Sunday, January 24, 2010

Closing lines to a review of Spy Next Door

These closing lines to a review of Spy Next Door made me smile:

I have always been impressed that the Jackie Chan film made in Hollywood always have Chinese elements. This film has Jackie singing songs to coax a little girl to sleep in Chinese, and goes with three children to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Although he spoke the English, wearing a suit, but he never forgets that he is Chinese, and shoulders the obligation to promote the Chinese culture. Whenever I see these things, I always look on Jackie Chan with special favor

Source: 163.COM or TRANSLATED


Anonymous said...

what is the title of the chinese lullaby that Jackie Chan sung in spy next door? Please answer my question. Please. I'm really a fan of him since i was a child.

Crystal said...

That's a nice review. I am a bit angry though because I have STILL not seen this film. Not because I can't get to a theater, but because no f@^&*% theater is playing it around here!

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel - that is USUALLY the situation here but for once we are getting a quick release. It's opening this week in theaters here - although I will have to wait and see when it comes to my town.

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