility in search.
Verify the fix
Once you've fixed the URLs with errors, make sure that Googlebot can access and see your URLs properly, or that they return the correct error result code. Use Fetch as Google for this step.
Fetch as Google
Need more help?

• See the Crawl Errors - 404 not found Help Center article.
• Ask questions in our forum for more help - mention message type [WNC-655201].

Unfortunately whatever the problem is that Google is talking about I don't have the will to try and fix. There are over 8 years worth of posts on this blog. To try and identify which ones are causing a problem (and to be honest I suspect it is the images within the pages because of the PICASA issue) is impossible.

It is time to hang up my shoes. I will leave the blog up because I believe it is an important resource for fans.

To everyone thanks for all your support over the years. I appreciate it. Remember don't trust news on the internet - DOUBLE CHECK everything!

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