My Movie Weekend

Deciding to have a weekend movie fiesta I got 3 DVD's out:

1. Quantum of Solace
2. Naked Weapon 2 / House of Fury
3. Love Guru

On the surface totally unrelated right? But if I told you that each one had some connection to Jackie - would you believe me?

Ok let's deal with the easy one first.

Naked Weapon 2 AKA House of Fury (Why do they make these weird changes to the titles for the US release? It has absolutely no relation to Naked Weapon other than also starring Daniel Wu!) was produced by JCE and EEG. It stars ..... Daniel Wu and Gillian Chung! Jackie produced it ... etc etc etc. But I must admit that I didn't know that when I took it out - it was just a fun looking HK movie I hadn't seen so it was a pleasant surprise when the credits rolled to see the JCE logo.

Moving on .... 'Quantum of Solace' ... don't ask me why it's taken me so long to see this movie - somehow there were just always other movies I wanted to see more. Anyway it was kind fun playing 'spot the Jackie inspired action sequence' in this one. I spotted 2 copies of the 'Rumble in the Bronx' jump in the first big action sequence alone. Also finding their way in there were sequences from Accidental Spy, First Strike - scaffolding , Shanghai Noon - clock tower complete with bell just with guns instead of swords, Twin Dragons - boat chase, and several more I am sure.

Now for Mike Meyers and 'Love Guru' - now I KNOW you are wondering just where and how I found a connection to Jackie in THAT movie ... but in the middle of the bar fight the fight from Rush Hour 1 in the Chinese restaurant with Jackie and Chris Tucker 'Watch out!' is copied almost move for move. Don't blink but there it is!

So after deciding to take a brief break from watching Jackie - I ended up 'watching FOR Jackie' ha ha! LOL.


Remember how much fuss there was a while back because of some comments Jackie made at the Bao Forum on freedom? May I supply some perspective AKA another opinion:
There Is More Than One Jackie Chan
(originally published 5/4/09)

I was recently asked by someone how Hong Kong had changed since the "handover" in 1997. I have to say - as an on again off again observer - not much. (Shenzen - on the other hand - is an eye opener - and I only saw it in the dark.) Jackie Chan made the local news while I was there saying - basically - that freedom to the Chinese means chaos in the streets. He cited Hong Kong and Taiwan as examples. I have only been to Taiwan once, but that Hong Kong is chaotic is not new news.

Several years ago a young westerner was flogged in Singapore for vandalism. There was a great hue and cry. "How can Singapore have such draconian laws," the non-cognoscenti wailed? Being me, I just asked my best Singaporean friend the same question. "We are a polyglot people from all over the world." He continued, "have you ever seen the geography surrounding our little island nation? There's the Straights of Malaca to our west as full of pirates as anywhere (at the time). There is the worlds third most populous nation just 100 km south. And - if that weren't enough - to the north there are guerrilla elements (also known as bandits or 'land pirates') on the road from Johor to Kuala Lumpur." Here is the kicker, "we have tough laws because if we did not we would have chaos." Not my words. His.


Shinjuku Incident US Release


Bollywood? Sci Fi?

Sounds interesting ....
Shahrukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies Entertainment is planning to rope in Jackie Chan for the superhero flick 'Ra 1'.

It’s learnt if Shahrukh has his way; fans might see martial art legend Chan making a Bollywood debut with his first sci fi film. According to sources, SRK’s company is in talks with Chan to play the role of a scientist who helps Shahrukh to fight villains. As a source tells a tabloid, “They are hoping Jackie agrees to be part of the film. The production house has sent him a detailed script with the action scenes and a brief synopsis of his character.”

The movie will be based in Miami and the gorgeous Kareena Kapoor is going to play the female lead. SRK is leaving no stone unturned to make it in a big way. He has got the Hollywood crew for the film which he is making for his son Aryan. Cinematographer Ueli Steiger of 'The Maiden Heist' fame has been signed while David Benullo of 'Shadow Man' is screenwriter.

Well, ‘Ra 1’ with Jackie, sounds fun!


Learn a Word a Day

I just discovered that one of my favourite websites (NCIKU)to help me with Chinese has both a TWITTER and a FACEBOOK page. Their website is HERE. Follow them and learn some Chinese.

Photos - Jackie in Guangzhou

Source: ENT.QQ.COM I have only picked out a few to post - there are many more at the link.
LOS ANGELES January 27, King high-end men's once again working together to "Private teenager," Trust-Mart was held in Guangzhou tangxia massive third leg of a national tour. Jackie Chan is in person at the scene, with many viewers and fans close contact, to share "Private Game" behind the scene on you. Quite popular hot spot, very lively scene, "spectacular."

Lin Peng male fans have been photographed Seung Jun hug female fans have been "strong hold"

In the active site, Seung Jun, the new Seven Little Fortunes, Lin Peng and other major cast of the stage, so that atmosphere climax after another. Seven Little Fortunes, as Jackie Chan's disciple, brilliant performances the audience hooked. Film heroine is a newcomer Lin Peng, her live performance of "ouch" also brought a breath of fresh breath. Site also occurred in a small episode, singing the process, have male fans came to power to Lin Peng flowers, holds claim to the success of Lin P, but also calmly took out his mobile phone, proudly arm around his beautiful photographs, caused by the audience burst of Comedy. Seung Jun wonderful dancing is not giving the audience an eye-opener, which is a fluent Mandarin was greatly surprised, female fans frequently stage to present flowers and a very bold manner "strong hold" Idol, aroused the audience bursts of sensation.

Jackie Chan's career as a public-spirited volunteers donated movie tickets

Much attention, "Private Game" will release on February 14, while Jackie Chan is also a non-stop this time in the major cities of film advertising. Members of the public who heard about the day after another nearby, surrounded the venue will be packed, and even the distant bridge is also packed with spectators, "overlooking" the crowd, and some even climbed a tree adventure, only to see the Jackie Chan Big Brother presence. The appearance of Jackie Chan's older brother set off an immediate audience climax, Jackie Chan, Big Brother also very caring people who say hello to the crowd, "Everyone stood for a long time, it is tough! Overpass friends careful ah, standing at a height of a friend also careful ah, we should pay attention to safety ah! "

Jackie Chan has always been enthusiastic in public welfare undertakings, and keen to participate in various charity activities, but also very supportive of social welfare organizations. To show its support, Jackie Chan, together with Xiang Yu Group, for the Guangdong Federation of volunteers sent a 300 movie tickets; expressed great appreciation and admiration for his volunteers to promote social harmony in the efforts and contributions, and hoped that own film can send their warm wishes and encouragement, to add a happy New Year.

Jackie Chan's younger brother of the guide and support with added

Jackie Chan is also great interest to the audience introduced the "Private Game" shooting footage, conversations on the younger generation lead by the hand for me. Speaking of the actors after the election, Jackie Chan jokes beauty Linpeng very lucky. He disclosed that initially looking for an actress, they look for a lot of actresses. When he was back in the Olympic opening ceremony when the first saw Lin Peng, they found that she is looking for candidates he wants to go back immediately to the director, strongly recommended, and she became a heroine.

The tough training of the Chinese language Seung Jun momentum has also impressed him, because in the past in South Korea has been a lot of Korean people care, so Jackie decided to work harder for the Han Seung Jun, "want to help him one." According to reports, seven small blessing or a Jackie Chan from more than 20 million people chosen, talking about his own disciples, Jackie Chan is also very proud that they are skill everyone in our amazing host, dance, performing everything line. But their first day to shoot the scene having first played dead Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan brother said they gave great hopes that they can train for all aspects of talent, "in order to survive such a long time in the film industry some, like me, , "Chan says. He also stressed that the Seven Little Fortunes of dance highlights the best place is to incorporate a lot of Chinese elements, in his view, has a unique personality to come to the fore.


