Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recording Haiti Earthquake Song

Video and some photos of Jackie recording the song 'Take You Home'


Recording 'Take You Home'

26 hours, Wang Ping a long time for peacekeeping and eight martyrs written paean

Morning News (Xinhua Lin) yesterday, at the expense of the Chinese peacekeeping force in Haiti, eight martyr's coffin back to the motherland, along with the footsteps of the martyrs to go home, one created specifically for the eight heroes of the song "take you home" come about. This song written by the Sichuan earthquake song "life and death not leave" and Wang Ping a long time, Shunan together creation, Jackie Chan, Jing Tan chorus. An interview with reporters yesterday, the song's words Author Wang Ping a long time, he told reporters was born from the idea to compose songs and lyrics, to Jackie Chan and Tan Jing living in two complete recordings, "then you go home," only used a total of 26 hours.

Yesterday morning, in the CCTV coffins returning to the martyrs live show, "then you go home," the first time and the general public to meet. Wang Ping's called the long-term by a phone call sounds a little hoarse, he told reporters about the "pick you up at home," the birth process. "These days I have been concerned about this matter, always feel they are the best police officers, will not die, it will certainly come back. At 23 o'clock on the 17th, I read the news, the media reported that the remains found, and I said to myself look slightly Deng, did not think they really died. at 2:00 on the 18th, I called the subject and feeling told Shunan, tell him that 'look to write it'. 4:40, Shu Nan sent a tune, 5 points, 20 points I filled out a word, 7 o'clock I put sample sent to the Tan Jing and Jackie Chan's mailbox. "

Wang Ping, a long time that he had hoped to spend the time to go home yesterday, the martyr this song, which must be at 22 o'clock on the 18th before the completion of recording, but the Tan Jing went to Guangdong travel, Chan also extremely busy, the ultimate Discussion Tan Jing identified in Guangdong, after looking for a complete recording studio, while Jackie Chan in at 19:00 on the 18th out of time. "When they sing 'take you home' phrase word, Jackie Chan brother suddenly moved to tears, said, 'You again I cry'. 22:00," Then you go home, "recording completed, and today 4:00 30 minutes to complete the post-production. packaging the completed soon, CD all show up in the morning 8 am I have already sent to the Ministry of Public Security CD, martyrs colleagues have got. "a song was born from the idea to the finished product came out, A total of only 26 hours.


The video of the song is available HERE


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