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Jackie in Chengdu

Next stop in the promotion tour for Little Big Soldier is Chengdu.


Jackie meets with terminally ill fan:

I first read is the older brother Jackie Chan's "Twin Dragons" has all remember. "As a die-hard fan of Jackie Chan, Yao Jinrong terminally ill girl Jackie Chan has always wanted to see it face to face. Last night, Jackie Chan's brother finally led the "Little Big Soldier" cast some actors come to Chengdu, Wanda Cinema Jinhua store, realized and Rongrong meet commitments. The most unusual is that in that Rongrong Today is the first time in 20 years, make-up, the Jackie Chan immediately bend presented an affectionate kiss: "The first time make-up, very beautiful Well! "In Jackie Chan's leadership, along with the audience shouted:" Rongrong refueling! "

In fact, they know Rongrong's condition. Today, however, you only make her happy enough.

Jackie Chan's brother a wave
Brawny handsome guy to go with her

When Yao Jinrong a wheelchair came to Wanda Cinema hall when the original is still the stage to accept the audience cheering the stars who immediately let out a channel. Rongrong looked handsome guy in front of beauty is also some timid. Jackie Chan's big hand wave, and his disciple the new Seven Little Fortunes, and several other brawny men immediately and the master, together with carefully Rongrong's wheelchair will be carried to the stage.

Subsequently, the captain Wang Xiang with his brother, the division will be Rongrong Wai up, "Your courage in the face of illness, more than any of us are more powerful. Our crew of brothers and sisters for your clicker, OK?" Rongrong shy nodded, the new Seven Little Fortunes, Seung Jun are with their own song and dance as Rongrong blessing, Rongrong only active right hand has also been performed for the brothers and sisters in the name of tempo.

Jackie Chan bend Xianwen
Boasted she was "very pretty"

Regularly participate in charitable activities, Jackie Chan, better than the common people understand the power of charity, but also know better the needs of people in serious illness and cheerful smiles. When his disciples would Rongrong wheelchair carried to the stage when Jackie Chan skillfully pushing wheelchairs, in Rongrong, and we say hello, he has skillfully wheelchair down a "brake." A series of intimate action, so that ordinary Rongrong superstar Jackie Chan in front of a sense of slowly tension subsided.

When Jackie Chan learned Rongrong in order to see their own make-up for the first time in 20 years time, immediately bent down, hands escorted Rongrong's head, presented a passionate kiss, "the first time make-up, very beautiful Well!" So saying, on Rongrong's ears began to sing his own song - "Believe in Yourself", this song was created for the earthquake disaster area, and he in particular Rongrong seriously listen to the content of the lyrics.

Jackie Chan, but also Xianwen also Xiange, Rongrong of course, very excited, she told Big Brother Jackie Chan that he would refuel. Jackie Chan also called for audience of several hundred fans, and with him shouting "Rongrong refueling," the slogan of hope Rongrong away from the pain.

Big Brother will be martial arts Jackie Chan
"Please help me, he beat disease"

To see the dream of Jackie Chan, Yao Jinrong in a lot of effort: her first-ever make-up, for the first time into the busy shopping malls to buy new shoes, new clothes.

She would like to make that moment into his life in the eternal. Of course, in fact, she did not know: The rest of his life itself is already small, may also be too late to forget this day, it has ended.

Jackie Chan face, hot dry mouth, etc.
Silly boy, drink plenty of water without destroying lipstick

Sitting in front of VIP lounge to wait for Jackie Chan, Yao Jinrong has been immersed in the excitement, my mind kept rolling left to right-huang and his eyes looked around, she said: "My face is now Hao Tang Oh."

Hot is normal, in addition to excitement, but also because a rest room temperature very high, Yao Jinrong lips done from the shell, accompanied four of her West Branch Hospital palliative nurse Yaojin Rong Huang Junbo to drink water, Yao Jinrong shook his head. Carefully to the Yao Jinrong of Huang Junbo aware of the concerns, said: "drink water, lipstick will not be destroyed!"

Watching Yao Jinrong, the reporter asked: "Jackie Chan saw Big Brother, you are most wanted to say that?"

Jackie Chan, especially since the fight, so "asked him to help me and the dinner will be sister Kai beat disease." Yao Jinrong looked at to use to pray for reporters, said: "See you later, when Jackie Chan's older brother standing behind me Oh, you , or I should Wangci a nervous! "

The first make-up, "I feel confident changed"

See Jackie Chan ago, Yao Jinrong there is a requirement - of a makeup, "I have never been of makeup, like a beautiful spot." Yao Jinrong have this desire to know, Ba and Shu-Yuan Feng-star to make their make-up artist has long been dedicated to the hospital.

Life for the first time make-up, so Yao Jinrong particularly excited about. Looking at the photo of a good makeup of their own, long eyelashes, curly hair, Yao Jinrong has also taken aback: "I think it has become confident."

