Monday, January 25, 2010

Photos of Shanghai Expo 100 day Countdown

For some reason there has been a distinct scarcity of photos of the 100 day countdown ceremony to the Shanghai World Expo that Jackie and Yao Ming attended last week. So it is my pleasure to share these few with you:

"If Yao Ming of the Shanghai World Expo will bring a high level, then I bring the temperature!" Jackie Chan's humorous comparison of some 21 daily for the Shanghai World Expo will be the 100-day countdown celebration of "heat."

January 21 is the 100-day countdown to World Expo in Shanghai. In the afternoon, the image of the Expo, Ambassador Yao Ming, Jackie Chan appeared Shanghai Grand Stage, and the scene nearly ten thousand names of all our citizens to meet with representatives of the World Expo Hundred Days sprint.

When the host announced that "has requested the Yao", all the eyes of the audience toward the stage entrance of Qi Shuashua places. Accompanied by cheers and applause, a black suit of Yao Ming with a smile slowly walked between two hosts, two hosts look up at the same time, the 2.26 meter tall sideways "little giant", a huge gap height so that the audience burst out bursts laughter.

"In another 100 days, the Shanghai World Expo will be held, and I am very excited, very proud. I hope everyone else to show to the world our most authentic city, the best life." Yao Ming to express their own wishes.

"I hope you join me in chanting the slogan of our 100-day sprint!" Yao had hardly faded audience shouted in unison: "Sprint 100, we are in action!"

Despite the cold snap to Shanghai the day suffered a sudden temperature drop, but Jackie Chan brings "temperature" so that the fast heating up the scene, the audience enthusiastic.

"Today the weather is really cold, but I saw everyone I smiled, feeling very warm." Chan said, "Let us cheer enthusiastically for the Expo!"

When the host asked the tone with a dig at what brought Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan smiled Answer: "If Yao Ming of the Shanghai World Expo will bring a high level, then I bring the temperature!" Live a laugh.

Subsequently, Chan presented a building specifically for the Shanghai World Expo to commemorate the song "City." "Mind is a city of the stars, city is the soul chest ... ..." People are looking forward to singing in the "City, Better Life" as the theme of Shanghai World Expo will be coming.

Jackie Chan, Yao Ming and Lang Lang is the image of Shanghai World Expo will be ambassadors. Jackie Chan and Yao Ming recently participated in California's traditional New Year's Day Tournament of Roses Parade activities as reported in U.S. media competing objects. Perform in front of the float pulley of the World Expo mascot "Little Sea treasure" who boarded the "Los Angeles Times" headlines.

More photos HERE - mainly of Yao Ming


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