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Jackie talks about Jaycee, Little Big Soldier and things

Although time was short Jackie had time to answer a few questions in Guangzhou today:

New Express reported January 28 in Hong Kong say that Dawn's "thought-provoking saying King", in fact, Jackie Chan is well-lakes. Yesterday (27 days), even though he only spent a half-day in Guangzhou, giving reporters a short time, leaving only 20 minutes, but each answer a question, have "stood for" smoke.

On acting

"After a golden age for an actor had no"

Lunar New Year holiday period they have two works by crowding together, Chan says, because "Little Big Soldier" pushed the release time of a push would result in such a situation. "This film and the film are not the same I had before I had been playing the playing the fight, it is now playing theater playing the movie." The point is not simply their own movie now is war, and it can have a lot of text show.

Talking about "Little Big Soldier" with Donnie Yen's "Jin Yiwei" in the same time slots where you afraid of the audience to compare, and brother Jackie Chan comedy, said: "two plays are different, if he is" Jin Yiwei "I was" clothing Wei Jin, "it is different. before the zombie film has just come out when a film is 100, and now," Ip Man "is also. I do not want you to swarm the movie went to shoot the same subject matter. "

Donnie Yen in an interview not long ago, when to go to the Jackie Chan has said that age, do not want to continue playing. For this statement, Chan magnanimously said: "He was right. I also like playing slap and do not like to play not to play. Such as "Shinjuku Incident" which, I totally did not hit, "Rob=B-Hood" where I played a thief, but this time I was mortally afraid of death of a soldier, the next one "12 Chinese Zodiac", I will fight fiercely, from start to finish. actors can go to 80-year-old, but an actor too a golden age is gone, Zidan understand this. "The reporter continued to ask him, Donnie Yen is now the more he more red, as the eldest brother Jackie Chan, think that one day, he can reach his height? Jackie Chan musing a minute, asked the reporter: "I have a high degree of?" Told reporters: "Like you to become an international star." Chan said: "I am an ordinary person, an international star is your talking about. Jet Li play-off I, Derek Yee acting better than me, Zhang Yimou's film better than I do, the best people than I do. In fact, the audience is good in the world to see, I was indifferent."

Tan Son

"I hope that he will be more than Bruce Lee fight, run faster than Liu Xiang"

Off to one side of the Ding Sheng director revealed that he was initially hoped that Jackie Chan's father and son work together to star in "Little Big Soldier", this will be very interesting, but the older brother is severely declined, and even added: "If the Jaycee Chan years long, I would do not show it; if I played, Jaycee Chan can not be played. "

A reporter asked why the big brother to say it, Chan said: "This is not fun, because it's easy to enter the audience can not play. For example I play Lee Hom a mouth, he hit back to me, which are all feeling at the. However, if replaced by Jaycee Chan, who watched the whole theater would laugh. if I and my wife played with romance, you will find interesting Mody? If this movie, I played a thief, Jaycee Chan came for me, there may be feeling. "

But in the process of cooperation, Chan Lee Hom has been exaggerated to the sky to underground no, but also more than once said that he hoped the other is his son, the reporter asked him if he Is not afraid of too much against the ancestral name? "I just want to blow him! This and Wang Lee Hom live with every day I could see that his efforts. Each time we came his room, have to see him open the computer, not to write music is to write scripts. Every time chat with me are all talk and role play, or else is to practice martial arts. I later learned that he was originally a left-handed, his right hand is very flexible. But when it comes where I want him to play left hand injury, so that he would have every every day in practice to make the sword with his right hand. I think God is very unfair to him, and singing and good looks also handsome, tall and high, very hard for us really much injustice. "

The Jaycee Chan Do not work hard to do? Chan said: "The son of parents is always very demanding. I hope that he will be more than Bruce Lee fight, run faster than Liu Xiang than Yao Ming's basketball is good, and can shoot an "Avatar" - you say that I do not ask for it?, but we can not do like him! "present everyone laughed.

On director

"Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee on the wrong horse a"

Although his film into the Lunar New Year stalls, but always flying time of Jackie Chan's older brother but has not yet read any of this year's Lunar New Year stall a movie. Turning to Chinese director Zhang Yimou's "Three Gun Pai An Jing Qi" has become the most profitable home-made New Year movie file, but when the bad word of mouth, Chan said: "Zhang Yimou and Ang Lee are my favorite directors, because they will not only shot a type of movie. before I do not believe that they two will make an action movie, but I am wrong horse. I, and Sammo Hung will only beat to play with me, can not shoot the meaning and essence of martial arts, but you see " hero "inside, a sword can pass through a small drop. I am not making art films, Zhang Yimou can shoot anything, he is a director a lot of talent."

On the Asian Games

"You have everyone Asian Games Ambassador"

Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games as a publicity ambassador, Jackie Chan, a reporter asked whether there is currently massive construction projects in Guangzhou got to the status of the people complaining to the Government put on this. Jackie Chan is quite smooth, said: "I do not have opinions, I can only do my own strength. But it depends on everyone to support the Asian Games, and you see the Olympic Games, relies on all Chinese people. The Olympics, when many of my friends around me have done their duty, such as Xu Jinglei, she said the Olympics was time to leave Beijing, I asked her why, she was released so as to give the guests a little space, but also less open spots car. So you everyone the Asian Games ambassador, everyone more humor and less open spots car, the Asian Games will be very successful. "



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