Behind the scenes
Spectators are lying to her

Meeting will be 6:00 p.m. start time of 5:30, they had a lot of fans after another approach, near 6 o'clock, the atmosphere of the venue becomes active, the hosts came to power, introducing the film, after the completion of the dragon, specifically describes the Jackie Chan Yao Jinrong this particular fan.

Yao Jinrong after talking about the story, and in order to continue to conceal Yao Jinrong's condition, the host made a special statement "because the girl did not know their own illness, please give her blessing and hope."

Organizers Change Process

"Little Big Soldier" crew arrived in Chengdu yesterday, is to film propaganda campaign, in Wanda Studios would have had to arrange to meet Jackie Chan, the main interaction with the fans. When Wanda Studios know that Yao Jinrong such a special fans, the immediate and Jackie Chan team were contacted. As a result, the parties urgently to change the entire process. A lot of interactive sessions will be canceled, on-site set aside for 20 minutes, let alone Jackie Chan and Rongrong.


One of the other fans to meet Jackie was a little girl who lost her right hand in the earthquake.
After the secondary brother, Jackie Chan has arrived in Chengdu brother. Today, he will arrive with the new Seven Little Fortunes Chengdu, in order to film "Little Big Soldier" selling. It is learned that, to this film, as well as of His own, Jackie Chan has taken great pains, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Lianpao cities in publicity, February 3 will be held in Beijing on a grand premiere ceremony, kin, Jonathan Lee, Zhao Benshan and so a group of friends will be invited to attend. Jackie Chan's older brother Chengdu line in turn do? Reporter inquire in advance about that.

"downright genius"
Want to come to an end interview

Apart from regular press briefing, the brother of Chengdu, this time line to go high-end line of the. According to the organizers say, Jackie Chan will bring New Seven Little Fortunes, held on Wangfujing Studios a "high-end dialogue", while the dialogue is another hero Prachuab downright genius, the famous playwright Mr. Wei Minglun. One is the real deal of effort emperor, the other is through the pen display dramatic charm of "The Forbidden Kingdom", the two masters contest of strength, it is worth looking forward to. It is reported that a high-end dialogue, the two expert will talk of everything, from the Lunar New Year stalls talking about, all the way Talking about the film an ethical culture will be the ultimate detonation of Sichuan opera culture and dialogue related to martial arts films.

Twists and turns, on-chip side contacted by this newspaper of a particular disaster area children - primary school in Dujiangyan fraternity Xia Feng-ting, 10-year-old Xia Feng-ting lost in the earthquake in the right hand by participating in this newspaper and Chengdu, the artist launched a "colorful fund", she became the "Art Helping the Disabled Scheme" recipients, a little girl in the painting to find a new happiness. One wanted to see Jackie Chan, she was very excited that he wants to paint the scene as Jackie Chan, Big Brother, with action to tell the children concerned about the Jackie Chan hit uncle, "We are very strong, we are living well!" And Jackie Chan, Big Brother will also children bring good luck. In addition, Jackie Chan will also Wanda Cinema, for a terminally ill girl dreams come true.

A hungry little boy
Paint the disaster areas as a model

He has always been committed to charity This year, although the limited time available, but still would be in the end charity. It is understood that, in the Wangfujing Studios will be the scene of the meeting, Chan will meet with a brother a special small fan - who lost his right hand in the earthquake, only 10-year-old girl Xia Feng-ting. Jackie Chan has always been very concerned about the lives of children stricken areas, 5.12 after a massive earthquake, big brother is not only the first contribution to the Deyang hospital visits, is also an anniversary of the 2009 earthquake to hit Mianzhu participation "Heart to Heart" performance , in order to fuel reconstruction. Although this time, Chengdu, and time was short, but still want to Jackie Chan to express concern about the disaster areas.

Beijing premiere
Zhao Benshan leave to Jackie Chan to join in

It is understood that, "Little Big Soldier" will be held February 14 Lunar New Year stall landing, in order to film, Jackie Chan's skill under the foot. After the parade lap in the country, he will be February 3 Wukesong Stadium in Beijing held a "Little Big Soldier" Gala Premiere of kin, Jonathan Lee, Zhao Benshan, small Shenyang stars will come to join in when Jackie Chan Big Brother's new Seven Little Fortunes of His will with the Hill Uncle Liu Laogen big stage performers come to a fantastic Bi Pin.

As the Spring Festival Evening crew to determine the beginning February 1 with a fitted dress rehearsal, timing is very, very nervous, as the finale of the Spring Festival Evening drama Zhao Benshan is a protected object, in his pre-Spring Festival Evening activities, and to arrange, you must obtain CCTV coordination arrangements, Zhao Benshan the expense of precious time to rest to the "Little Big Soldier" to join in once again proved that relations between the two unusual.



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