Interesting Clip

This was uploaded today - interesting clip - we don't often see these 'on the street' clips of Jackie. Because he says 'J & J project, me and Jet Li' this was sometime just before 'Forbidden Kingdom' came out. Jackie is walking on Rodeo Drive in LA with Curtis Wong and meets a few reporters and fans. Short but interesting glimpse of Jackie.


Interesting Comments from Amber Valleta

This is an audio report so you have to follow the link and listen but Amber Valleta talks about her impressions of Jackie - really interesting what she says.


Did you know?

Sometime the oddest facts pop up so here is one for today ...

Did you know that Michael Douglas's son Cameron was in 'Mr Nice Guy' as one of Giancarlo's men? No? I didn't either.

But check out the credits on IMDB and you will see in the looong list of 'Giancarlo's men' one Cameron Douglas who just happens to be Michael Douglas's son.

Jackie in Chengdu

Next stop in the promotion tour for Little Big Soldier is Chengdu.


Jackie meets with terminally ill fan:

I first read is the older brother Jackie Chan's "Twin Dragons" has all remember. "As a die-hard fan of Jackie Chan, Yao Jinrong terminally ill girl Jackie Chan has always wanted to see it face to face. Last night, Jackie Chan's brother finally led the "Little Big Soldier" cast some actors come to Chengdu, Wanda Cinema Jinhua store, realized and Rongrong meet commitments. The most unusual is that in that Rongrong Today is the first time in 20 years, make-up, the Jackie Chan immediately bend presented an affectionate kiss: "The first time make-up, very beautiful Well! "In Jackie Chan's leadership, along with the audience shouted:" Rongrong refueling! "

In fact, they know Rongrong's condition. Today, however, you only make her happy enough.

Jackie Chan's brother a wave
Brawny handsome guy to go with her

When Yao Jinrong a wheelchair came to Wanda Cinema hall when the original is still the stage to accept the audience cheering the stars who immediately let out a channel. Rongrong looked handsome guy in front of beauty is also some timid. Jackie Chan's big hand wave, and his disciple the new Seven Little Fortunes, and several other brawny men immediately and the master, together with carefully Rongrong's wheelchair will be carried to the stage.

Subsequently, the captain Wang Xiang with his brother, the division will be Rongrong Wai up, "Your courage in the face of illness, more than any of us are more powerful. Our crew of brothers and sisters for your clicker, OK?" Rongrong shy nodded, the new Seven Little Fortunes, Seung Jun are with their own song and dance as Rongrong blessing, Rongrong only active right hand has also been performed for the brothers and sisters in the name of tempo.

Jackie Chan bend Xianwen
Boasted she was "very pretty"

Regularly participate in charitable activities, Jackie Chan, better than the common people understand the power of charity, but also know better the needs of people in serious illness and cheerful smiles. When his disciples would Rongrong wheelchair carried to the stage when Jackie Chan skillfully pushing wheelchairs, in Rongrong, and we say hello, he has skillfully wheelchair down a "brake." A series of intimate action, so that ordinary Rongrong superstar Jackie Chan in front of a sense of slowly tension subsided.

When Jackie Chan learned Rongrong in order to see their own make-up for the first time in 20 years time, immediately bent down, hands escorted Rongrong's head, presented a passionate kiss, "the first time make-up, very beautiful Well!" So saying, on Rongrong's ears began to sing his own song - "Believe in Yourself", this song was created for the earthquake disaster area, and he in particular Rongrong seriously listen to the content of the lyrics.

Jackie Chan, but also Xianwen also Xiange, Rongrong of course, very excited, she told Big Brother Jackie Chan that he would refuel. Jackie Chan also called for audience of several hundred fans, and with him shouting "Rongrong refueling," the slogan of hope Rongrong away from the pain.

Big Brother will be martial arts Jackie Chan
"Please help me, he beat disease"

To see the dream of Jackie Chan, Yao Jinrong in a lot of effort: her first-ever make-up, for the first time into the busy shopping malls to buy new shoes, new clothes.

She would like to make that moment into his life in the eternal. Of course, in fact, she did not know: The rest of his life itself is already small, may also be too late to forget this day, it has ended.

Jackie Chan face, hot dry mouth, etc.
Silly boy, drink plenty of water without destroying lipstick

Sitting in front of VIP lounge to wait for Jackie Chan, Yao Jinrong has been immersed in the excitement, my mind kept rolling left to right-huang and his eyes looked around, she said: "My face is now Hao Tang Oh."

Hot is normal, in addition to excitement, but also because a rest room temperature very high, Yao Jinrong lips done from the shell, accompanied four of her West Branch Hospital palliative nurse Yaojin Rong Huang Junbo to drink water, Yao Jinrong shook his head. Carefully to the Yao Jinrong of Huang Junbo aware of the concerns, said: "drink water, lipstick will not be destroyed!"

Watching Yao Jinrong, the reporter asked: "Jackie Chan saw Big Brother, you are most wanted to say that?"

Jackie Chan, especially since the fight, so "asked him to help me and the dinner will be sister Kai beat disease." Yao Jinrong looked at to use to pray for reporters, said: "See you later, when Jackie Chan's older brother standing behind me Oh, you , or I should Wangci a nervous! "

The first make-up, "I feel confident changed"

See Jackie Chan ago, Yao Jinrong there is a requirement - of a makeup, "I have never been of makeup, like a beautiful spot." Yao Jinrong have this desire to know, Ba and Shu-Yuan Feng-star to make their make-up artist has long been dedicated to the hospital.

Life for the first time make-up, so Yao Jinrong particularly excited about. Looking at the photo of a good makeup of their own, long eyelashes, curly hair, Yao Jinrong has also taken aback: "I think it has become confident."

Behind the scenes
Spectators are lying to her

Meeting will be 6:00 p.m. start time of 5:30, they had a lot of fans after another approach, near 6 o'clock, the atmosphere of the venue becomes active, the hosts came to power, introducing the film, after the completion of the dragon, specifically describes the Jackie Chan Yao Jinrong this particular fan.

Yao Jinrong after talking about the story, and in order to continue to conceal Yao Jinrong's condition, the host made a special statement "because the girl did not know their own illness, please give her blessing and hope."

Organizers Change Process

"Little Big Soldier" crew arrived in Chengdu yesterday, is to film propaganda campaign, in Wanda Studios would have had to arrange to meet Jackie Chan, the main interaction with the fans. When Wanda Studios know that Yao Jinrong such a special fans, the immediate and Jackie Chan team were contacted. As a result, the parties urgently to change the entire process. A lot of interactive sessions will be canceled, on-site set aside for 20 minutes, let alone Jackie Chan and Rongrong.


One of the other fans to meet Jackie was a little girl who lost her right hand in the earthquake.
After the secondary brother, Jackie Chan has arrived in Chengdu brother. Today, he will arrive with the new Seven Little Fortunes Chengdu, in order to film "Little Big Soldier" selling. It is learned that, to this film, as well as of His own, Jackie Chan has taken great pains, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Lianpao cities in publicity, February 3 will be held in Beijing on a grand premiere ceremony, kin, Jonathan Lee, Zhao Benshan and so a group of friends will be invited to attend. Jackie Chan's older brother Chengdu line in turn do? Reporter inquire in advance about that.

"downright genius"
Want to come to an end interview

Apart from regular press briefing, the brother of Chengdu, this time line to go high-end line of the. According to the organizers say, Jackie Chan will bring New Seven Little Fortunes, held on Wangfujing Studios a "high-end dialogue", while the dialogue is another hero Prachuab downright genius, the famous playwright Mr. Wei Minglun. One is the real deal of effort emperor, the other is through the pen display dramatic charm of "The Forbidden Kingdom", the two masters contest of strength, it is worth looking forward to. It is reported that a high-end dialogue, the two expert will talk of everything, from the Lunar New Year stalls talking about, all the way Talking about the film an ethical culture will be the ultimate detonation of Sichuan opera culture and dialogue related to martial arts films.

