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'Spy Next Door' gets favourable reviews in China

Interestingly 'Spy Next Door' is getting favourable reviews in China.

BEIJING, January 15 Xinhua today, the Hollywood film "Next Door operatives" premiere, this is the first time to play Jackie Chan starring Hollywood film. At the same time also "Affan up" exclusive screen, two weeks later, the first release of the Lunar New Year film. Premiere popular hot spot, according to Wanda, star feedback from the U.S. theaters, film premiere attendance in the nine games into the above, many parents take their kids along with viewing.

Tablets, 56-year-old Jackie Chan is still taking action line. The entire film is a total of 9 times a fight, opening up to one and a half minutes of action performances, winning a round of applause. Film there are many breathtaking scenes exaggerated in the oil refining market, the Jackie Chan and chase terrorists staged a war, whether it is climbing stairs, or high-altitude jump, Jackie Chan has a perfect appearance. In this age of Jackie Chan, to have such a performance, indeed breathtakingly. The greater increase in Jackie Chan's kung fu comedy, this reporter has had to rough, premiere audience laughed seven times, Comedy three times, the longest up to 2 minutes of laughter, especially the small audience, pouring in laughter.

There is a strong narrative film in the Hollywood color, twists and turns, interlocking, and then a small place have also done a clever foreshadowing. Rhythm of the story clear, a young boy, through the emotional violence of wire line and two plot threads start at the same time. There is also Jackie Chan Hong Kong films, the audience accustomed to the fast-paced, reflecting the film lay out in front of an overly complex and excessively bureaucratic, it is better to go directly to the jolly story.

In addition, the cinema, comedy foreign portfolio team won most of the audience recognized. 3 U.S. imp different characters, there Funny talent show very interesting story. One four-year old Laura, received unanimous praise from the audience. Jackie Chan co-operate with the successful interpretation of a number of the audience for her pinch Khan lens, whether it's throwing up a high free-fall of the trousers, or have been top since Rocker was hooded fishing nets, they all gave viewers insight of this imp of mischief and bravery.

It is learned that the film in the domestic digital and film will also be issued, a total of more than 1000 copies, in the simultaneous release in all cities. This combines the warmth and movement Funny story, there is a strong family atmosphere, just entered winter break for the children presented a special gift.


Although the film plot is not new, but as a Lunar New Year film, the main style is one of warmth and is suitable for all ages to watch.

If you are a fan of Jackie Chan, then hastened to attend the viewing of his new film


This one I am just going to give the LINK to because it reveals a great deal of the plot and 'secrets' of the movie. You can choose if you want to read it or not.

However not all the response is as good as the ones above. Some audience members felt the plot was 'nothing new' (which let's face it is definitely NOT new) and that the film lacked 'hi-tech gear' and felt the spy gadgets were out-dated. Some audience members were not impressed with the acting of the villains in the film saying it was 'stiff' (wooden) but even saying that they still felt the film was enjoyable.


In the meantime Lionsgate hope to capitalize on Jackie's fans -
Helmed by Brian Levant ("Are We There Yet?"), "Spy" looks likely to register into the high-teen millions through Monday.

"Jackie Chan hasn't been in a PG film for a while, so we're going to be able to capitalize on his fan base," Lionsgate distribution topper David Spitz said.

"Spy" co-stars George Lopez and Billy Ray Cyrus, both good draws for family moviegoers.

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Capitalizing on Jackie's considerable fan-base is not a bad thing but taking advantage of them is. Even the loyalest of fans will eventually throw up their hands in disgust! Come on Hollywood - surely you can find a GOOD movie for Jackie that doesn't involve racial and sexist humour (Rush Hour series) or puerile kids movies that have been done to death.

Let's hope Karate Kid is all I am expecting it to be.


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