Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Jackie Signs onto Advertise Washing Powder

At 18:40 on January 18, 2010, Jackie Chan, Qi strong brand advertising, "Decontamination Real Kung Fu" chapter 81 in Beijing Film Studio was recorded Studios fourth-round crank up, and entered the post-production phase, expected in February 4, completion of the first cut, lunar years ago, in the CCTV, some TV, focusing on Taiwan Provincial Highway to run on prime time.

In view of the good screen image of Mr. Chan and the international superstar influence to coincide with our company initiated a "decontamination real kung fu, qi strong!" Concept consistent with the company marketing plan centers ad group, packaging group, after extensive market research, and with a number of media and advertising companies in-depth communication, through a group after several serious internal discussion and finally the company decided to hire an international martial arts star Jackie Chan in particular, Mr. Qi strong brand image as spokesman, January 1, 2010, the Group Director of long, 10000 Jianjun, general manager of a contract with Jackie Chan co-operation agreement solemnly signed. The partnership includes Jackie Chan endorsement Television ads, print ads, packaging applications as well as portraits of large-scale promotion activities to participate in the company, endorsement period of three years. In this process, the group leader Wan Jianjun, Wang Yuexuan, etc. to give you a high degree of executive attention and has participated on the advertising creative, the program submitted to the meeting discussed the finalization of the program has provided valuable guidance.

Heroes meet, when the sympathetic. In the ad shoot the scene, Jackie Chan Qi strong hand washing products, read out his mouth, "Decontamination real skills Qi strong!" A character asks, it was very serious appeal to on-site staff: "People in Taiwan should be patriotic, patriotism is necessary to use emporium! "

Jackie Chan has just completed the transformation of masterpiece "Private Game" director shooting Ding Sheng, photographers Bing has tirelessly to lead the creative team by adding odd strong "Decontamination real Kung Fu" chapter ad creation to. Big Brother with a tacit agreement with Jackie Chan and friendship, on-site mobilization of Jackie Chan's shooting passion, photography to create a good atmosphere, to ensure the quality of shooting. Precisely because of this, the film work very smoothly, and Jackie Chan has also been good shooting condition, and further strengthen our company and Jackie Chan strange interpretation of strong product and performance.

In addition to shooting video, the company has hired well-known fashion photographer in particular Mr. Liu Zhelei conducted a synchronized "2010 Jackie Chan's series" print ads shot to tie in with the next advertising campaign, the terminal building and so vivid. It is reported that in 2010 odd strong product packaging will be the main push the red, blue and two kinds of color, packaging design will be a new upgrade, Jackie Chan, a large number of portraits will also be applied to all the odd strong series of product packaging. Strive for new packaging before the Spring Festival with the general consumers.

Nan Feng Group, the leadership of Vice President Di Yonghong and the relevant departments as executive producer on-site supervision of the ad shooting.



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