Twists and turns, on-chip side contacted by this newspaper of a particular disaster area children - primary school in Dujiangyan fraternity Xia Feng-ting, 10-year-old Xia Feng-ting lost in the earthquake in the right hand by participating in this newspaper and Chengdu, the artist launched a "colorful fund", she became the "Art Helping the Disabled Scheme" recipients, a little girl in the painting to find a new happiness. One wanted to see Jackie Chan, she was very excited that he wants to paint the scene as Jackie Chan, Big Brother, with action to tell the children concerned about the Jackie Chan hit uncle, "We are very strong, we are living well!" And Jackie Chan, Big Brother will also children bring good luck. In addition, Jackie Chan will also Wanda Cinema, for a terminally ill girl dreams come true.

A hungry little boy
Paint the disaster areas as a model

He has always been committed to charity This year, although the limited time available, but still would be in the end charity. It is understood that, in the Wangfujing Studios will be the scene of the meeting, Chan will meet with a brother a special small fan - who lost his right hand in the earthquake, only 10-year-old girl Xia Feng-ting. Jackie Chan has always been very concerned about the lives of children stricken areas, 5.12 after a massive earthquake, big brother is not only the first contribution to the Deyang hospital visits, is also an anniversary of the 2009 earthquake to hit Mianzhu participation "Heart to Heart" performance , in order to fuel reconstruction. Although this time, Chengdu, and time was short, but still want to Jackie Chan to express concern about the disaster areas.

Beijing premiere
Zhao Benshan leave to Jackie Chan to join in

It is understood that, "Little Big Soldier" will be held February 14 Lunar New Year stall landing, in order to film, Jackie Chan's skill under the foot. After the parade lap in the country, he will be February 3 Wukesong Stadium in Beijing held a "Little Big Soldier" Gala Premiere of kin, Jonathan Lee, Zhao Benshan, small Shenyang stars will come to join in when Jackie Chan Big Brother's new Seven Little Fortunes of His will with the Hill Uncle Liu Laogen big stage performers come to a fantastic Bi Pin.

As the Spring Festival Evening crew to determine the beginning February 1 with a fitted dress rehearsal, timing is very, very nervous, as the finale of the Spring Festival Evening drama Zhao Benshan is a protected object, in his pre-Spring Festival Evening activities, and to arrange, you must obtain CCTV coordination arrangements, Zhao Benshan the expense of precious time to rest to the "Little Big Soldier" to join in once again proved that relations between the two unusual.


Premier with a Difference

The premier for Little Big Soldier on February 3rd sounds like it is going to be quite an event. It is to be held at the Wukesong Stadium in Beijing which seats 8 000 people. The premier event will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV on February 5th.

Netease Entertainment January 28 reported that efforts to build from Jackie Chan's latest action movie Lunar New Year work, "Private Game" will be double (Lunar New Year + Valentine's Day) February 14 to seize the Lunar New Year holidays, but many years later returned to the Lunar New Year stalls Jackie Chan also attached great importance to "Private Game", good karma, he naturally has a lot of friends come to help out. February 3 Wukesong Stadium in Beijing at the "Private Game" premiere ceremony, kin, Jonathan Lee, Zhao Benshan, small Shenyang, big stars would come to join in when Jackie Chan of His big brother will be the new Seven Little Fortunes with the Hill Uncle Liu Laogen big stage performers come to a fantastic Bipin, see who's the best apprentice to master a long face. Presented by the Bowie, He Jiong, who presided over the gathering of more than 8000 spectators will be invited to share the feast, not Spring Festival Evening is worth a Spring Festival Evening.

Gala Premiere stationed in Wukesong Sports Center

In the "Private Game", the Jackie Chan is not only starring, is also chairman of producers, story ideas, and action director and other identification, so attention to this new, premiere naturally can not slack. Upcoming February 3rd's "Private Game" Gala Premiere will be broke through to the film premiere of conventional model, the direct stationed in Wukesong Sports Center, can accommodate 8000 people faced with a broad stage for the eight in the Bird's Nest million people in the stadium sounds of Jackie Chan naturally goes without saying, which I am afraid that will break the premiere ceremony of the Mainland's largest record, when the audience really came to enjoy the feast of the blessed.

Teacher outstanding students to help out is worth a Spring Festival Evening

Jackie Chan has an excellent popularity and ultimately, in all walks of life are friends, concerts, movies have a lot of friends to help out, this time the premiere of such a grand scale, naturally attracted a lot of friends to come join in, the light Jonathan Lee is a kin and the two times since the Rolling Stones album "A Hero Never Dies" In co-operation so far heavyweight musicians, enough to once again staging a "main line" scale. Jackie Chan and the Friends Zhao Benshan will also carry a small Shenyang disciples to attend and perform, and there teacher produce outstanding students, when Jackie Chan Big Brother and the Hill's own uncle Check these disciples, take a look at the "New Seven Little Fortunes" and "Liu Laogen big stage" The actors who is more out of color.

In addition to the many stars to come to join in, "Private Game" premiere hosted by Bowie and Ho Kyung, experienced two have worked together many times, understanding the natural do not worry, the popular TV host in Beijing and the new Li-kun Seven Little Fortunes to join one of the Ji Tao, I believe that will offer viewers a fantastic performance. It is reported that Taiwan premiere addition to inviting the audience to go to admire, but also in February 5 in Beijing, the exclusive TV broadcast, when the viewers at home can enjoy this event in Taiwan.

Zhao Benshan crew took time off to join in the Spring Festival Evening

"Private Game" is different from the pre-Jackie Chan's action movies, although the continuation of the previous signs of Jackie Chan-style, set in a martial arts comedy, but in the "Private Game", the Jackie Chan did not use the audience's attention, but more We want to be able, after laughing off a serious reflection on the "home" and "country" the relationship between the theme. As early as two decades ago, Jackie Chan produced a film on such a project on "Private" and "teenager," the story of the way, twenty years later, when a "teenager" has become a "soldier" to eventually become a kung fu star Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom new combination of musical genius by the Jackie Chan proud disciple of the new Seven Little Fortunes, Korean Dance King Seung Jun, Olympic beauty and character actor Baoqiang Lin Peng joined in the full impact of the Lunar New Year Lunar New Year stalls.

For the Jackie Chan of 20-year effort to complete a story, Zhao Benshan as Jackie Chan's old friend is also busy taking the time to give Jackie Chan cheer. Because since January 20 had been stationed at Spring Festival Evening Zhao Benshan crew, and every night on television home for rehearsals. Spring Festival Evening crew also identified in the February 1 start with a fitted dress rehearsal, timing is very, very nervous, as the finale of the Spring Festival Evening drama Zhao Benshan is a protected object, in his pre-Spring Festival Evening activities, and arrangements must be sought crew coordination arrangements, Zhao Benshan the expense of precious time to rest to give Jackie Chan's "Private Game" to join in once again proved that relations between the two unusual.


What a Day!

Yesterday Jackie was in Guanzhou promoting Little Big Soldier but he also attended 3 different events + interviews. This report gives you an idea of what the day was like.

Now just add in some details from twitter we know Jackie left Hong Kong in the morning and flew to Guangzhou.

Jackie was awarded Honorary President of Guandong Volunteers Association

Big Brother busy, Guangzhou, running three one day games
(Reporter Shen Yuan-an)

Jackie Chan's older brother in order to film "Little Big Soldier" promotion is very hard to do, and Guangzhou as the third leg of the itinerary was arranged three conferences. In order to meet Jackie Chan, the organizers have Qiazhuo time making activities, while Chan went, the enthusiasm of fans make the air suddenly heated up. The same day, was awarded the honorary chairman of the Guangdong volunteer Jackie Chan will be 300 "Little Big Soldier" movie ticket in Guangzhou Asian Games volunteers sent.

The first Event: Tangxia Trust-Mart

Actress Lin Peng grab limelight

Time: 14:20

Participation Time: 15 minutes

Participate in the activities: Overlord Men shampoo-cum-"Little Big Soldier" conference

Field Record: In order to see Jackie Chan, a lot of people went to the site early on, even the bridge on both side of the road jammed with people everywhere to maintain order and security. When "Little Big Soldier" singing actress Lin Peng, Chan suddenly appeared at the scene, the crowd commotion, eyes all left the stage, and confused the singer Lin Peng a little embarrassed. Jackie Chan came to power, first is the People First against the people standing on the bridge, said we should pay attention to safety.

