Friday, January 22, 2010

Jackie on Asia Uncut

Jack Chan’s long-awaited appearance on the Shanghai-based Asia Uncut to promote his new movie "Little Big Soldier" (大兵小将), was filled with a lot of laughter, applause and many outtake reels from his upcoming film.

"Little Big Soldier" (大兵小将) is an action-adventure/comedy film directed by Ding Sheng, and written and produced by Jackie Chan. The story takes place during China’s Warring States Period and tells the story of two men, an old foot soldier (Chan) and a young high-ranking general (Wang Leehom) from a rival state, who are the only survivors of a major battle.

Although the show’s host Jon Niermann didn’t get Chan to reveal any deep, dark secrets, Niermann did get Chan to chat about the differences in Eastern and Western film production and got Chan animated enough to tell a few disjointed, yet amusing, anecdotes.

Singer Steve Yoo was also on the show to promote "Little Big Soldier" (大兵小将), and his first acting role. What stood out about Yoo's time in the spotlight was his entrance -- he had one of the more impressive talk show walk-ons to date. Apparently he brushed up on his nunchuck skills while filming. We kid you not.

Also making a surprise guest appearance was singer-song writer, actor and record producer Wang Leehom. Wang was kind enough to stick around to translate as Jackie Chan serenaded audiences with a small song from their feature.

The night's musical act was Euro-dance outfit the tHe pEneLOpe[s]. So if you miss them at LOgO this weekend, you’ll be able to catch them on air on Sunday.

Asia Uncut airs on Sunday evenings at 10pm on Star World. More information and free live taping tickets are available at



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