Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More of 'Spy Next Door' Revealed

This news video from Chinese network SINA.COM talks about "Spy Next Door" which will release on the 15th January 2009. It has a few new scenes in it but be patient they are mixed in with a variety of other clips of Jackie.

I must say that I still do not understand just what "The Tuxedo" has to do with this movie. I know they are trying to show that Bob used to be a spy ... but isn't it really confusing to mix scenes from two different movies? The real pity is that it just serves to lower expectations about the movie. So far it seems that just not very much care or effort has been taken over the promotion of the movie. The posters are seriously derivative. The trailer has clips from another movie and hardly any other promotional material has been released in the way of stills etc to generate interest. We waited an inordinately long time to even see a trailer for it. By comparison filming on Karate Kid is barely finished and we already have a trailer. Stills were released even while they were still filming to whet our appetites. And I fully expect the promotion machine to swing into full gear on it as we get closer to the release date.

While this may be a family movie (as is Karate Kid and the difference in promotion is already obvious) it doesn't mean that it can't earn money and should therefore just have the minimum effort exerted on it. Jackie deserves better as do his fans who will go in their droves to watch him. His fans ensured that even Rush Hour 3 made a respectable showing at the box office and with an almost 2 year break from the big screen in the USA fans are hungry for a new Jackie Chan film.


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