When asked why pick to do the female lead Lin Peng, Chan responded that the original opening ceremony of the Olympic Games met her, saw her with a lot of children, noticed that she was very dedicated, have always maintained a smile, so recommend to the director her. As for the other a South Korean actor Seung Jun, Chan said he RAIN in South Korea even more than red, but to abandon the Korean market to China's development, and efforts to learn Chinese. Give him an opportunity because of their own in South Korea 30 years ago when many South Koreans who have been of help, find Seung Jun is purely a debt of gratitude. As for his ability by virtue of the "Little Big Soldier" became popular to rely on his own good luck.

The Second Event: Tianhe City flying Studios

Does the Spring Festival Evening, or a secret

Time: 15:30

Participation Time: 15 minutes

Participate in the activities: Guangdong, China re-start-cum-film, "Little Big Soldier" conference

Field Record: Gaiden car Xiao understanding Shanxi is rich dinner Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan, there is no positive response to this, saying he did not know what they get married. Does this year at the Spring Festival Evening Show, he said that was not yet fixed, is singing or other forms, Jackie Chan with a smile is a secret.

For the recent holiday period film competition, Jackie Chan said he did not pressure the box office for so many years, but want to make your favorite movies. But he said that if the mainland 10 billion in overseas box office, then zero, it is also quite a failure, but if China one million, the United States 40 million, France 30 million, then the movie a success. The current Chinese cinema in the country did not support then basically failed, so he urged people to support the domestic film, but if the film itself is not bad to encourage everyone to see. He believes that the media and the User words is to encourage and urge the film makers shoot better movies.

Third Event: Weijia Adams Square Jin Yi Film City

Chong 300 million at the box office

Time: 16:50

Participation Time: 15 minutes

Participate in the activities: Jin Yi Studios fifth anniversary of the Opening Ceremony, "Little Big Soldier" conference

Field Record: In Jin Yi Film City, hung out banners and wish the "Little Big Soldier" breakthrough 300 million at the box office, Jackie Chan, am very happy.

On Why Ding Sheng become a director, Jackie Chan boast that he is a versatile director, will be compiled will lead, but also be able to perform singing and very versatile. Jackie Chan said he has always admired the all-powerful man, so would like to kin, Lee Hom, it is because they are the all-powerful. Some actors will be acting, the other not, it will be very short of vitality. If the all-powerful and vitality will be very strong. They therefore make disciples have done all-around entertainer.

A reporter asked the director of their own small y @ products can play this much points, 95 points D director, says with a laugh. Chan said that if to give him 100 points seems to be flattering, giving 50 points again belittle him. Chan also said that in the future and the mainland will be the new directors, will promote a number of new actors, directors and writers.


Then Jackie left and went to attend a press conference.
They stay for half an hour later, he was rushed to St. Augustine's in a restaurant in this special interview. However, was originally supposed to visit a good 40 minutes, obstinately was shortened into 20 minutes. In the meantime, Jackie Chan's staff also repeatedly urged the reporters call it a day, saying that Jackie Chan soon to rush to fly.


What a Day!!!

Jackie talks about Jaycee, Little Big Soldier and things

Although time was short Jackie had time to answer a few questions in Guangzhou today:

New Express reported January 28 in Hong Kong say that Dawn's "thought-provoking saying King", in fact, Jackie Chan is well-lakes. Yesterday (27 days), even though he only spent a half-day in Guangzhou, giving reporters a short time, leaving only 20 minutes, but each answer a question, have "stood for" smoke.

On acting

"After a golden age for an actor had no"

Lunar New Year holiday period they have two works by crowding together, Chan says, because "Little Big Soldier" pushed the release time of a push would result in such a situation. "This film and the film are not the same I had before I had been playing the playing the fight, it is now playing theater playing the movie." The point is not simply their own movie now is war, and it can have a lot of text show.

Talking about "Little Big Soldier" with Donnie Yen's "Jin Yiwei" in the same time slots where you afraid of the audience to compare, and brother Jackie Chan comedy, said: "two plays are different, if he is" Jin Yiwei "I was" clothing Wei Jin, "it is different. before the zombie film has just come out when a film is 100, and now," Ip Man "is also. I do not want you to swarm the movie went to shoot the same subject matter. "

Donnie Yen in an interview not long ago, when to go to the Jackie Chan has said that age, do not want to continue playing. For this statement, Chan magnanimously said: "He was right. I also like playing slap and do not like to play not to play. Such as "Shinjuku Incident" which, I totally did not hit, "Rob=B-Hood" where I played a thief, but this time I was mortally afraid of death of a soldier, the next one "12 Chinese Zodiac", I will fight fiercely, from start to finish. actors can go to 80-year-old, but an actor too a golden age is gone, Zidan understand this. "The reporter continued to ask him, Donnie Yen is now the more he more red, as the eldest brother Jackie Chan, think that one day, he can reach his height? Jackie Chan musing a minute, asked the reporter: "I have a high degree of?" Told reporters: "Like you to become an international star." Chan said: "I am an ordinary person, an international star is your talking about. Jet Li play-off I, Derek Yee acting better than me, Zhang Yimou's film better than I do, the best people than I do. In fact, the audience is good in the world to see, I was indifferent."

Tan Son

"I hope that he will be more than Bruce Lee fight, run faster than Liu Xiang"

Off to one side of the Ding Sheng director revealed that he was initially hoped that Jackie Chan's father and son work together to star in "Little Big Soldier", this will be very interesting, but the older brother is severely declined, and even added: "If the Jaycee Chan years long, I would do not show it; if I played, Jaycee Chan can not be played. "

A reporter asked why the big brother to say it, Chan said: "This is not fun, because it's easy to enter the audience can not play. For example I play Lee Hom a mouth, he hit back to me, which are all feeling at the. However, if replaced by Jaycee Chan, who watched the whole theater would laugh. if I and my wife played with romance, you will find interesting Mody? If this movie, I played a thief, Jaycee Chan came for me, there may be feeling. "

But in the process of cooperation, Chan Lee Hom has been exaggerated to the sky to underground no, but also more than once said that he hoped the other is his son, the reporter asked him if he Is not afraid of too much against the ancestral name? "I just want to blow him! This and Wang Lee Hom live with every day I could see that his efforts. Each time we came his room, have to see him open the computer, not to write music is to write scripts. Every time chat with me are all talk and role play, or else is to practice martial arts. I later learned that he was originally a left-handed, his right hand is very flexible. But when it comes where I want him to play left hand injury, so that he would have every every day in practice to make the sword with his right hand. I think God is very unfair to him, and singing and good looks also handsome, tall and high, very hard for us really much injustice. "

The Jaycee Chan Do not work hard to do? Chan said: "The son of parents is always very demanding. I hope that he will be more than Bruce Lee fight, run faster than Liu Xiang than Yao Ming's basketball is good, and can shoot an "Avatar" - you say that I do not ask for it?, but we can not do like him! "present everyone laughed.

On director

"Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee on the wrong horse a"

Although his film into the Lunar New Year stalls, but always flying time of Jackie Chan's older brother but has not yet read any of this year's Lunar New Year stall a movie. Turning to Chinese director Zhang Yimou's "Three Gun Pai An Jing Qi" has become the most profitable home-made New Year movie file, but when the bad word of mouth, Chan said: "Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee are my favorite directors, because they will not only shot a type of movie. before I do not believe that they two will make an action movie, but I am wrong horse. I, and Sammo Hung will only beat to play with me, can not shoot the meaning and essence of martial arts, but you see " hero "inside, a sword can pass through a small drop. I am not making art films, Zhang Yimou can shoot anything, he is a director a lot of talent."

