Thursday, January 14, 2010

A word on 'The Spy Next Door'

With a number of increasingly negative reviews (which I refuse to repeat) filling the internet I have something I wish to say.

The 'Spy Next Door' was never going to be the movie of the century. It is a low-budget quickly made (less than 3 months start to finish) kids movie. One could ask some really profound questions about why this is the best script Jackie's agent could get but that is a whole other discussion. Kids movies do not make huge amounts of money and therefore huge amounts of money are not spent on making them. The entire industry is just that - an industry and like any other business the goal is to make money.

It is Hollywood movie and like almost all Jackie's other Hollywood movies was not going to showcase his abilities. There are just too many rules and regulations restricting what he can and can't do stunt-wise. If you want to see Jackie showcase what he can do wait for 'Little Big Soldier' or even better 'Chinese Zodiac' which Jackie is directing next year. Aging issues aside Jackie's Hollywood films have never shown what he is really capable of.

Jackie also has said in interviews that he choreographed the stunts for children which undoubtedly also accounts for a lot when comparing this film to Jackie's earlier films.

Last but not least - Jackie is always watchable no matter what he does.

Don't mind the reviews - go watch the movie, enjoy it for what it is. Most of all enjoy watching Jackie. And if the action disappoints slightly or the bad Russian accents annoy you - heave a sigh and remember - it's just a movie!


Gurlie said...

i really like jackie chan.. All his movies are very much interesting.. I already watch the trailer of the spy next door and it was really funny..i will watch for this..

watch the spy next door

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