Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lin Peng Joined Jackie on Asia Uncut

Netease Entertainment January 26 reported that January 22 , The film "Private Game" main actor Jackie Chan, Lin P, Wang Lee Hom Star Tv gathered in Shanghai to attend the meeting will be activities for the film promotion rally. As the only woman who attended the event guests, is also the only film actress, Lin P then it is extremely eye-catching, during which sang the first solo EP "I'm Lin Peng," the title track, "Ai You." Fluent in English and a monologue, then for laying the foundation for future international development.

Lin Peng started his screen challenge to seduce the two main male lead role in Back to Basics

Lin Peng, as new film, the first "shock" would be Jackie Chan's "favor" in its 20 years of nausea also known as "Private Game" as the female lead. The Jackie Chan's selection of Lin Peng, also took a fancy to her indifferent, yet elegant and charming temperament, and the film Back to Basics corner is very consistent. In the day's activities, the Jackie Chan movie for the younger generation, but also full of praise, saying that acting skillfully.

"Private Game" in the emotional drama much attention, but Lin Peng and Jackie Chan, Wang Lee Hom section of the complex between the triangles are also naturally become the focus of the day the media asked this, Lin P, said: Back to Basics is the fate of a multi - contradictory, Rouqingsishui woman entertainer is not sold themselves, but in exchange for more food relief to the victims of the poor, she went to lure soldiers at the expense of hue and the teenager, but both also have bowed under her Dan Liuqun. As for the Back to Basics finally Trees, Lin P is not too much to disclose, only to be please go to theaters to see the film's how. Although in the film being a "soldier" and "teenager" in fierce pursuit, but the life of Lin Peng was at the window period and, therefore, a reporter took the opportunity to launch an attack, asking mate standards, Lin Peng was astute

Answered: whether it is full of majestic Big Brother is still talented handsome guy, are their own dreams if they can combine the better.

Lin Peng a big show of English Lee Hom Xiong holds a good grounding in the scene

On the day, Lin Peng as a "Private Game" the only actress on stage and in fluent English with the presence of the guests and the media say hello. Appeared in the Lin Peng, Jackie Chan and Wang Lee Hom has also staged a real-life version of "love triangle." The public activities are Lin Peng and Wang Lee Hom from "Private Game" Fixing the first time after the meet, "teenager," Wang Lee Hom up Jiu Ji Lin Peng a big hug, and "Private" Jackie Chan is just silently looked at two, secretly grief. More Coincidentally, Lin Peng has sang the same day the new album's flagship song "Ai You," but Lin Peng, and did not like the ill-fated Back to Basics, but rather access to multi-party praise. Wang Lee Hom singing for the first time to hear Lin Peng is non-stop applause, saying we must have the opportunity to cooperate with Lin Peng.

As we all know, English is the female star of the stepping-stone to the world, while the emergence of the Lin Peng, combined with the "Dragon Lady" and "seeking girls" dual identity, Lin P into an international movie just around the corner.

Lin Peng In addition to the film's success, the music Lin Peng's first solo EP will also be launched at the end of the first. It is understood that the upcoming debut EP "I'm Lin Peng," a collection of five songs, Lin Peng tried a different musical genre, is expected at the end of the official release.



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