On the Asian Games

"You have everyone Asian Games Ambassador"

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games as a publicity ambassador, Jackie Chan, a reporter asked whether there is currently massive construction projects in Guangzhou got to the status of the people complaining to the Government put on this. Jackie Chan is quite smooth, said: "I do not have opinions, I can only do my own strength. But it depends on everyone to support the Asian Games, and you see the Olympic Games, relies on all Chinese people. The Olympics, when many of my friends around me have done their duty, such as Xu Jinglei, she said the Olympics was time to leave Beijing, I asked her why, she was released so as to give the guests a little space, but also less open spots car. So you everyone the Asian Games ambassador, everyone more humor and less open spots car, the Asian Games will be very successful. "


New Poster for Little Big Soldier

OOHHH this is NICE -


Jackie in Guangzhou today

Video HERE


Lin Peng

Seung Jun

300 free movie tickets

following Shenzhen, Fuzhou, the January 27 afternoon, Jackie Chan, "Little Big Soldier" road show was held in Guangzhou, attracting large audiences onlookers. Portable film starring Jackie Chan, Lin Peng, Seung Jun and the New Seven Little Fortunes Taiwan unveiled, thanks support from their fans, apart from a promotional video for Jackie Chan, Big Brother will not forget to cultivate new to talk about casting the original "insider."

Fans engaged in "trick" 100

Rarely appear in the supermarkets outdoor plaza attracts fans of Jackie Chan's pursuit of view, apart from the venue was crowded around outside the bridge crossing the road is also jammed with fans, the fans even more agile way to climb trees, branches, we To glimpse of Jackie Chan's style, Shashi spectacular scene. Finale appearance of Jackie Chan for the support from their fans are quite impressed, and you send a cordial greeting and a kiss at the same time, while also reminding fans pay attention to safety bridges and trees.

Be Aiwujiwu, the audience for the Jackie Chan in the "Little Big Soldier" in the promotion of Lin Peng, Seung Jun, the new Seven Little Fortunes, but also to give mad hug, tricks 100. Lin Peng in singing "Oh," when, in addition to being a male fan stage to present flowers to embrace, the self-timer is also pulling a photo with the phone, very funny. Young handsome new Seven Little Fortunes debut attracted a female audience screaming, "好帅ah" sportsman Seung Jun, who have lost several female fans stage to present flowers and fierce embrace, on-site competing crazy star-chasing.

Pu casting "insider" Find Seung Jun is a debt of gratitude South Korea

"Little Big Soldier" New Year's Day February 14 release, the impact of Lunar New Year Lunar New Year stalls. Recalls the film shoot, Chan Tai Bao casting spot "inside", actress Lin Peng is due to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in 2008 in the background, passing in the night, that she was in line with the image of the female lead. Is not fluent in Chinese to find the Seung Jun, Chan Seung Jun admire the one hand, to abandon the Korean market, the courage to learn Chinese into China, on the other hand revealed that 30 years ago, Jackie Chan himself in South Korea, do not understand Korean, but it did get a lot of Korean enthusiasm to help, this is a debt of gratitude, to the Seung Jun opportunity to row on row, no can not.

Jackie Chan's older brother also encouraged fan site, no matter what industry, should pay attention to their demeanor, it may be noted that on the moment and usher in a very good chance. From "Descendants of the Dragon," singled out the new Seven Little Fortunes, Chan disclosed that film, "Little Big Soldier" when the new Seven Little Fortunes are good bald shaving preparations participating "in October Besieged City", the Provisional pulled over speech, "Little Big Soldier", the first play, played dead. For the new Seven Little Fortunes, Jackie Chan asked them apart from acting, the aircraft lights, Wu refers to cutting films, singing would have to learn, asking them to do all-around entertainer, so that the film industry to survive longer.

In the active site, has been enthusiastic in public welfare undertakings, Chan accepted the honor in Guangdong Province Federation volunteer certificate, called for more people to join the social welfare activities. At the same time, Jackie Chan together Overlord, Guangdong Federation of sending 300 volunteers, "Little Big Soldier" movie tickets, to encourage volunteers to their hard work. Lake / text and map


The Song Jackie sang in Spy Next Door

Actually I already answered this question HERE but as lots of people search for the answer and don't seem to find it I am doing a whole separate post on it.

The song is from Jackie's movie 'Rob-B-Hood' (2006). Some people call it 'Bao Bei' song.

The lyrics are:
Ba Ma De Hua

dào tiān míng bù gǎn qù shuì
dān xīn nǐ hàn liú jiá bèi
kàn zhù nǐ kě ài dào liú lèi
wàng jì le zì jǐ pí bèi

bǎo bèi bǎo bèi ài nǐ yī bèi
bù qiú nǐ yǒu shěn me zuò wèi
jiàn kāng kuài lè gěi nǐ zāi péi
zhǐ quí nǐ wèn xīn wú kuì

jiāng jiāo ér bào zài huái xīn suān nán le
wèi niáng wǒ yǒu huà duì nǐ yún

bǎo bèi bǎo bèi zǒu chū bǎo lěi
nǐ yào zì jǐ xiǎo xīn fáng bèi

zhuàn de qián gěi nǐ huā fèi
dān xīn nǐ niàn shū tài lèi
dào yī tiān nǐ zǒu chū shè huì
dān xīn nǐ yǒu fǒu jī huì

bǎo bèi bǎo bèi ài nǐ yī bèi
bù qiú nǐ yǒu shěn me zuò wèi
jiàn kāng kuài lè gěi nǐ zāi péi
zhǐ quí nǐ wèn xīn wú kuì
jiāng jiāo ér bào zài huái xīn suān nán le
wèi niáng wǒ yǒu huà duì nǐ yún

zhè shì jiè rú cǐ diān pèi
qián wàn bié bàn tú ér fèi
qián xīn wàn kǔ bǎ nǐ zāi péi
bà mā de kǔ zhī dào méi

Parent Song

Even as the dawn breaks, I can not sleep
Because I worry that you will become ill as you sleep.
When I look at you, I see how lovely you are and tears come into my eyes
I forget my own fatigue.

My darling, my treasure, I love you forever
I only hope that you are healthy and happy and that I can nurture you
and you will have no regrets.

I hold you in my arms and I feel happiness but I also feel worried
As though I were your mother, I have something to tell you
My darling, my treasure, one day you will leave home
Please take care of yourself.

We earn money so you can spend it
We worry that you’ll be too tired for studying
One day you will go out into society
We worry about whether you will have a good chance in life

My darling, my treasure, I love you forever
I only hope that you are healthy and happy and that I can nurture you
and you will have no regrets.

I hold you in my arms and I feel happiness but I also feel worried
As though I were your mother, I have something to tell you
My darling, my treasure, one day you will leave home
Please take care of yourself.

This world is so chaotic
Don’t give up too easily
Because we tried our best to nurture you
Can you understand what we’ve done for you?

Source: JackieChanKids.Com

The Music Video of the song:


There is a list of quick links to all the songs I have lyrics for in the sidebar under LYRICS

Jackie on Chinese Talk Shows

Chinese talk shows:



Making of Little Big Soldier


New Clip from Little Big Soldier

New Clip with behind the scenes of Little Big Soldier HERE

And a different one on youtube:


Lin Peng Joined Jackie on Asia Uncut

Netease Entertainment January 26 reported that January 22 , The film "Private Game" main actor Jackie Chan, Lin P, Wang Lee Hom Star Tv gathered in Shanghai to attend the meeting will be activities for the film promotion rally. As the only woman who attended the event guests, is also the only film actress, Lin P then it is extremely eye-catching, during which sang the first solo EP "I'm Lin Peng," the title track, "Ai You." Fluent in English and a monologue, then for laying the foundation for future international development.

Lin Peng started his screen challenge to seduce the two main male lead role in Back to Basics

Lin Peng, as new film, the first "shock" would be Jackie Chan's "favor" in its 20 years of nausea also known as "Private Game" as the female lead. The Jackie Chan's selection of Lin Peng, also took a fancy to her indifferent, yet elegant and charming temperament, and the film Back to Basics corner is very consistent. In the day's activities, the Jackie Chan movie for the younger generation, but also full of praise, saying that acting skillfully.

