Saturday, January 23, 2010

Little Big Soldier Shortlisted for Berlin Festival

Not only has 'Little Big Soldier' been shortlisted as the 'one to watch' at the Berlin Film Festival but because it is the 60th Anniversary of the Festival Jackie will attend in person!
(Roundup) (Sing Tao Daily reported) from Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom (LeeHom) Lunar New Year starring film "Private Game", a successful short-listed 60th session of the Berlin International Film Festival has become one of the festival to watch the film. During the festival, which happened to Big Brother in the Mainland to promote the film, but in order to support the Berlin International Film Festival 60 birthday, Big Brother would prefer to sleep a little less, advocacy work to the mobilization, but also to attend in person at the Berlin Film Festival, after which we have to rush back to Hengdian , shooting the film "New Shaolin Temple."

Emperor Motion Pictures release, Jackie Chan Films Limited Chupin's Lunar New Year film "Private Game", starring Jackie Chan and LeeHom, movies content to easily Mid Road Gang humorous way to convey a message of peace far-reaching significance. Although the film was released during the Lunar New Year, but the good news recently that the film has been successfully short-listed 60th session of the Berlin International Film Festival, at 10000 the movie, stand out as one to watch movies. This is the second investment in Emperor Motion Pictures last year, "Mei Lanfang," a contest and the "witness" a movie to watch again after a film won in the Berlin Film Festival.

International Film Festival will be held February 11 to 21, held in Berlin coincided with the Lunar New Year, but also hit was "big" films in the Mainland and promotional time slots. The face of frequent propaganda, Big Brother have been unable to attend the Berlin Film Festival, but his 60 birthday in order to support the Berlin Film Festival, Big Brother would rather be a little less sleep, and even a brief period of mobilization of the film's publicity, but also a trip to Berlin in person , and then back to Hengdian filming new movie "New Shaolin Temple." Brother excited, said: "This year is the sixtieth anniversary of the Berlin film festival, life is little more than a decade, this festival has been six decades, I have to to support several busy." Jackie Chan said he had been aware of his brother throughout the second ○ 2010 time slots are very close, not just in February alone, is a whole 10 months is almost no empty time slots a day.

As for the other characters LeeHom learned a "great" films in Berlin to watch the film to become, he has also demonstrated encouraging, "I have photographed the film is also a little contact with the international film festivals, I feel completely excited. Every time I hear these messages also feel that Tingyou encouraging, but the greatest regret is not going to participate in film festivals, because it is busy no way to get out of work. "


Berlin Film Festival Home Page for more information as it becomes available.


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