Monday, January 18, 2010

Honouring the Victims of the Haiti Earthquake

The eight Chinese victims of the earthquake in Haiti are being repatriated tomorrow. Wang Ping - writer of 'Shengsi Buli' wrote a song to honour them. Jackie and Tang Jing have been busy recording it since last night.
BEIJING, Beijing January 18 (Xinhua Ying Ni) "pick you up at home, I can not do without you, even if you stay there are engraved in my mind; pick you up at home, warm your land, always waiting for your life The bonds of friendship around the world. "a letter to the Chinese peacekeeping force eight warrior," then you go home, "issued on behalf of all the Chinese people and heroes of the 8-dimensional call of Haiti, songs from" Life and Death never deviate from "long, and combination of Wang Ping Shunan creation, has already identified a common Tan Jing and Jackie Chan singing, the evening of January 18 will be completed recording work, wait for the morning of 19 8-dimensional and heroes of the "home."

Ö Qin Zhong, his daughter was born six months have yet to see one, but also waiting for him named the "incompetent" and father; and the Chi-hong, the peacekeeping force translator, and the only female officers and soldiers were killed; Li Xiaoming, have participated in the Beijing Olympic Games torch escorts, peacekeeping, and footprints all over Haiti, Afghanistan, East Timor, Kosovo, seven mission areas of the "super soldier"; Zhu Xiaoping, Guo Baoshan, Shu-Lin Wang, Zhao Hua-yu, LI Qin ... ... when these strangers are extremely high at this moment the name appears in the TV on the screen when the lifetime of the image data when they appear in the people's vision of the time, tears, blurred everyone's eyes.

Just eight peace-keeping policemen "home" of the road in a specially designed for them to make the song "take you home" also quietly born. Wenchuan earthquake has been created for the song "life and death not leave" and Wang Ping a long time, Shu Nan, once again join hands for the 8-bit hero composed the song "take you home."

"This song and the" life and death not leave, "not the same, and we hope that through this song to convey a force, let the world see that we go to China to safeguard world peace efforts. We are not only going to mark the eight-dimensional and the police force, but also to disseminate them to maintain the spirit of peace, to inherit their wishes, "the word author Wang Ping long in the mind when talking about his lyrics says. 8 killed peacekeeping police in the Li Xiaoming, during the Olympic Games in Beijing last year, and Wang worked a long time, when they agreed: the anniversary of the Beijing Olympic Games during the year meet again. When a major earthquake in Haiti, including Li Xiaoming, including eight peace-keeping policemen missing, the understanding of Li Xiaoming of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee members are to pray for him, looking forward to a miracle to happen. However, the miracle does not occur, Li Xiaoming, voice and facial expression can only be remembered. When Ping-old confirmed the news and see the remains of eight peacekeeping police on a "home" road of the TV screen, he could no longer sit still. He and Shunan spontaneously decided to create a new song Hero 8.

When Tan Jing to get this song demo, and the time to hear this paragraph, has shed a tear. Living in Guangzhou, she immediately turned down all the activities, decided to record the night to complete the song. Jackie Chan also changed their itinerary, fully cooperate with the song recording. Jackie Chan, Tan Jing, and this song all the key creative who would like to use this song for the eight warrior's "home" road trip sent the last one. (End)


My heartfelt thoughts go out to every person affected by this tragedy.


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