"Private Game" in the emotional drama much attention, but Lin Peng and Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom section of the complex between the triangles are also naturally become the focus of the day the media asked this, Lin P, said: Back to Basics is the fate of a multi - contradictory, Rouqingsishui woman entertainer is not sold themselves, but in exchange for more food relief to the victims of the poor, she went to lure soldiers at the expense of hue and the teenager, but both also have bowed under her Dan Liuqun. As for the Back to Basics finally Trees, Lin P is not too much to disclose, only to be please go to theaters to see the film's how. Although in the film being a "soldier" and "teenager" in fierce pursuit, but the life of Lin Peng was at the window period and, therefore, a reporter took the opportunity to launch an attack, asking mate standards, Lin Peng was astute

Answered: whether it is full of majestic Big Brother is still talented handsome guy, are their own dreams if they can combine the better.

Lin Peng a big show of English Lee Hom Xiong holds a good grounding in the scene

On the day, Lin Peng as a "Private Game" the only actress on stage and in fluent English with the presence of the guests and the media say hello. Appeared in the Lin Peng, Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom has also staged a real-life version of "love triangle." The public activities are Lin Peng and Wang Lee Hom from "Private Game" Fixing the first time after the meet, "teenager," Wang Lee Hom up Jiu Ji Lin Peng a big hug, and "Private" Jackie Chan is just silently looked at two, secretly grief. More Coincidentally, Lin Peng has sang the same day the new album's flagship song "Ai You," but Lin Peng, and did not like the ill-fated Back to Basics, but rather access to multi-party praise. Wang Lee Hom singing for the first time to hear Lin Peng is non-stop applause, saying we must have the opportunity to cooperate with Lin Peng.

As we all know, English is the female star of the stepping-stone to the world, while the emergence of the Lin Peng, combined with the "Dragon Lady" and "seeking girls" dual identity, Lin P into an international movie just around the corner.

Lin Peng In addition to the film's success, the music Lin Peng's first solo EP will also be launched at the end of the first. It is understood that the upcoming debut EP "I'm Lin Peng," a collection of five songs, Lin Peng tried a different musical genre, is expected at the end of the official release.


Jackie Promotes 'Little Big Soldier' in Chengdu

"Private teenager" Tomorrow will be Jackie Chan Lai Rong newspaper

11:00-11:30 morning, this newspaper will be a hotline 86.96918 million collected 20 "Dragon fans"

The upcoming February 14th release of "Private Game" is a Jackie Chan film 48 years from the first 99 works, tomorrow, Jackie Chan will bring his brother disciples - Seven Little Fortunes to Chengdu advertise. Organizers said the charity has always been committed to the cause of Big Brother Jackie Chan Lai Rong there is still this desire: to see the children about the earthquake affected areas. In order to achieve the aspirations of Big Brother, this paper together with the Wangfujing Studios, specially invited to participate in this newspaper and artists launched "Flying Colors Art Fund disabilities plan" in the children. Tomorrow, the waist of the children will go to the scene with Jackie Chan's brother interact brother painted the most beautiful moments.

From 1994's "Rumble in the Bronx," has entered the beginning of the Lunar New Year stalls the mainland, this time the "Private Game" be called a big brother's return to make, in particular, he and Lee Hom's "father and son combination of" more concern, He has repeatedly praised in public Wang

Macros, and even surpass son Jaycee Chan. "Birth of a son should be like Lee Hom so Nengwennengwu, perfect. In fact, the ancestral name quite like speech, but it starred Lee Hom is Lin Feng-appointed. She said that Jay Chou's image and I am a bit closer, compared to Wang Lee Hom span relatively large point. father and son co-operation will make the audience excessive attention to appearance, but ignore the story. "

11:00-11:30 morning newspaper will launch hotline 028-86969180, moved into the top 20 fans hotline will be live in person at Wang Fu Jing opportunity for dialogue with the older brother. According to the organizers revealed that, in addition to regular conference outside, this time Big Brother will also hold a high-end Wangfujing Studios talks face to face with the Chengdu Chang celebrity chat Lunar New Year stalls. In addition, this paper has also invited 20 super-fans went to the site, and brother dialogue.


Jackie Signs onto Advertise Washing Powder

At 18:40 on January 18, 2010, Jackie Chan, Qi strong brand advertising, "Decontamination Real Kung Fu" chapter 81 in Beijing Film Studio was recorded Studios fourth-round crank up, and entered the post-production phase, expected in February 4, completion of the first cut, lunar years ago, in the CCTV, some TV, focusing on Taiwan Provincial Highway to run on prime time.

In view of the good screen image of Mr. Chan and the international superstar influence to coincide with our company initiated a "decontamination real kung fu, qi strong!" Concept consistent with the company marketing plan centers ad group, packaging group, after extensive market research, and with a number of media and advertising companies in-depth communication, through a group after several serious internal discussion and finally the company decided to hire an international martial arts star Jackie Chan in particular, Mr. Qi strong brand image as spokesman, January 1, 2010, the Group Director of long, 10000 Jianjun, general manager of a contract with Jackie Chan co-operation agreement solemnly signed. The partnership includes Jackie Chan endorsement Television ads, print ads, packaging applications as well as portraits of large-scale promotion activities to participate in the company, endorsement period of three years. In this process, the group leader Wan Jianjun, Wang Yuexuan, etc. to give you a high degree of executive attention and has participated on the advertising creative, the program submitted to the meeting discussed the finalization of the program has provided valuable guidance.

Heroes meet, when the sympathetic. In the ad shoot the scene, Jackie Chan Qi strong hand washing products, read out his mouth, "Decontamination real skills Qi strong!" A character asks, it was very serious appeal to on-site staff: "People in Taiwan should be patriotic, patriotism is necessary to use emporium! "

Jackie Chan has just completed the transformation of masterpiece "Private Game" director shooting Ding Sheng, photographers Bing has tirelessly to lead the creative team by adding odd strong "Decontamination real Kung Fu" chapter ad creation to. Big Brother with a tacit agreement with Jackie Chan and friendship, on-site mobilization of Jackie Chan's shooting passion, photography to create a good atmosphere, to ensure the quality of shooting. Precisely because of this, the film work very smoothly, and Jackie Chan has also been good shooting condition, and further strengthen our company and Jackie Chan strange interpretation of strong product and performance.

In addition to shooting video, the company has hired well-known fashion photographer in particular Mr. Liu Zhelei conducted a synchronized "2010 Jackie Chan's series" print ads shot to tie in with the next advertising campaign, the terminal building and so vivid. It is reported that in 2010 odd strong product packaging will be the main push the red, blue and two kinds of color, packaging design will be a new upgrade, Jackie Chan, a large number of portraits will also be applied to all the odd strong series of product packaging. Strive for new packaging before the Spring Festival with the general consumers.

Nan Feng Group, the leadership of Vice President Di Yonghong and the relevant departments as executive producer on-site supervision of the ad shooting.


Inspired by Jackie

I don't usually watch these Jackie inspired videos of guys trying to be like Jackie because they usually are kind of silly, not to mention dangerous - those 'DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME' warnings are there for a reason guys - anyhow came across this link on twitter today and decided to take a look and was totally blown away.

Vivek you are amazing and I hope everyone can also appreciate the skill in these clips:


Counting on your fingers in Chinese

I was looking at stuff this morning and came across this information on counting and number gestures in Chinese and I thought it was interesting enough to share with you:
Chinese number gestures are a method of using one hand to signify the natural numbers one through ten. This method may have been developed to bridge the many dialects in spoken Chinese-- for example, the numbers 4 (Chinese: 四; pinyin: sì) and 10 (Chinese: 十; pinyin: shí) are hard to distinguish in some dialects. Some suggest that it was also used by business people during bargaining (i.e. to convey a bid by feeling the hand gesture in a sleeve) when they wish for more privacy in a public place.


