Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Movie Weekend

Deciding to have a weekend movie fiesta I got 3 DVD's out:

1. Quantum of Solace
2. Naked Weapon 2 / House of Fury
3. Love Guru

On the surface totally unrelated right? But if I told you that each one had some connection to Jackie - would you believe me?

Ok let's deal with the easy one first.

Naked Weapon 2 AKA House of Fury (Why do they make these weird changes to the titles for the US release? It has absolutely no relation to Naked Weapon other than also starring Daniel Wu!) was produced by JCE and EEG. It stars ..... Daniel Wu and Gillian Chung! Jackie produced it ... etc etc etc. But I must admit that I didn't know that when I took it out - it was just a fun looking HK movie I hadn't seen so it was a pleasant surprise when the credits rolled to see the JCE logo.

Moving on .... 'Quantum of Solace' ... don't ask me why it's taken me so long to see this movie - somehow there were just always other movies I wanted to see more. Anyway it was kind fun playing 'spot the Jackie inspired action sequence' in this one. I spotted 2 copies of the 'Rumble in the Bronx' jump in the first big action sequence alone. Also finding their way in there were sequences from Accidental Spy, First Strike - scaffolding , Shanghai Noon - clock tower complete with bell just with guns instead of swords, Twin Dragons - boat chase, and several more I am sure.

Now for Mike Meyers and 'Love Guru' - now I KNOW you are wondering just where and how I found a connection to Jackie in THAT movie ... but in the middle of the bar fight the fight from Rush Hour 1 in the Chinese restaurant with Jackie and Chris Tucker 'Watch out!' is copied almost move for move. Don't blink but there it is!

So after deciding to take a brief break from watching Jackie - I ended up 'watching FOR Jackie' ha ha! LOL.


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