Thursday, January 28, 2010

Premier with a Difference

The premier for Little Big Soldier on February 3rd sounds like it is going to be quite an event. It is to be held at the Wukesong Stadium in Beijing which seats 8 000 people. The premier event will be broadcast on Beijing Satellite TV on February 5th.

Netease Entertainment January 28 reported that efforts to build from Jackie Chan's latest action movie Lunar New Year work, "Private Game" will be double (Lunar New Year + Valentine's Day) February 14 to seize the Lunar New Year holidays, but many years later returned to the Lunar New Year stalls Jackie Chan also attached great importance to "Private Game", good karma, he naturally has a lot of friends come to help out. February 3 Wukesong Stadium in Beijing at the "Private Game" premiere ceremony, kin, Jonathan Lee, Zhao Benshan, small Shenyang, big stars would come to join in when Jackie Chan of His big brother will be the new Seven Little Fortunes with the Hill Uncle Liu Laogen big stage performers come to a fantastic Bipin, see who's the best apprentice to master a long face. Presented by the Bowie, He Jiong, who presided over the gathering of more than 8000 spectators will be invited to share the feast, not Spring Festival Evening is worth a Spring Festival Evening.

Gala Premiere stationed in Wukesong Sports Center

In the "Private Game", the Jackie Chan is not only starring, is also chairman of producers, story ideas, and action director and other identification, so attention to this new, premiere naturally can not slack. Upcoming February 3rd's "Private Game" Gala Premiere will be broke through to the film premiere of conventional model, the direct stationed in Wukesong Sports Center, can accommodate 8000 people faced with a broad stage for the eight in the Bird's Nest million people in the stadium sounds of Jackie Chan naturally goes without saying, which I am afraid that will break the premiere ceremony of the Mainland's largest record, when the audience really came to enjoy the feast of the blessed.

Teacher outstanding students to help out is worth a Spring Festival Evening

Jackie Chan has an excellent popularity and ultimately, in all walks of life are friends, concerts, movies have a lot of friends to help out, this time the premiere of such a grand scale, naturally attracted a lot of friends to come join in, the light Jonathan Lee is a kin and the two times since the Rolling Stones album "A Hero Never Dies" In co-operation so far heavyweight musicians, enough to once again staging a "main line" scale. Jackie Chan and the Friends Zhao Benshan will also carry a small Shenyang disciples to attend and perform, and there teacher produce outstanding students, when Jackie Chan Big Brother and the Hill's own uncle Check these disciples, take a look at the "New Seven Little Fortunes" and "Liu Laogen big stage" The actors who is more out of color.

In addition to the many stars to come to join in, "Private Game" premiere hosted by Bowie and Ho Kyung, experienced two have worked together many times, understanding the natural do not worry, the popular TV host in Beijing and the new Li-kun Seven Little Fortunes to join one of the Ji Tao, I believe that will offer viewers a fantastic performance. It is reported that Taiwan premiere addition to inviting the audience to go to admire, but also in February 5 in Beijing, the exclusive TV broadcast, when the viewers at home can enjoy this event in Taiwan.

Zhao Benshan crew took time off to join in the Spring Festival Evening

"Private Game" is different from the pre-Jackie Chan's action movies, although the continuation of the previous signs of Jackie Chan-style, set in a martial arts comedy, but in the "Private Game", the Jackie Chan did not use the audience's attention, but more We want to be able, after laughing off a serious reflection on the "home" and "country" the relationship between the theme. As early as two decades ago, Jackie Chan produced a film on such a project on "Private" and "teenager," the story of the way, twenty years later, when a "teenager" has become a "soldier" to eventually become a kung fu star Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom new combination of musical genius by the Jackie Chan proud disciple of the new Seven Little Fortunes, Korean Dance King Seung Jun, Olympic beauty and character actor Baoqiang Lin Peng joined in the full impact of the Lunar New Year Lunar New Year stalls.

For the Jackie Chan of 20-year effort to complete a story, Zhao Benshan as Jackie Chan's old friend is also busy taking the time to give Jackie Chan cheer. Because since January 20 had been stationed at Spring Festival Evening Zhao Benshan crew, and every night on television home for rehearsals. Spring Festival Evening crew also identified in the February 1 start with a fitted dress rehearsal, timing is very, very nervous, as the finale of the Spring Festival Evening drama Zhao Benshan is a protected object, in his pre-Spring Festival Evening activities, and arrangements must be sought crew coordination arrangements, Zhao Benshan the expense of precious time to rest to give Jackie Chan's "Private Game" to join in once again proved that relations between the two unusual.



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