While the five digits on one hand can easily express the numbers one through five, six through ten have special signs that can be used in commerce or day-to-day communication. The gestures are rough representations of the Chinese numeral characters they represent. The system varies in practice, especially for the representation of "7" to "10". Two of the systems are listed below:

Six (六)

The little finger and thumb are extended, other fingers closed, sometimes with the palm facing the signer. (The extended thumb indicates one set of 5)

Seven (七)

(May be interpreted as 5 by Malaysian Chinese)

The fingertips are all touching, pointed upwards; or just the fingertips of the thumb and first two fingers [note: this is the most common method]; another method is similar to the eight described immediately below, except that the little finger is also extended.

The index finger and middle finger point outward, with the thumb extended upwards, sometimes with the palm facing the observer. (The extended thumb indicates one set of 5)

The index finger points down with the thumb extended, mimicking the shape of a "7".

Eight (八)

May be interpreted as 7 or as a threatening gesture in some regions

The thumb and index finger make an "L", other fingers closed, with the palm facing the observer.
The index finger and middle finger point down, often with tips on a horizontal surface, making the Chinese number 8 ("八").
The thumb, index finger, and middle finger are extended.

Nine (九)

The index finger makes a hook, other fingers closed, sometimes with the palm facing the signer.

Ten (十)


The fist is closed with the palm facing the signer; or the middle finger crosses an extended index finger, facing the observer.
The arms are raised and the index fingers of both hands are crossed in a "T" with the palms facing in opposite directions, often in front of the face of the signer, making the Chinese number 10 ("十").

Use of the signs corresponds to the use of numbers in the Chinese language. For instance, the sign for five just as easily means fifty. A two followed by a six, using a single hand only, could mean 260 or 2600 etc. besides twenty-six. These signs also commonly refer to days of the week, starting from Monday, as well as months of the year, whose names in Chinese are enumerations.

In different regions signs for numbers vary significantly. As shown above, one may interpret a sign as "7" while others as "8". The "index finger-hook" symbol for 9, also means "death" in other contexts.

The numbers zero through five are more trivial. For completeness:

Zero (〇)

The fist is closed. (may be interpreted as 10 depending on the situation)

One (一)

The index finger is extended.

Two (二)

The index and middle fingers are extended.

Three (三)

With the index finger and thumb closed, the last three fingers are extended.
The thumb holds the little finger in palm with the middle three fingers extended.

Four (四)

The thumb is held in palm with the four fingers extended.

Five (五)

All five digits are extended.
Only thumb is extended, upwards or outwards, with the palm facing the signer.

Counting with fingers is often different from expressing a specific number with a finger gesture. When counting, the palm can be either facing its owner or the audience, depending on the purpose. Before counting, all fingers are closed; counting starts by extending the thumb as the first, then the first finger (the index finger) as the second, till all fingers are extended as the fifth; then counting can be continued by folding fingers with the same sequence, from thumb through the little finger, for counting from the sixth through the tenth. Repeating the same method for counting larger numbers. One can also starts counting with all fingers extended. Some believe that for formal scenario such as giving speech or presentation, counting with the palm facing the audience and starting with all fingers extended is more polite, since the gesture of folding of fingers representing bowing.

When playing drinking finger games(划拳,猜拳), slightly different sets of finger gestures of numbers is used. One of them is:

Zero (〇)

The fist is closed.

One (一)

The thumb is extended with all other fingers folded toward the palm.

Two (二)

The thumb and index finger make an "L", other fingers closed.

Three (三)

With the last two fingers closed and the rest fingers (the thumb and the first two fingers) extended, or
With the index finger and thumb closed, the last three fingers are extended.

Four (四)

The thumb is held in palm with the four fingers extended.

Five (五)

All five digits are extended.



New Video 'Little Big Solder'

New video clip of 'Little Big Soldier' of interviews/behind the scenes/clips - LOL it's a little bit of everything! At first I thought it was the same as the last one but it's not!

HERE is the direct link.

Photos of Shanghai Expo 100 day Countdown

For some reason there has been a distinct scarcity of photos of the 100 day countdown ceremony to the Shanghai World Expo that Jackie and Yao Ming attended last week. So it is my pleasure to share these few with you:

"If Yao Ming of the Shanghai World Expo will bring a high level, then I bring the temperature!" Jackie Chan's humorous comparison of some 21 daily for the Shanghai World Expo will be the 100-day countdown celebration of "heat."

January 21 is the 100-day countdown to World Expo in Shanghai. In the afternoon, the image of the Expo, Ambassador Yao Ming, Jackie Chan appeared Shanghai Grand Stage, and the scene nearly ten thousand names of all our citizens to meet with representatives of the World Expo Hundred Days sprint.

When the host announced that "has requested the Yao", all the eyes of the audience toward the stage entrance of Qi Shuashua places. Accompanied by cheers and applause, a black suit of Yao Ming with a smile slowly walked between two hosts, two hosts look up at the same time, the 2.26 meter tall sideways "little giant", a huge gap height so that the audience burst out bursts laughter.

"In another 100 days, the Shanghai World Expo will be held, and I am very excited, very proud. I hope everyone else to show to the world our most authentic city, the best life." Yao Ming to express their own wishes.

"I hope you join me in chanting the slogan of our 100-day sprint!" Yao had hardly faded audience shouted in unison: "Sprint 100, we are in action!"

Despite the cold snap to Shanghai the day suffered a sudden temperature drop, but Jackie Chan brings "temperature" so that the fast heating up the scene, the audience enthusiastic.

"Today the weather is really cold, but I saw everyone I smiled, feeling very warm." Chan said, "Let us cheer enthusiastically for the Expo!"

When the host asked the tone with a dig at what brought Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan smiled Answer: "If Yao Ming of the Shanghai World Expo will bring a high level, then I bring the temperature!" Live a laugh.

Subsequently, Chan presented a building specifically for the Shanghai World Expo to commemorate the song "City." "Mind is a city of the stars, city is the soul chest ... ..." People are looking forward to singing in the "City, Better Life" as the theme of Shanghai World Expo will be coming.

Jackie Chan, Yao Ming and Lang Lang is the image of Shanghai World Expo will be ambassadors. Jackie Chan and Yao Ming recently participated in California's traditional New Year's Day Tournament of Roses Parade activities as reported in U.S. media competing objects. Perform in front of the float pulley of the World Expo mascot "Little Sea treasure" who boarded the "Los Angeles Times" headlines.

More photos HERE - mainly of Yao Ming

Two More Stills from Little Big Soldier

Source: ENT.QQ.COM There is also a 'new' short teaser trailer on this link so take a look.

Paper Plane from Space?

Ok so this is not Jackie this morning but it is Asian so I guess it counts! LOL - MY blog MY rules!

Anyway I have to admit that one hand I must admire the tenacity but on the other hand I think WHY? I also have to ask IF they launch a paper plane from the space station how on earth will they track it? Do they have sensors small and light enough not to affect the weight/balance/aerodynamics of the plane? Ok LOL I did some more reading on this - apparently 'tracking' involves writing "This plane flew from the International Space Station. Please return the plane to Japan Origami Plane Association." on it!
Japanese man sets record for paper plane flight
A Japanese engineer has set the world record for the longest flight for a paper airplane, keeping his design aloft for 27.9 seconds.

After his record flight, Takuo Toda said that his achievement was merely the next step in his ambition of launching a paper plane from space.

Mr Toda, who is chairman of the Japan Origami Airplane Association, performed his feat at a competition in Hiroshima Prefecture in April and it has now been confirmed by Guinness World Records as the longest ever flight by a paper plane.

"I had thought that the world record was impossible to break, but the key to breaking the record is how high you fly it," Mr Toda told The Daily Telegraph.

Made of a single sheet of folded paper with no cuts, his design measured 10 cm from tip to tail. He plans to use the same shape to try to break his own record at another event for paper plane enthusiasts in September.

His ultimate aim, however, remains having one of his aircraft launched from the space shuttle.

"Thirty years ago, I saw a space shuttle - with a similar shape to a paper airplane - returning to Earth," said Mr Toda, who traces his hobby back to the two years he spent convalescing after a climbing accident while at university. He claims to have had made a paper plane with an almost identical triangular configuration three or four years before NASA unveiled its shuttle.

"I thought it would be possible for a paper aircraft to do the same thing, but back then no-one would listen seriously to my ideas," he said.

Founder of the association in 1980, he has lobbied scientists and professors to take his proposal seriously and was finally rewarded last year when the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency announced that it would fund a three-year, 90 million yen (£617,000) study into the feasibility of launching paper darts from the International Space Station and, hopefully, recovering them when they return to Earth about a week later.

"If it is proven that a paper plane can re-enter the Earth's atmosphere and glide back down safely then the scientific community could gain very valuable data about aerodynamics," said Mr Toda says. "That knowledge could even lead to improvements in the design of spacecraft in the future as it would prove that even ultra-light materials are able to withstand the demands of the upper atmosphere."


More on the plane from Space

Closing lines to a review of Spy Next Door

These closing lines to a review of Spy Next Door made me smile:

I have always been impressed that the Jackie Chan film made in Hollywood always have Chinese elements. This film has Jackie singing songs to coax a little girl to sleep in Chinese, and goes with three children to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Although he spoke the English, wearing a suit, but he never forgets that he is Chinese, and shoulders the obligation to promote the Chinese culture. Whenever I see these things, I always look on Jackie Chan with special favor

Source: 163.COM or TRANSLATED

Mulan - Make A Man Out of You Lyrics






Nan Zi Han
Da jia tong xin zuo zhan rang xiong nu jue wang
Wei he zhe qun shi bing dou xiang ge gu niang
Ni men ben zuo san man you niu nie
Wo hui gai bian ni de qian tu
Yao cheng wei nan zi han bu ren shu

Za wen ni de bu lv nei xin yao jian ding
Kai kuo ni de xiong jin qiu sheng yao jue xin
Dan xiao you hai pa xin luan ru ma
Ni jing huang mang ran wu zhu
Yao cheng wei nan zi han bu ren shu

(Wo qi chuan ru niu kuai duan qi)
(Xi fang ji le deng wo guang lin)
(Wo kan da jia quan dou bei ta xia sha liao)
(Ta men dan zhan you xin jing)
(Wo de shen fen hai shi mi mi)
(Diao dao shui li ke hui yao le wo xiao ming)

(Nan zi han)
Xing dong kuai su xiang na jiang he tuan ji
(Nan zi han)
Po huai li xiang na feng bao wu qing
(Nan zi han)
Man qiang re xue xiang na ye huo ya jing
Shen chu gui mo xiang na an ye de e meng

Shi guang hao bu liu qing xiong nu kuai bi jin
Ting cong wo de zhi ling cai neng gou huo ming
Sha chang tai can ku xue guang sha lu
Ruo hai pa ta shang gui lu
Yao cheng wei nan zi han bu ren shu

(Nan zi han)
Xing dong kuai su xiang na jiang he tuan ji
(Nan zi han)
Po huai li xiang na feng bao wu qing
(Nan zi han)
Man qiang re xue xiang na ye huo ya jing
Shen chu gui mo xiang na an ye de e meng

(Nan zi han)
Xing dong kuai su xiang na jiang he tuan ji
(Nan zi han)
Po huai li xiang na feng bao wu qing
(Nan zi han)
Man qiang re xue xiang na ye huo ya jing
Shen chu gui mo xiang na an ye de e meng

Let's get down to business
To defeat the Huns
Did they send me daughters
When I asked for sons?
You're the saddest bunch
I ever met
But you can bet
Before we're through
Mister, I'll make a man
out of you

Tranquil as a forest
But on fire within
Once you find your center
you are sure to win
You're a spineless, pale
pathetic lot
And you haven't got a clue
Somehow I'll make a man
out of you

I'm never gonna catch
my breath
Say good-bye to those
who knew me
Boy, was I a fool in school
for cutting gym
This guy's got 'em
scared to death
Hope he doesn't see
right through me
Now I really wish that I
knew how to swim

(Be a man)
We must be swift as
the coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force
of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength
of a raging fire
Mysterious as the
dark side of the moon

Time is racing toward us
till the Huns arrive
Heed my every order
and you might survive
You're unsuited for
the rage of war
So pack up, go home
you're through
How could I make a man
out of you?

(Be a man)
We must be swift as
the coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force
of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength
of a raging fire
Mysterious as the
dark side of the moon

(Be a man)
We must be swift as
the Coursing river
(Be a man)
With all the force
of a great typhoon
(Be a man)
With all the strength
of a raging fire
Mysterious as the
dark side of the moon


I can never quite decide if these are disrespectful or not but often they are very funny. This one is so well done I have to share it and you decide what you think.

And have you seen this?

Trailer for Little Big Soldier with Subs

I still think this movie looks absolutely amazing - I am SO looking forward to it.


Little Big Soldier Shortlisted for Berlin Festival

Not only has 'Little Big Soldier' been shortlisted as the 'one to watch' at the Berlin Film Festival but because it is the 60th Anniversary of the Festival Jackie will attend in person!
(Roundup) (Sing Tao Daily reported) from Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom (LeeHom) Lunar New Year starring film "Private Game", a successful short-listed 60th session of the Berlin International Film Festival has become one of the festival to watch the film. During the festival, which happened to Big Brother in the Mainland to promote the film, but in order to support the Berlin International Film Festival 60 birthday, Big Brother would prefer to sleep a little less, advocacy work to the mobilization, but also to attend in person at the Berlin Film Festival, after which we have to rush back to Hengdian , shooting the film "New Shaolin Temple."

Emperor Motion Pictures release, Jackie Chan Films Limited Chupin's Lunar New Year film "Private Game", starring Jackie Chan and LeeHom, movies content to easily Mid Road Gang humorous way to convey a message of peace far-reaching significance. Although the film was released during the Lunar New Year, but the good news recently that the film has been successfully short-listed 60th session of the Berlin International Film Festival, at 10000 the movie, stand out as one to watch movies. This is the second investment in Emperor Motion Pictures last year, "Mei Lanfang," a contest and the "witness" a movie to watch again after a film won in the Berlin Film Festival.

International Film Festival will be held February 11 to 21, held in Berlin coincided with the Lunar New Year, but also hit was "big" films in the Mainland and promotional time slots. The face of frequent propaganda, Big Brother have been unable to attend the Berlin Film Festival, but his 60 birthday in order to support the Berlin Film Festival, Big Brother would rather be a little less sleep, and even a brief period of mobilization of the film's publicity, but also a trip to Berlin in person , and then back to Hengdian filming new movie "New Shaolin Temple." Brother excited, said: "This year is the sixtieth anniversary of the Berlin film festival, life is little more than a decade, this festival has been six decades, I have to to support several busy." Jackie Chan said he had been aware of his brother throughout the second ○ 2010 time slots are very close, not just in February alone, is a whole 10 months is almost no empty time slots a day.

As for the other characters LeeHom learned a "great" films in Berlin to watch the film to become, he has also demonstrated encouraging, "I have photographed the film is also a little contact with the international film festivals, I feel completely excited. Every time I hear these messages also feel that Tingyou encouraging, but the greatest regret is not going to participate in film festivals, because it is busy no way to get out of work. "


Berlin Film Festival Home Page for more information as it becomes available.

Two Videos

Here are links to two videos about Jackie - the first HERE is a news report on Chinese Zodiac. The other HERE is about looking back at Jackie's career. Enjoy.

Jackie talks about 'Chinese Zodiac'

Video and summary of what was said HERE

Jackie Adverts

Over the years Jackie has advertised so many products but his adverts usually contain - well - Jackie!

And one of my all time favourites:

Watch out for Brad Allen (JC Stunt Team) as one of the agents.